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  1. Sorry but NOT trading Rlo should not be an option. Trading Rodrigo is like dealing him for Loewen. He needs to be gone by Aug 1.
  2. Wrong...Look at what Urbina brought back from the Marlins or when Wickman netted Sexson. Teams overvalue closers, especially teams with shaky back ends of the BP who are competing.
  3. Would that have been the case if we traded him before the DBacks and Mets traded for their catchers????
  4. The Orioles didn't even know what to ask for Ryan...That we know. There is no way that package would be the past we could get.
  5. I agree about Mora because we just signed him but i totally disagree about Tejada. What FA out there are the Orioles dying to get, that we will pony up money for, that will care if Tejada is here or not. End of the day, i don't buy this argument at all. This team is more than one FA away from contending.
  6. TO be honest, i am not in the mood to go back, locate the standings for last year and see who needed a closer to make a playoff run. However, we have seen closers get alot at the deadline before and Ryan was better than they were...The Mets, for example, probably would have paid alot for him last year. I always go back to what a GM said in 2004 about Ryan....He said the Orioles have no idea how much they could get back for that guy. Now, i do agree that we did come out of it pretty good(if we sign Adams and really, you have to sign Adams because of this) but i think we could have gotten m
  7. Do you guys think the A's wish they did the BRob for Harden deal a few years back?
  8. Sapper is absolutely correct for some of these guys...Most of us are not as delusional as you in thinking that Javy Lopez is worth 10 wins more than a replacement or that inning 83 games as opposed to 78 games is going to make a damn bit of difference to FA. I don't agree with trading Bedard or BRob, now or then but the other guys he mentioned, he is 1000% correct on.
  9. Sapper, i agree on most players and have always wanted to see us totally rebuild. But you don't rebuild by trading young, cheap top players...Trading BRob would have been a huge mistake unless you got some ridiculous package. Once he established himself as arguably the best all around second baseman last year, making very little money, then he became pretty close to untouchable. I don't think anyone thought he was as good as he was last year but he can still be the best. I am not saying he is untouchable but someone has to come to the table with a great offer for him. However, you are b
  10. On the Sports Reporters this morning, they were talking about how horrible the PK are to decide such an important game. HOWEVER, Bob Ryan pointed out that this is not OUR game and if the people who look at it as their game like the PK, then that is all that matters. That makes alot of sense.
  11. Tough loss to take for England when you lose in PK's without your 2 best players on the field. Don't count out Portugal...Great coach..Decco coming back. Question for Yuds, Britfan or anyone else really in tune with soccer over there....Do the fans over there like the penalty kicks? Is that the way you guys want to see a game come to an end?
  12. Matos should be there...If you play him everyday MAYBE his bat gets hot and you can up his trade value some.
  13. Reading some things from fans on a Rockies board leaves me to believe that the Orioles and Rockies are perfect matches...I think this should get done. The best pitcher being offered is a JJ Johnson type player...Apparently the Rockies do think they can win the division this year so i think they woudl take Javy but you probably need to pay some salary and offer up another solid pitching prospect. Personally, i think we can can get Shealy without giving up any of the big 6.
  14. 1) go to thebaseballcube.com and look the 2 players. 2) Garabito was in our organization for years...You mean to tell me you never read anything about him? You never read thr threads about him? You never read Tony's analysis of him? That NEVER happened?
  15. Guess you don't believe you can form an educated opinion based off of scouting reports and stat analysis?
  16. Yea, he needs to improve those base stealing skills BUT that has nothing to do with his ability to get on base because of his speed, which was my point(think CPat). As for his other numbers, his homers may be inflated some but he is a gap to gap hitter and with his speed and line drive stroke, i am not too worried about the ballparks helping his doubles and triples too much.
  17. Not to mention Aybar is a speed merchant and he doesn't strike out that much...He has some pop in his bat but i do not think the park he plays in will be a big deal....I think that is more of a concern for Brandon Wood than it is for Aybar or even Kotchman.
  18. BTW, when did Fahey turn into a GG caliber SS? You guys are talking about him as if he could make the HOF due to his defense, ala Ozzie Smith. I have seen some throws in the dirt from him. I agree that he has good range and good hands and is likely above average but we are not talking about Belanger-esque defensive ability here.
  19. Sure it can be...But why does he also have to be a poor hitting SS? We should be looking for a combination of good defense and good hitting. Not one or the other(unless it is a DH)
  20. 66/70/83...The point is we don't have great offense elsewhere and, if you are paying attention to what is available, we probably won't have a great offense next year either. There just isn't enough talent out there to do it. If we could get Sexson and Dunn, then we coul dhave Fahey at SS: 1st- sexson 2nd- BRob SS- Fahey 3rd- Tejada LF- Mora CF- CPat RF- Markakis DH- Dunn C- Hernandez Gibbons platoons all around. There, that is an offense where you can have Fahey at SS...So, now let's be realistic. How about this novel concept...Instead of settling for crap that is already here, h
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