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  1. I think the defense at C is overrated. People talk about the impact they have on the game. People don’t steal bases anymore. Many teams call pitches from the dugout. The info we have on pitch framing stats is inconclusive and we don’t know how valuable it really is. Blocking balls in the dirt is important. I’m not saying the position isn’t important but I would take a stud CFer, SS and 3rd baseman over a C any day. Second baseman possibly as well. A high OPs, good fielding COer is also possible.
  2. Well as someone who believes C are overrated, this doesn’t matter that much to me. But I understand I’m in the minority on that.
  3. It’s weird isn’t it. One off month and yet they still feel he is the same guy they rated so highly before that bad month.
  4. You’re right. Misquoted that. Less effective. Either way, getting the vaccine doesn’t prevent you from getting covid. It helps with the symptoms. They also say you aren’t supposed to get it twice, so Santander getting it should be as preventive (or at least close to it) as getting the vaccine itself. Of course, when it mutates, there isn’t anything you can do until more boosters are made.
  5. Being vaccinated (at least this vaccine) doesn’t stop you from getting the virus, particularly the new variant where, at least with the J and J vaccine, they said it’s basically worthless against the new variants. So before bashing people for not getting the vaccine, I think we should also acknowledge the facts of it. It is a shame there wasn’t a better market (or it’s a shame Elias didn’t push for one better) for him last year. I said it then but trading him should have happened because of his health. That being said, he can also get healthy and produce and probably have simil
  6. I like the talent in the system but I can’t say I love it. Are we really a top 5 system? I’m skeptical but I think 8-12 range is probably accurate. I just think we lack the elite talent at the top, at least depth wise. Westburg and Henderson could change that but right now, I think we are still lacking. I think Law is over the top in what he is saying and ranking us so low BUT I do understand his thoughts and I do agree about the lack of high level, high end talent. I do think there is good depth in solid guys and that is important too.
  7. Well, Stowers was picked 29 picks after Henderson. Wood got picked 62nd, so closer to Stowers and well after Henderson. That being said, the Orioles essentially took 2 “safer guys” ala Stowers or someone similar vs going with the higher ceiling guys. And I’m not sure the Orioles didn’t already punt most of the draft…or at least “punt” being defined as paying slot. As I said before, I would have been fine with going with 3-4 high upside guys and a bunch of relief prospects.
  8. Well, the only thing I will say is that the Os could have taken two Wood type guys. So the comp would need to be 2 Woods vs Norby and Trimble. But again I don’t mind the Norby and Trimble picks. I’m not saying they are the best picks but I think they are fine. Let me put it another way….would you rather have 2 Gunnar Henderson type picks or 2 Kyle Stowers?
  9. Not for me it’s not. There is a bigger picture here for me.
  10. If he loses confidence that quickly, then he is likely mentally weak and won’t make it anyway. I don’t need to see him play to know he has weaknesses. He is in a stretch of about 100 PA where he has struggled. It’s obvious he has some holes. I would still bet on him being the best catcher on the team and end the year as likely one of the top 10 catchers in the league.
  11. I haven’t seen him And don’t need to. Look, I was hammered for pointing out that he wasn’t that good on 2019. People blamed the mono, which was bs to me because he started off fine and then struggled later on. I would buy the mono excuse if it happened earlier. I have also been vocal that I question if he was the best player to pick in that draft. I am not blind to issues with him. All of that being said, he is advanced player with elite skills. He doesn’t have to be a finished product to come to the majors. That’s the fallacy behind these discussions. People act as if
  12. Ownership has nothing to do with the draft. Ownership has everything to do with organizational philosophy, not spending money, not keeping the ML team more competitive, etc… Again, this conversation is about way more than who they picked. It’s over the philosophy of the organization, the lack of a competitive ML team to obtain these draft picks, etc… Every one is assuming that we have this talent, it will come up and everything will be good. I think to make that assumption, you are assuming ownership is going to come through when needed. Call me skeptical on that one until th
  13. He wasn’t dropping on overall rankings. He was just dropping on draft position, which has as much to do with money and philosophy (some favor pitching or college guys) as anything else.
  14. Sure and I don’t fall into line with BA rated a guy here, so therefore they are right. That being said, Lawlar has been ranked high for over a year. He wasn’t a helium guy that all of a sudden is now a highly ranked guy. And while I agree with you about Trimble, there were still other high upside HS kids available as the draft went on even after those first 3 picks. In most years, I would say if you have a high pick, you need to hit on it. That would mean Cowser should have been the pick since he’s more likely to succeed on some level than Lawlar is. This year was different
  15. Well, the thing is, the Rays have earned the benefit of the doubt. They have put together arguably the best farm system we have ever seen right now, so they do know what they are doing and they have been doing that while winning and competing for division titles for much of the last decade+. The Orioles, even with Elias being a massive improvement, don’t deserve a shred of benefit of the doubt. Now, that being said, Cowser isn’t a bad pick and those saying he is a bad pick are off base..as they were with Kjerstad. The question isn’t, was he a bad pick. The question is, was h
  16. I don’t mind Norby either and it’s definitely possible he was the BPA on their board. Hell, I don’t even mind Trimble, as he has an intriguing upside. My issue is not enough higher upside guys when you went underslot early but the bigger issue is that they are losing on purpose for this reason and this reason only. If you are doing that, you should be trying to bring elite talent into the system. If All you are going to do is draft safe guys, then start being more competitive at the ML level and draft guys like you draft later in the draft. It is very possible that the team
  17. I think they should have taken Lawlar because I believe he has the higher ceiling. I also said that Cowser being the second pick there is perfectly fine with me. My issue is, if you are taking Cowser, that you don’t take some higher upside talent after. The Pirates took the lesser upside guy in Davis and paid him 2M under slot..and then they preceded to draft 3 high upside HS players with their next 3 picks. That is what I wanted to see if you are taking Cowser. As for your point about taking someone who can help sooner..that’s fine but let’s not act like you can only win with the
  18. Your first point here is off base. You don’t need to lose 100 games to justify not pissing away money. Secondly, Law is wrong. The ONLY advantage in MLB you gain by tanking is draft position and draft pool money. Now, for the first year or 2, being able to get the payroll down (short and long term) and obtain assets by trading pieces is a great thing although, again, you don’t have to lose games on purpose to do that. You can do that at any point..see Tampa as a perfect example. However, I agree it makes easier which is why I’m in favor of tanking for a year or 2. Afte
  19. What does spending in Latin America have anything to do with losing on purpose? You can win 100+ games and still spend on Latin America. The two are unrelated and this is an awful point to make.
  20. I’m putting Witt over Adley…just as I would have for the draft. The offensive profile and ability to play a position that you can last longer at matters to me, again as it did at draft time. Not to mention the age difference. GRod is riskier for me, as the BP write up said. Like i mentioned, I would have to see Grayson go a lot more pitches/innings against upper level competition to put him over Rutschman.
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