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  1. Man i wish we hadn't signed Mora!! I would love to see an OF of Crisp, CPat and Markakis with Tex, BRob, Tejada and ARam in the IF. Add in Burrell at DH and Hernandez at C and that is one of the best offenses in baseball plus it is very good defensively. Not that we would do it but in that offense, Mora should play 4-5 times a week all over the field. Giving several guys days off and playing alot if/when someone gets hurt.
  2. Yea, Crisp has been a very good fielder in LF but not as good in CF, although he is much better this year, according to rate, than he has been.
  3. We will pursue him but we won't get him. PA said it will take 60-75 million to sign a LFer. Soriano is not signing in Baltimore for 75 million, unless we give it to him for 4 years with a 18-20 million dollar option.
  4. Except Burrell usually doesn't miss alot of time and hits more homers...I think he is also a better OBP guy. So really, i am not sure how they compare.
  5. For the same reason they dumped Renteria...Because they are impatient and jumped the gun.
  6. Defense is the same...CPat has better speed and is a better base stealer. Crisp is the better offensive player, at least if he reverts back to where he was before this year. It is a toss up IMO. But, if some team really valued CPat highly, i would deal him and get Crisp to replace him. Or, as i said, have them both and if you can't resign CPat, Crisp is your CFer in 2008.
  7. Burrell or Soriano is not an either/or situation. Just give it up on Soriano. The Orioles will need to go at least 6/90 to get him here and that ain't happening.
  8. Agreed...But that's why this isn't the only move i would make. Agree here...He is the much better choice than Lee. First of all, the Phils will pay some of his contract or they will take back a contract like Gibbons or Benson to get rid of him. Secondly, he will be asked to DH or, if nothign else gets done, play first. All we need him to do is have a 380 OBP, 900 OPS and 30+ homers...These are things he usually does. He is also only a 2 year committment.
  9. Well, first of all, we have to make OTHER moves.Secondly, you hope they trade for an aging player who is maybe going to start being on the downside of his career(Jones is likely not there yet) and/or you hope Crisp forgets about this year, gets healthy and continues to move his OPS up, as he did the previous 3 years. Crisp can be a 20/20 guy, with outstanding defense, alot of doubles and a 350 OBP. That is a very valuable guy.
  10. The same reject pile that AS Edgar Renteria came out of?
  11. For the same reason i wanted Konerko after a poor season..For the same reason i always like to go after talented guys that have had one bad year..Because it is ONE YEAR and you can get them cheaper than you should. Clement is better, or at least as good as, Benson if he is healthy. What does this have to do with anything? Crisp would go to LF. He is insurance for CPat in case Patterson leaves after this year or is traded. So what...Someone else will do the same thing.
  12. No, i am just trying to field the best team. Coming into this year, Crisp was having a Carl Crawford-esque rise. He had seen his OPS go up every year and in 2005, he hit 16 homers and had 42 doubles. The guy has 20+ homer power and likely will be in the 35-45 doubles area. He plays great defense and has very good speed. He is also only 26 and is signed to a very reasonable contract. He upgrades us in many areas. I would still rather get ARam and move Mora to left but if we don't want to do that and go get Tex and Burrell then i think we are a better team with Crisp than Soriano or Lee
  13. I am not sure. This is the tricky part. I could see Boston trying to trade him in a deal for A Jones. Or maybe to Houston for BRad Lidge but there is also no guarantee those teams would want Crisp although i think Atlanta would. Of course, Atlanta has to want to trade Jones to begin with. Boston could go alot of ways. Will they trade Manny? What happens with their BP? Who will they resign? Thei biggest question is likely who will be in the rotation. It looks like Papelbon will be. Beckett and Schilling are locks but after that, who knows? Lester is likely not going to be available.
  14. You could not be more wrong with this post.
  15. http://prosportsdaily.com/mlb/mlbrumors.html Just a few things to talk about.....The link above is to the site and then you can click on the various articles. 1) Coco Crisp appears to be on his way out...Alot of teams will be after him and i think the Orioles should be one of them. He is a better option than Lee or Soriano for us and also gives us protection in case CPat leaves after next year since we don't have a legit CF prospect. 2) Teams are concerned with Carlos Lee's conditioning...Not too surprising. I think it only gets worse as he ages, especially since he will have already go
  16. I guess i should stop trying to have an intelligent conversation with you. His HR rate, K rate and command rate are all well above average. Still waiting for that list of pitchers.
  17. Injuries aside, how many pitchers, who were always younger than his competition, pitched great at every level in the minors and then came up and totally failed in the majors?
  18. I think by saying the GM' have failed is him saying he hired the wrong guys. Some may want to hear him say the words, "i was wrong" but that is basically what he said. He said the same thing about Thrift. He ackowledges that he doesn't go to his office at OPACY, which i know he doesn't, and that he isn't really invovled with the team as many think he is(i think that could be true as well), so why doesn't he sell it, especially if he is "losing money"? He wants to make himself a hero in Baltimore.
  19. I agree with this...I have been telling you guys for 5 years how bad he is because i saw his effect on the organization first hand. Many thought i was exxaggerating or had an ax to grind or whatever but he has shown me to be correct. Now, that being said, let's just hope he is maybe turning the corner...I have said i felt we wouldn't win with PA unless all the young pitching develops. See if he proves me, and many others, wrong. He admits alot of faults and you have to appreciate that.
  20. I think you can take Zito off of the list but maybe not Schmidt. He seems willing to go up to 13 million for a starter...Doubtful Schmidt gets more than that.
  21. Few things that struck me in the interview: 1) He says an ace pitcher shouldn't cost 14 million but maybe 12-13....If you are willing to go 13 million and it costs you 14 million to get your target, don't you go that extra million? 2) He talks about LF is going to cost you a 60-75 million dollar committment...I am glad he knows that. 3) He mentions that you want a first baseman to hit 20-25 homers and someone who can field the position...HELLO! You had that guy for Ponson or probably several other packages in Adrian Gonzalez and you blew it. Not to mention, you recognize that a first ba
  22. I don't understand why he has to talk in absolutes so much. Just say we plan on spending money this offseason and hope to accomplish things and get us where we need to be. Don't talk like it willd efinitely happen and if and when it doesn't, you look foolish AGAIN! Maybe Wild Bill is PA??
  23. That is OBVIOUSLY want they are going to do? LOL....When will he learn? See my tag line. vvvvvvvvvvv
  24. Crawford will be the better player over the next 5 years, you can bet on that.
  25. He can opt out after the season. Mora will be as good or better on left as he is at third..ie, he will be average....Weakening bat or not, ARam is still the best FA for us. ARam's stats are really drug down by one bad year..He has had 2 straight 900+ OPS seasons and is close to a third(was over 900 until recently,..he must be in a slump)....He has alot of power and gives you a much better OBP than Soriano will. PLus, he is 2 years younger...He is more likely to give you top production throughout the 5 or 6 years you sign him to than Soriano would because of the age difference. I do not
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