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  1. Yea but they weren’t FA deals and none of those deals is best the level Correa will get. Most teams will spend to keep their own before they hit free agency. (This is where Tampa gets hurt because they don’t generally do this and when they do, they still trade guys when they get to the more expensive years) The longest deal there is Altuve and they are done with that deal at age 34. He hasn’t been worth less than 27.7M In any 162 game season since 2013. They likely won’t regret any of that contract outside of maybe the last year and even then, they probably won’t regret it at all.
  2. That’s fine..he can paint the picture any way he wants..but the team that gives him the Lindor contract will be regretting it pretty early…just like the Mets already do.
  3. Yea but I don’t consider 2020 to be something to hang your hat on in terms of saying, look I was healthy!
  4. No..because they are smart. Look at the deals they hand out. They go for the short term guys, like they have with Brantley or Beltran in the past. They arent afraid to spend a lot of money but they don’t want to do it for a long period of time. (Outside of McCann, I can’t think of a long term deal they handed out..long term being 4+ years) Same strategy I would personally have. They develop the elite talent and fill in the gaps with the FA that will sign for lesser years. Now, that can hurt you because those players are generally older guys and they could decline at any moment
  5. Oh, he’s getting way more than 6/120. He may push for Lindors deal.
  6. Apparently the Astros have offered Correa a few deals in the area of 6/120. He made a comment that the Astros don’t like big contracts and that it wasn’t much of a negotiation. The Astros are very smart and while they are willing to pay a lot, they will only go so far. Correa, like Springer last year, will leave and get a huge deal Elsewhere.
  7. 2 of the 16 or so guys that you could easily drop and it not matter.
  8. Im Highly skeptical of this but I guess it depends on how you define “good bullpen piece”.
  9. Personally, I don’t even know how he could even play. The mental strength of these guys astounds me at times.
  10. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/dillon-tate-talks-fastballs/
  11. Btw, I think there is merit to the point of the OP. If Cobb was here and stayed healthy, it likely would have hurt us. By that I mean, we are still probably a sub 60 win team but are more in line with the 2nd-4th pick as opposed to the first pick. That being said, putting out a more watchable product is important. I didn’t feel it was important in 2019 and to a lesser extent in 2020 and 2021 but moving forward, the product needs to start being watchable and not just when GRod is pitching or Adley is hitting. Put it another way…If Cobb was on the team heading into next se
  12. He had a 612 OPS in June…no wonder.
  13. We were talking about Santander. You said he’s damaged good right now.
  14. Cobb pitched pretty well this year. I’m sure the Angels are happy they made the deal. Agree with WC that we don’t know if the Os should be happy or not.
  15. It’s not like he has some injury that is threatening any part of next season.
  16. Yes…John Angelos saved 5M bucks to help fund his wife’s failing country music career.
  17. Worth is in the eye of the beholder. I personally don’t feel he’s worth a lot but I think there is still value there.
  18. This is wrong. You have no idea when he will even be healthy and playing well. It’s a gamble no matter what you do. The reality is that if you can deal him now that you do it, assuming the deal is suitable for you. I have mentioned 2 Santander trades..one was taking on a bigger contract to get a prospect and another was swapping him out for a similar player but at a different position. Any deal like that, if it can be agreed upon, should be done. Yes, it’s possible that he gets healthy, plays well and you get more than that. Banking on that is the definition of stupidit
  19. It’s not a guarantee of anything. I talked about a Brian Anderson in another thread. That trade makes sense in a lot of ways. Doesn’t mean the teams would do it but it has value to both sides. There May he another equivalent player..ie a good upside player coming off a bad year that a team would do a swap of disappointing guys. I also think you could likely get a few prospects for him. What I don’t think you can get now are 1-2 top 10 guys or something along those lines. I don’t think we are getting near ML ready guys unless they are a reliever or some kind of role playe
  20. He must be a Twitterverse Os blogger too!
  21. Yea, it’s a bs excuse. I buy that he got tired and was weaker in the second half. As I said, he also had the oblique issue in September. It all contributed. If I was a team and wanted to acquire him, I would expect him to bounce back and be better in 2022. But let’s stop sugar coating things with reasons that are baseless.
  22. I was told last offseason that you can’t trade Santander because he’s young and cheap and part of our OF for years to come. The thought by some then was, wait Until the deadline and we will get so much more. As I said last offseason, he is a big injury risk and is definitely a potential DFA/salary dump type candidate for this offseason. Waiting until the deadline isn’t any kind of a guarantee.
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