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  1. Do you have proof of this?
  2. Well, since minor league numbers are good predictors of major league numbers, you should care. You are also discounting his great defense. BTW, he has all of 321 ab's at this level? Are you really going to look at a sample size that small? BTW, last year, in 126 ab's(at the age of 22), he had a 836 OPS and averaged an XBH once every 10 ab's. That is pretty solid for a 22 year old.
  3. What the hell kind of comparison is this? Are you really going to look at 79 ab's and make this comparison and say he is not as good as Gomez? Are you really going to look at the stats of a guy who has had mono all year and compare him to Chris freaking Gomez? This may be the worse comparison ever on the hangout. If you want to tell me that you do not want to give up alot of value for Kotchman because he has been injury prone, i could see that. That is at least a logical answer.
  4. He has also posted alot of things that happened or were talked about. Again, it is part of the business. Things change on a dime.
  5. Still waiting for someone to tell me how Kotchman is overrated?
  6. Instant gratification. Why don't you think Kotchman will be good? What in his minor league numbers brings you to that? Or what have you read?
  7. Actually, what Drungo is really using is his MORP, not PECOTA ranking, although i am sure MORP has something to do with PECOTA.
  8. Kotchman just turned 23 before the season started. He has always been looked at as a GG caliber first baseman. His career OBP in the minors is over 400. He has not shown the home run power yet(and that usually gets better as you get older anyway) but he has hit alot of doubles. And, keep in mind that he had a broken wrist that limited him for a year or so in the minors. Just like Gibbons when he had the borken wrist and stictch surgery, Kotchman complained about being weak because of the lack of working out. I think he can develop into a 25 homer/40-50 double guy while carrying a 900ish
  9. Well, Escobar is having a very solid year and i would think they need to see Javy doing alot more than he is now to do that trade. BTW, i think the idea to get MCab is done now. With the unfortunate extension to Mora, MCab is likely not a possibility anymore because he would complain to much about going ot the OF. He already has a rep for having a poor attitude(although he is young) and since he wants to be at third, it may cause an issue.
  10. Right but Javy and Jay for Escobar and Kotchman seems to be a logical and fair deal, if in fact the Angels do really want Jay and we know they could use a catcher right now.
  11. Right...If they do want to deal Lackey or Santana, they likely would do it for Abreu or Nick Johnson before Gibbons.
  12. You could do that although i wouldn't go after Abreu, especially for Bedard. No way the Angels trade Lackey for Gibbons.
  13. I am going to go off of the assumption that WB contact is correct here and we are indeed looking into this. I would offer up Jay and Javy for Escobar and Kotchman. Now, that would leave a rotation spot open for the Angels and maybe they would be interested in Rlo thinking that he has been a multiple 15 game winner and has shown himself to be very good at times. But anyway, lets say we make that deal. The way i look at it is you are trading Javy for Escobar and Jay for Kotchman. Javy and Escobar are both FA's after this year. And, on top of that, if we are out of the race come the trad
  14. I really think it is unrealistic to think we could get Lackey or Santana.
  15. I do not think you can find one Melvin hater on here. You need to learn the difference between those who are looking out for the good of the team and those who don't like a player. Everyone likes MelMo.
  16. Which is why i think we would have to get Kotchman back in this deal. An Escobar and Kotchman for Gibbons and Javy deal would be a solid trade.
  17. Here is an article from over a week ago, talking about the need for the Angels to make a deal: http://www.dailynews.com/sports/ci_3800279
  18. Remember also that Jay is from that area.
  19. The other thing to remember is this...Rosenthal recently said that Nick Johnson may be available and that the Angels would be interested. If they did want to trade Lackey or Santana, wouldn't they rather have Johnson than Gibbons? I know Gibbons is less injury prone(thats saying something) but Johnson is the better player and is signed for less money.
  20. Not just hit but field. His ability at first would make everyone else in the OF so much better.
  21. IS this something they are looking at as a multiplayer deal? We should be looking to get Kotchman back in this deal. They can have Matos, Gibbons, Javy Lopez, Rodrigo Lopez, George Lopez and Jennifer LOpez for all i care. If we can get Kotchman and Lackey, i would be ecstatic.
  22. I do think that is unlikely, in fact i will even say HIGHLY unlikely. BUT, if WB is correct and they are looking to deal him to the Angels for a starter, who could we be lookign at? Unlikely the Angels are trading Colon. No way we would want JEff Weaver and i would hope we would not trade Jay for Escobar. So, that leaves LAckey and Santana. Also, if they do want Jay to play first, make sense that Kotchman could be available. Maybe the pitcher is Escobar and really, Escobar and Kotchman for Lopez, LOpez and Gibbons is a fair deal as well. Maybe it is not a 1 for 1.
  23. How about this unlikely trade: Angels get: Gibbons R Lopez J Lopez Orioles get: Lackey or Santana Kotchman Alfonzo
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