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  1. Based on what? Take away the thin air and what is Shealy? We don't know yet...Kotchman had 900+ OPS's in the minors without that. Plus he is younger, more in shape and a GG caliber defensive player.
  2. I agree we need to acquire a young first baseman but i know i would deal Loewen for Kotchman way before i would for Shealy. Kotchman is just a flat out better player in all facets except maybe homer power.
  3. The bottom line is Loewen is worth more than Shealy. No one is saying not to trade Loewen, just not Loewen for Shealy.
  4. Most publications had Loewen as a top 30-50 prospect in all of baseball this year. So, unless the teams see something that these guys don't(which i doubt), i would say his value is very high.
  5. Would you trade Sean Marshall for him if you didn't have DLee?
  6. I guess they aren't in terms of Olson but they are in terms of Penn.
  7. I just don't Olson in that upper echelon prospect status yet, although i do think he could be. To me, Loewen and Penn are amongst the top 20-25 pitching prospects in baseball...Olson is more like top 50. But, i will concede to you your point that many GM's could look at our "big 6" and slot them several different ways.
  8. NoVaO brings up a good point...Are they too high on all of them...Too high to the point where they don't pull the trigger on a deal? We know they have said they would trade young pitching but they haven't proven it yet. Gotta wonder if this starts to become a Stoneman type situation.
  9. Yea, i didn't word that properly...I guess i am still looking at it from a perspective that the Rockies should be trying to win, which i guess they aren't. But if they think they are getting cheap, young top young pitching rpospect for Shealy they are fooling themselves. Remember, the article said the Rockies identified 2 players they would do 1 for 1 swaps with...It appears Penn and Olson are those 2 pitchers.
  10. Hard to believe that they would turn down Javy, JJ Johnson and a guy like Finch or even Hawkins or Williams for Shealy.
  11. Yea..So the Rockies hold Olson in a higher regard than Loewen or Liz, at least so it seems.
  12. Now we know why Shealy is not an Oriole......The Rockies want Hayden Penn for him....LOL...Good luck moving him. http://www.denverpost.com/rockies/ci_3977356
  13. An option year makes this a smart move. Without it, it just seems like they are grasping for straws. However, it is a low risk/high reward move that could end up being good for them. I am really on the fence with this move. I am hoping there is something else on the horizon.
  14. What has Ortiz shown the last 18 months to make you or the Orioles think he can be trusted? Might be true but Ortiz has always walked a ton of hitters. Nothing is wrong with it but we are not getting enough out of it. As i said, if we move RLo very quickly, then this is a good move. Other than that, without the option year, the move goes from a very good move to just an OK move. Again, low risk/high reward but what is that reward if we can't trade him?
  15. Right...He came here, eseentially, to use Mazzone. In his mind, he can use MAzzone, get fixed and then get some other stupid team to sign him long term again next year...The Orioles could be that stupid team. I like the signing when you look at in the context of low risk/high reward but i am not sure i sign him without an extension unless Rlo is going to be dealt within a week.
  16. Yea, i think that is safe to say. And, even if you feel he is hinting at something but not saying it, chances are it is not something he is "allowed" to post, so even if it isn't his opinion, you will never hear anything beyond that anyway.
  17. I do not think BB should have to qualify every post he makes....He is also very open to when he is getting info from his guy and when he isn't.
  18. Possible. I did just think of a problem with this signing...What if he is good? Does that make them believe "he is back" and that they try to give him a 2-3 year deal? That would suck.
  19. The thing is, if you give him the option, you could trade him the offseason. Without it, he is just someone you are using to ride out the year. If Mazzone fixes him, we will not reap any long term benefits from it unless he does it immediately and we can deal him July 31.
  20. Yea it could be they should get Shealy for DH if nothing else. Now, as i said originally and gesch has reiterated, if the Orioles feel that Olson is just the better player, i respect that decision to not pull the trigger. However, they should be trying to work something out....Can't imagine the Rockies turn down Liz or turn down JJ Johnson and Finch.
  21. Yea, that is pretty dumb. But, all in all, this is another cheap, low risk, high reward move from the Orioles and these are the types of moves we should be making.
  22. Actually, let me take that back....We may have offered that, not the other way around..Can't remember.
  23. We already know that we could have had Jon Garland, coming off of a great year last year, for Loewen. We can certainly get more than 26 y/o prospect with questionable defense and questionable offensive numbers. Plus, Loewen is a top 40 prospect...That does play a part in this.
  24. You can get better players for Loewen than Shealy, which is why it is a horrendous idea.
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