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  1. Sure..and I agree 100ish innings is a likely target. I would be ok if they just shut him down at the end of August/early September. (Early September is usually when the MiL season ends anyway)
  2. He should start in AAA and be in the majors by the AS break. I think that is possible but obviously other factors exist.
  3. Yea but what do the Pads have to show for it? Clevinger got hurt. Snell struggled with his control and Darvish had an ERA over 4 and pitched under 170 innings. Im not saying these were bad moves by them but just because they are established doesn’t mean they are the best way to go. Give me the cheaper, younger arms. When it comes to pitching, since it’s so fragile, I don’t think there’s a best way to do it. You get as much as you can and hope for the best.
  4. Why is it the opposite? The Os are growing the bats and have, in theory, a lot of other OF options coming up over the next few years. This would be trading from that to “buy pitching”.
  5. It will be the happiest take on an injury ever if he does.
  6. Sounds like Stowers is hurt. Wonder if we will get any info on that?
  7. If you believe in the theory that there are only so many pitches in a pitchers arm and with the injury issues Hall has had, why waste time with him at a level he likely is too good for? Put him in AAA, make sure he is healthy and performing and then get him up. I don’t have any faith in him to stay healthy and log enough innings as a starter but his upside is tremendous if he can in fact stay healthy. So why wait?
  8. They wouldn’t in all likelihood…unless they don’t think Sanchez comes back strong from shoulder surgery. But again, the OP was wrong. This wasn’t the trade talked about and MLBTR didn’t suggest anything.
  9. Look at any mock draft right now is essentially a waste of time. Its something to discuss but they mean nothing this far away from the draft. I am all in on a high upside HS player though. They tend to be the guys who are the best players in the sport.(along with the int'l FAs) College guys are safer but generally speaking have lower ceilings.
  10. Meyer was the only pitcher I would have taken when we took Kjerstad. If we can get him, I would like to. Im certainly open to listening to an offer for Mullins being built around him.
  11. Btw, the OP is incorrect. A question was asked by some dumbass fan if Sanchez and Meyer could get Mullins AND Adley. MLBTR didn’t suggest anything.
  12. Sanchez had shoulder surgery. Not sure how excited I am about acquiring him.
  13. The thing is, the Orioles do have some talented guys but they completely underperformed in 2021. Can Adley change that? I don't know. I think he helps and perhaps he helps a lot but I will also say that if the young guys perform much better in 2022 than they did in 2021, I think its likely that Adley will get too much of the credit for that. He will deserve some credit but probably not the amount he will get. Guys will get better because they try a new pitch, change something mechanically, have a better mindset, feel healthier, etc....it won't be just one thing.
  14. If it is, Adley, Grayson et al will be big disappointments.
  15. I would be surprised if Buck didn’t get the Pads job…and Jones on his staff is possible imo.
  16. He also should have made an attempt to get in front of it. Balls are hit that hard all the time. It was a poor play by a guy who is going to be asking for 200+ million.
  17. Seager also made an awful play on the ball.
  18. Can’t feel too good about how the organization views you if you aren’t on this list. Lol
  19. Is this a good sign for DL Hall’s health?
  20. Well sure…our pitchers suck, had some historically bad numbers and most hitters are right handed.
  21. Unless he is mentally done with the game, there is no evidence that his baseball life is complete. I would gladly take him if they pay most of his contract and we don’t have to trade much to get him.
  22. Considering he’s terrible, his contract is awful.
  23. They definitely could make a deal for salary relief. It just depends on their situation. They also could do it simply for roster space and maybe they would really allocate the money elsewhere. Also, maybe they feel Abrams isn’t as good as his ranking. If they would do that deal, I would be skeptical of how good they think Abrams is. Personally, I would rather eat the money, cut Hosmer and keep Abrams but not everyone will think that way. They may not want to eat that much money.
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