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  1. Of course he could be a good ML hitter...I have said i felt he would put up OPS's in the 800-850 range.
  2. I would like to trade the Angels Gibbons....If we could pull off a Santana, Kotchman, OCab, Wood and Mathis for Tejada and Gibbons deal, that would be great.
  3. It is one thing to compare a guy based on similar qualities...People use RJ as a comparison for DC, not because they think he will be that good but because he is a tall pitcher fighting command who has great stuff. If you want to say Shealy has got great size and good power like a young Derek Lee, that's fine. But to use stats to compare the 2 is unbelievably stupid. I already showed what Lee was doing in a pitchers park at Shealy's age...Shealy is banging around in AAA. If Shealy is so good, how come teams like TB or KC or Oak or teams like that aren't beating down the door for this guy?
  4. The bottom line is whether you question Loewen or not, no one really questions Lester and he isn't being compared to many inspiring names either. End of the day, to bring up these comparison's in regards to Loewen, Shealy or any other player who has not proven anything at the major league level is basically just posting something to make your argument look better but at the end of the day, they mean absolutely nothing.
  5. FWIW, on Mike and Mike, they are talking about this story, most notably the hgh stuff....Greenberg said they have made calls to the WAPost and Jorge but neither will even return a call about it.
  6. Not really. Here are Jon Lester's comparisons...Lester is a top 10 pitching prospect: Ainsworth is his most comparable Chuck Stobbs Colby Lewis Ryan Ketchner Corwin Malone And our good buddy Matt Riley is on there. He does have a Noah Lowery high up there. I don't think those comparison's matter much, as when they were probably done before the season(when he had only been in single A) and even if they are from this year, it is very minimal AA exposure.
  7. Right...We could trade some arms for Crawford.
  8. Actually, this was the best part...The other day we heard they wanted a major league hitter. This tells me Santana, Wood and Kotchman or Morales gets it done.
  9. This is actually kind of false....His command was poorish, which caused him to give up some runs...But his peripheral stats like homers, K's, gb/fb ratio show him to be dominant. If he gets better command, he will dominant on this level, much less the minors.
  10. The exec was right...Why sign Mora if trading Miggy was a possibility...That was always one of my major points. Tejada needs to stop sulking and start hitting again. Teams need to see him at his best...If they offer us a great package, he will be gone. If he wants to be gone, he needs to know this.
  11. Wow, what an article packed full of good info...I liked this quote: "If this is the route they go, they shouldn't have re-signed [Melvin] Mora to that extension," another AL team executive said. "Not to say they shouldn't [trade Tejada] but they better be sure they get enough talent back in return. Based on the Mora signing, they should expect to compete in the next year or two."
  12. Anyone using his limited major league time as a barometer for his value is wrong. That is not how it works.
  13. Drungo and OD, 2 posters that have used BP alot more than me(i just got a membership recently) have cited his equivalent OPS's as what to use. Dave, i am not saying you are wrong but you asked me...WTF did you get those numbers at....That's where i got them.
  14. Based on how he is rated and looked at, Loewen has more value..Maybe not every team agrees with that but overall, we can get more for Loewen than a soon to be 27 y/o prospect
  15. So, when they are unadjusted...Does that mean they aren't park adjusted and things like that? Seems to me that the equivalents would be what you go by..Correct?(i honestly don't know)
  16. Wait, on PECOTA, don't you look under "equivalents"? http://www.baseballprospectus.com/pecota/shealry01.php I have seen OriolesDog and Drungo mention that PECOTA has him between 820-850....Is that wrong?
  17. BTW, Butch Huskey is also very high on that list. Always some good and some bad guys on those lists.
  18. When did i ever say that? I rarely mention PECOTA. And, if PECOTA thinks Shealy will be a 825-850 OPS player and Derek Lee has only been that low ONCE since 2000, why on earth would anyone trust that comparison. Why don't you use your brain for a second...Look at the stats...Tell me why that is a good comparison. Remember where each player was at the ages, the parks and leagues they played...Think of Lee's speed and defense. Tell me why that is a good comparison.
  19. Good for PECOTA...When Lee played his first full season at the age of 27, he compiled an 887 OPS with 31 homers in a hitters park. When he was 26, he had a 872 OPS and 27 homers in a hitters park. He also had 40 steals in those 2 years and was very good defensively. So, in other words, i could care less what PECOTA says here....The comparison stops that they are 2 men who play baseball, who happen to play the same position, bat right handed and are 6'5" and weigh close to 250lbs. BTW, PECOTA also projects him to be a 825-850 OPS player.
  20. Just because there is a guy out there that MAY do these things, that doesn't mean you trade more for him than you should. As i have said, Shealy is more likely to be Jason Lane than he is to be Derek Lee. Would you trade one of, if not, your best pitching prospect for Jason Lane dave?? The bottom line is Loewen is worth more than Shealy. The Orioles should probably pull the trigger on Olson although i do understand the argument against it.
  21. I am aware of this...Kotchman has also been in hitters leagues but the thin air takes that to another level. Long term, i will bet Kotchman is the better player and I would much rather trade Loewen for him, especially because of the age difference. Only thing against Kotchman is he has some injury history.
  22. However, in those 22 IP, he is averaging just under 9k's/9IP....So, the strikeouts are there. That may be a semi decent sign.
  23. No one is saying he is not a good hitter...But we don't know how good he is or osn't because of the conditions he has played in. If we got Shealy, i would hope he turns into another good hitting prospect who didn't get a chance until he was 26/27...Jason Lane and Lane's stats are good but not great. http://www.thebaseballcube.com/players/L/jason-lane.shtml
  24. So, you j ust choose to ignore the fact that he had mono all year?
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