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  1. Because they ranked him higher in previous seasons and are too lazy to check on him now.
  2. Because it’s a discussion board?
  3. It’s not an attack. Odds are, several of these guys won’t make it. That’s just reality.
  4. His top 10 is solid..Haskin and Hall ruin 11-15 though. Mayo in the majors in 2023 is definitely possible. Reasonably good chance he ends this year in Bowie…and if crushes it in Aberdeen immediately and moves quickly to Bowie, he could be in Norfolk this year.
  5. The Yankees are going to make so many dumb decisions this offseason to go for it now.
  6. …who is the guy you feel is the most likely to never live up to his current ranking? Im going with Stowers. Its easy to say Kjerstad at the moment but the team took him at 2 for a reason, so I’m not willing to say this about him until I see him play.
  7. Yea, it really was! In all seriousness, I think a lot of those will work itself out. That being said, this goes back to what I was saying to Tony that you don’t want to get to the point where you are losing quality guys for nothing and/or you wait too long and see values plummet. They have to start making some moves to avoid these things.
  8. Adley and Grayson will be in the 40 man way before that…Probably Stowers too.
  9. For sure. I have my doubts but a lot of that is more ownership driven than Elias. Still, he needs to prove it, as you said. I also agree with your other point and this is where depth can be a good and bad thing. If you don’t trade from that depth and you just kind of wait for guys, you will be left holding a lot of chips that don’t have much, if any, value. It’s up to Elias to identify who to keep and who to trade.
  10. Is this the best list, in terms of talent, you have ever done? In other words, is this the strongest you have ever seen the system?
  11. Sucks that Mundy got hurt. I would have liked to have seen him play at the upper levels this year.
  12. I would like to know from Tony who he feels he wishes he had a spot for and if Rangel (#30) would be the first guy he would remove.
  13. Fair enough…my comment about the adjustments was more tongue and cheek though. WC makes it seem like it’s so easy and obvious what he needs to do yet he didn’t offer any suggestions and, as we know, it’s not like you can just flip the magic adjustment switch and everything will be fine. WC ranking and tone of the reasoning suggests he thinks it’s all an easy fix and that he is the guy he was before the injury. I’m saying he has to prove that before we assume anything.
  14. Who isn’t giving Baumann more time? Do you see me saying he should be cut? Do you see me saying he has zero chance of coming back to the pitcher we thought he could be? No, you don’t. This discussion is about having him ranked as our 10th best prospect and if he warrants that placement.
  15. Btw, in WC’s defense, he is making a projection on Baumann, which is what we do with these lists. He is projecting that he will return to his old form. It’s fair to do that. My issue isn’t as much with projecting him to get better but the placement of Baumann right now. I can see throwing out what he did early because he was coming back from the elbow. I don’t even mind using July as your arbitrary cut off even though things get skewed if you include the last start in June, which was less than a week from the start of July. My biggest red flags are the walk rate in AAA and
  16. Yea I see that they are back up now. Well, the AA stats were good…but I don’t take a whole lot from those considering his age and that he had already had about 20 career AA starts and was repeating the league. Still, to your point, he did get better and presumably, so did his stuff. He was awful in June, with his last start being at the end of the month and he got rocked. The AAA stats showed a high walk rate and they still only covered 22 innings. Hell, the total of these starts only covered 44 innings. It’s just not much of a sample size to go off of. I don’t think he’s a top
  17. Damn, forgot about him too. Good call .
  18. No..I’m hanging my hat on the idea that he was hurt to start the year and that zapped him of his stuff..he then pitched poorly for most of his time in AA (a league he had already pitched in and he was now 25 years old) and finally started to “look better “ in AAA although the K rate was way down from where he looked like a good prospect and his walk rate was high. And then, on top of all of that, he looked terrible up here. Nothing about his 2021 is all that encouraging except a SSS at an advanced age in the middle to back end of the season. Nothing he did there warrants a top 10 ra
  19. No, he’s saying the different in levels is enormous. In other words, the limited time that Baumann spent in AAA doesn’t mean much at all, especially to say he has re-established himself as a legit prospect.
  20. Imagine that, you are using a very sample size. Unfortuantely, MILB.com isn’t showing his game logs. However, his AAA stats showed that he had 6 starts and averaged under 5 IP per start. He struck out 26 batters in 27 innings and walked 13. You think those are “legit prospect” numbers?
  21. It’s not that he gave up runs..it’s how he looked. There was nothing impressive about him at all. Maybe he will come back stronger next year but he doesn’t deserve to be in the conversation that high right now. You are making an assumption that he is the same pitcher now that he was in 2019 and even that pitcher had a questionable long term ML outlook.
  22. He came up to the majors and was awful. That carries more weight at this point in his career than a few good starts in AA and AAA after a bad start. He has to work his way back from the elbow and prove that he is a legit prospect again. He isn’t one now.
  23. Who would you remove though? Servideo jumps out to me as someone to take off. Not sure who else. Like I said, I would seriously consider Baumann. Even Bautista. He’s got a good reliever profile but he’s not exactly young either. And he hasn’t shown much up until this season.
  24. Agreed. But since Tony did have some of them listed, there is is some precedence. That being said, I wouldn’t call it a snub either. A snub suggests a mistake and I wouldn’t call it a mistake. It’s nice that we can actually have this discussion.
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