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  1. McRoberts is not the offensive player or the shot blocker Sheldon is.
  2. When they talk about the Duke-UNC rivalry, they talk about how it is more hatred for each other school and fans but the players do not hate the other side. I think JJ HATES MD fans much much more than he hates UNC fans(MD fans are pretty pathetic when it comes to JJ). Plus, he probably wants to beat MD more since MD has beaten them lately. Especially in MD where the MD fans have been such pr!cks to him.
  3. Bring on the Terps part 2 this saturday.....Looking forward to it.
  4. I am sure they called the T on him because the game was getting physical and i think they were sending amessage to both benches...I actually think it was better for them because it allowed Thorton to get in the lane more because Johnson was not clogging it up...But either way, it was a bad call unless something was said. As for the ball going off of Sheldon...I honestly do not know...Certainly did not hear anyone complaining about it, so i am not sure it was clear...I paid attention to see if it was a foul, which it wasn't. If the ball hit off of him, i did not see it but then again, i am n
  5. I hope you are not implying that there was some poor no call at the end of the game yesterday....If anything, not calling a charge on Thorton was the bad no call. BTW, all of those fouls on FSu were correct except i did not feel Johnson should have gotten T'ed up when Sheldon got in his face(unless something was said that we do not know about).
  6. Yea, its possible but i will go on record right now and say the Red Sox score a minimum of 875(35 less than last year) runs and have much improved defense and pitching. End of the day, they are a 90+ win team with the ability to add another bat, if needed, at the deadline.
  7. Not saying you are being ridiculous. But show me how it did dropoff....I can not even remember who played second for Boston last year. Loretta is very good. Mueller was better than Lowell last year and Renteria was better than Gonzo but it is not like Renteria had some great year that Gonzo can not duplicate....And Lowell could certainly be better.
  8. How is their IF worse than last years? I would rather have Loretta, Lowell, Youk/Snow and Gonzo than Graff, Renteria,Mueller, Millar and whoever else was out there(am i fogetting anyone?) Yes, Loretta and Lowell need to bounce back. And yes, they could have injury problems but to say they have dropped off is ridiculous. Their rotation, bullpen and defense is CLEARLY better. Their offense has potential to be as good or better than last years.
  9. I would much rather have Crisp compared to Damon at this point in both careers. Renteria only put up a 720 OPS last year.,..Gonzalez is not as good offensively but will he make 25+ errors? When you account for defense, it may be a wash. The Red Sox have very good defense now, which will only make their pitching better. To say they will be worse than us is ridiculous and clearly not paying attention. Only way we are better than them is if they have alot of injuries.
  10. The Red Sox, if BEckett and Schilling stay healthy, will be BETTER than last year.
  11. I like Patrick but even i get tired of the Duke/JJ stuff.
  12. Yea...Either team could have swept the series last year....Was very surprised there was no rubber match. If Duke keeps winning, maybe your son will become a Duke fan.
  13. Yea, that is unfortunate.
  14. Yea, it was the year UNC failed to make the tourney...Doherty's last year maybe????
  15. Not sure you can use the word "should" in any Duke-UNC game the way you used it.
  16. I will be interested to see Hansbrough vs Williams....My guess is they put Noel on JJ. Looking forward to it...At UNC is always tough but i do expect a Duke win.
  17. LOL..Fair enough...See you next tuesday.
  18. And BTerps saying that Duke needs help from refs to win games is an idiotic statement...If i said that about MD or UNC or any elite program, i would also be making an idiotic statement.
  19. First of all, the stats do not reveal the whole story and any intelligent person knows that...As i said, Duke does get the benefit, as any great program/player does...However, those stats do not tell everything. You guys act as if every foul is ridiculous...Maybe a few for the whole game are poor calls. And of course, Duke gets bs calls against them...Part of the game. As for the rest of it, ND bringing up things like playing weak opponents early in the season(as if his Tarheels or every other team int he country does not do it) and Duke players in the NBA is stupid..It is not relevant to a
  20. I did say Duke has an advantage...I did say the non call was horrible. Keep grasping.
  21. Tell me what i said on here is false? Point it out to me...Tell me something about Duke i said, in this thread, that is not true.
  22. You didn't get them for being a **** though. And you returned them, so no fair bringing it up! ND...I respect you alot...Just not when you talk about Duke...I think it is great you hate them and all that stuff but i think you allow your hatred to cloud your judgement at times. You are not very objective.
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