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  1. They should have taken Lawlar but I’m glad they took Kjerstad over Lacy, at least at the time. We will have to wait and see what happens with Kjerstad’s health but Lacy is far from a sure thing to stick as a starter. His ERA is approaching 5 and he has walked 37 batters in 49.1 IP this year. The K numbers are great and he isn’t giving up hits or homers. Those are great signs for the future but the walks are an issue. The control and command were potential road blocks for him coming into the draft and so far, they are showing to be an issue. Its like Martin. The question mar
  2. But the Padres aren’t losing on purpose to gain the one advantage you receive because you are tanking.
  3. I can’t put Grayson ahead of Adley for one big reason, which is mostly out of his control. He is only throwing 70ish pitches per start. He is dominating in those pitches but what does he look like throwing 75-100 pitches? We don’t know that. I’m guessing he will be fine but without knowing that, I can’t elevate him about Rutschman.
  4. I’m going to go out on a limb and say he won’t have a 1000 OPS in the majors.
  5. As a matter of fact, I think it’s the opposite effect with Frobby. He acts like Adley has to have a 1000 OPs to be promoted and when he did have a 1000 OPS before, it was a SSs, so let’s give him more time. The expectation is really absurd imo.
  6. So, if he was promoted 2-3 weeks ago, that would have been fine but now, not so much? That doesn’t make sense to me. And yes, his reputation as the guy universally thought of as the best prospect in the game and one of the best college prospect in a decade means something.
  7. Yes because clearly a few bad weeks greatly diminishes his abilities, accomplishments, upside and age.
  8. Adley should be promoted now. Bobby Witt has just been called up to AAA. https://twitter.com/jonmorosi/status/1416913350110351365?s=21
  9. Another bad start because of one bad inning. He keeps having that.
  10. Law: Baltimore Orioles For the second year in a row, Baltimore reached for a college bat, which I presume was meant to save money at that pick for over-slot selections later. Outfielder Colton Cowser (1) was one of the best college bats in the draft class, ranking 14th on my Big Board for his bat. He doesn’t miss fastballs and hits all manner of pitches, with a swing that looks geared for hard contact but maybe just 55 power. He’s a corner guy but profiles as an above-average regular there. He became the highest-drafted player in Sam Houston State history and just their second
  11. Yep. Essentially he is saying, it’s not bad but why go with the lesser talent early if you aren’t loading up later.
  12. Could help explain why he has been so bad recently. That is one painful injury.
  13. Sure and I generally think whatever they are using is pretty good. But if you are manipulating a model to say what you want it to say and what you want it to say takes away risk, I am guessing you will miss on a lot of talent.
  14. Yea but its your model and you can manipulate that model however you want.
  15. The problem with your comp is that in baseball, you have a cap on what you can spend, so you likely can't go BPA in every round.
  16. Lol…recently people we’re complaining that we weren’t signing people ranked high enough, now we are likely to sign the highest ranked guy the team ever has and spend the most money on one player that the team has and it’s still an issue. You cant make this sh** up!
  17. I mean maybe? There is only one definition of BPA. Now, who is your BPA varies but that’s a bs line that they always went BPA. It’s bs when any evaluator says it in any sport.
  18. Yes but getting relievers later in the draft makes sense. That’s kind of my point. They are waiting around for them and I just wonder if they see how pitching is going and if they think it’s going to keep trending downward in terms of going away from starters. Couod just be a coincidence and nothing more to it than what you are saying about their model. Just makes me wonder if there is something else there. Personally, I don’t believe them that they went BPA and that the BPA was never a pitcher.
  19. Is he? I think most elite level guys are HS or Intl FA. Very possible that the college player has the better overall career, generally speaking. Only so many elite guys, so the “normal player” could be more of a college guy than HS or Intl. Do you have data on that other than the top 30 in the first half of 1 season because that’s pretty meaningless data to make the proclamation that college performers are more valuable.
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