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  1. See, you should have gotten Rodrigo Lopez.
  2. And you are right about this but realistically, we aren't competing next year so this is what we should do. The only way we do compete is if these young pitchers all get good at once, which is possible but as you said, not probable. I would just hope for 550+ innings and a 4.5 collective ERA from DCab, Loewen and Penn, with DCab being the best out of the 3. DC continues to be the wild card. If he takes that next step, he can be as good as anyone...But the question is, when does he take that step? or even, will he take that step?
  3. Yea and even Hill is not in the category of Penn or Loewen because of age...But Hill could be a good one if he can throw strikes.
  4. Well, if Prior can come back and stay healthy all year, Zambrano and Prior are better than any 1-2 in the NL. So, it depends on them. The thing the Cubs would be missing would be that other guy, like a Benson, to be solid and eat innings. But the Cubs, despite being pathetic(again) this year, are still closer to contending than the Orioles because of the division and the pathetic NL. The Orioles need to go with the young 4 of Penn, Bedard, Loewen and DCab next year...Now, the question to me is, who is the other pitcher? Personally, i want it to be Schmidt and trade Benson but if we were t
  5. Many of talked about how they don't want Loewen and Penn in the rotation next year, along with DCab. Mackus made a comment about how that is essentially 3 rookies in the rotation. Well, look at the Angels...They are in the race with 2 real rookies in the rotation right now..Saunders and Weaver. The Tigers have Verlander and Zumaya, although Zumaya is in the BP which helps but he is a big key for them. End of the day, i do not see how them being inexperienced should keep us from having these guys in the rotation together...If a contender can do it, certainly a team striving for 500 can.
  6. But it doesn't matter...Tejada has always put up better numbers than Jeter and normally he has been in worse lineups. So this argument doesn't hold water.
  7. Keep in mind that not only is Hunter having issues staying healthy and that he has a poor OBP but his defense is also slipping some.
  8. There is no evidence that proves this but it doesn't matter. Jeter has had better talent around him the last few years and Tejada has still been better. He just hasn't this year but it is close.
  9. No, i would not trade Tejada for Jeter because of defense and salary. But that doesn't change the fact that Jeter has been a more productive offensive player this year than Tejada has. That really can not be denied.
  10. Which i have said i agree on...But it isn't by much, which you have agreed on, so really i am not sure why you keep commenting on it. And the stats that i have showed show that i am right...These guys are very close.
  11. What trade? I wouldn't trade Tejada for Jeter, if that is what you mean. Well, explain to me why Tejada has been better every other year in worse lineups? This is a ONE YEAR ANOMOLY. I am NOT sayign JEter is always better...IT IS THIS YEAR!!!
  12. Well, as i showed, Lee walks at a slightly better rate than Jay does. Lee's extra base hit ratio is the same as Gibbons. They strike out at the same rate. Hell, they have virtually the same HR rate. Gibbons has 4 years of a 480 slugging or better...Lee has 5. The difference is health. No player who has been as banged up as much as Jay has can afford to go that much time without losing a rhythm and needing time to get it back. Also, some of Jay's early stats are skewed by him not having enough minor league time and things like that. If Jay could stay healthy over the next 5 years, i
  13. And the fact that Lee is just not that much better. 20-30 points of OPS is not that big of a difference, especially when you look at the salary. Lee is better, although i am not sure he would be if Jay stayed healthy and got 600 ab's but that doesn't matter since we can't seem to find that out. But Lee is not way better than Jay, that is for sure.
  14. Sorry but who they play on is meaningless. Tejada has ben on bad Oriole teams the last few years and has clearly been better. Jeter is just the better player this year. There really is not an argument in yoru favor on that one. Normally Tejada is the better player but at this point, that goes to Jeter. Maybe by the time the season is over, Tejada will once again have the title but as of today, it belongs to Jeter.
  15. AGAIN, health has alot to do with this, especially the RBI's. I do agree that Lee will give a better OBP but its not by much. Lee only has a career 338 OBP. That is not that great. As i showed, Lee and Gibbons had virtually the same WARP last year. .He does do that...But that is not worth 40-50 million more than what Jay got. Let's see how LEe finishes. He had a good first half last year(864 OPS, hr every 15 ab...76 rbi) but his second half was not that good(746 OPS...hr every 28 ab...38 rbi). This year he only has 2 second half homers and a 700 OPS.
  16. I would go all out for him way before i would Lee. But i wouldn't go all out for either. Depends on who the big bat is. If it is Miguel Cabrera, for example, sure i would give up guys like that. It is not magic. These guys will likely produce as many or more runs than Lee will if they are used properly. Just because they hit less homers doesn't mean they don't generate runs. Plus, they hold the fort for Reimold who, within 3 years, could be putting up better numbers than Lee and playing better defense, making a whole lots less money and giving us better speed.
  17. Jeter has been better than Tejada this year. Tejada' VORP is just over 50...Jeter's is almost 55. It is close but Jeter has been the better player THIS YEAR.
  18. I posted this the other day: Gibbons had a 3.6 WARP last year..Lee's was 4. A healthy Jay Gibbons gives you a 320-340 OBP, 480-520 Slugging....He can give you 25-35 homers(projecting out his stats to 600 ab's shows you this..again, injuries have stopped him from doing it) and 100+ RBI's. Lee will give you a 330-360 OBP, 480-520 Slug....He can give you 25-35 homers and 100+ RBI's. If you look at Lee career stats, you only see a career 830 OPS. We are not talking an elite offensive player here guys. Both him and Gibbons average an XBH every 9.2 ab's throughout their careers. Each player str
  19. You are looking at his doubles, not homers. He has never hit more than 32 homers in any season.
  20. All of that sounds great...But Lee is not that player...That is what i am saying.
  21. OPS measures how good an offensive player is...Homers are important but Lee is not a slam dunk for even 30 homers, although i admit it is likely he would hit that for the first 2, maybe 3 years he is here.
  22. I will ask again...What about Lee says he is an offensive force? You consider 30 homers and a 840 OPS to be an offensive force?
  23. Why do you consider Lee an offensive force? Do you consider Jay Gibbons an offensive force? They are very similar players, except Lee stays healthy.
  24. I am amazed to hear alot of you saying you don't want them to spend money for the sake of spending. My guess is if we lose out on Soriano, Lee, Zito and Schmidt many of you will be in an uproar saying the Orioles are not trying.
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