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  1. I don’t think service time means much with Henderson right now either. Like I said, I think he gets less time in Delmarva than he did, especially since he played so well but that doesn’t mean he is any different than right now. But 2022 is where it starts to make a major difference. Under the current rules, it’s possible but highly unlikely he is in Baltimore. If the rules change, he may be. That’s all I’m saying.
  2. Sure..he can do those things in 2022 And be ready to go. However, my point is, if the service time rules were different, this process would be speeded up, especially for your better prospects. Things are done they way they are because you can. If you take something away, adjustments are made. The adjustment, in this case, would be that they would move along guys quicker and be more aggressive. All we heard last year and in the offseason was how well Gunnar showed in the camp last year and this spring. He started to get a lot of publicity and people saying he was one of the
  3. Yes, I agree he would be overmatched right now…and I’m not calling for him to be here right now. What I am telling you is that if the rules were different and he would become a FA much sooner, he would be in the majors much sooner and development would have to occur at that level. Plenty of players throughout the history of the game have come up early and developed in the majors.
  4. I don’t think he would be up this year and I’m not saying he should be. But he would get time next year if he showed good enough at AA. For right now, with the current system, there isn’t a rush to do it. You can take your time. If the system was different, time wouldn’t be taken at this pace. I think Gunnar would have been in Aberdeen a lot sooner if rules were different.
  5. Springer signed a long term deal with Toronto. Brantley signed for 2 years this past offseason.
  6. The slash lines vs lefties and his home stats are great. The slash lines vs righties and on the road are ugly. Overall, the OBP isn’t good but the slugging is solid. The defense has been good. The power is good and it appears he will get 500 plate appearances. It’s been a successful year for him. Now, the question becomes, can he learn to hit righties better? If he can, he can be an everyday player. If he can’t, he’s a platoon guy.
  7. I’m aware but salty cucumber said there were videos of Wieters everywhere on here. Of course, he hasn’t actually produced them (just like he hasn’t produced scouting reports saying Wieters was better than Adley in the areas he said) but that doesn’t really stop him from Saying it.
  8. If the rule was, a player drafted out of HS is eligible for FA after 9 pro seasons, he would be up. And sure, he has development to do..which can be done in the majors. Im going to go back to what I said…this is just how things have been done, so it’s what you are used to. If service time was different and guys became free agents sooner, you would see teams developing players more in the majors and you wouldn’t think much of it. And you are right, we are only talking about a few guys…the players that actually matter.
  9. I went back and looked at multiple threads about Wieters time in the minors and never saw one video. They may have existed but I didn’t see them then and I don’t see them Now but maybe they appeared in threads I missed.
  10. It’s helping our chances of the first pick.
  11. Good for you. I can’t wait to hear more stories about your failed attempt at being an athlete. It was literally the best thing you have ever given to this site. You actually gave us comedy. Thank you for that.
  12. He’s batting #2..and his OpS is over 900. That’s a MOO bat no matter what number in the lineup he is.
  13. I never saw anything in Bowie. Maybe it was on here but I didn’t watch or see it. I don’t recall ever seeing anything like that on here but maybe it was? I really don’t know. I have seen enough video of Adley to feel far differently about him based on initial evaluations vs Wieters. Why is that such a big deal to you? You seem to want to b*tch and moan about it but why do you care? It’s my opinion. I was right about Wieters. We will see if I am about Adley. If im Not, no biggie. It likely won’t change your life or mine. And if you think my evaluation of Adley is based on so
  14. But isn't that the point? People talk about how players have to go through certain levels and check certain boxes to be promoted to the majors. They only think that because its the way things have done and because of service time rules. Its not necessarily because its what is best for the player and organization in terms of optimizing performance. Its solely driven by money.
  15. LOL. So, here is one guy, who has been evaluating guys forever (and talked to scouts forever) who actually did a comp of the 2 prospects. You have said Wieters was better with this and that...and yet someone here, who actually does this and knows more than us and talks to people who knows more than us, comps them, says what I have been saying and you basically laugh it off. And I am the stupid and unreasonable one? LOL. You can't make this sh** up.
  16. With me, zero of it is hindsight because I was not as high on Wieters from the first time I saw him in the majors. Unlike now, video wasn't really there. Had I seen the amount of video on Wieters as I have seen on Adley, I would have thought it then too. Adley is just a much smoother and more fluid athlete.
  17. And btw, there is one thing about this conversation that I feel needs to be said. When I talk about Adley, I am talking the first 3-5 years of his career. What guys like Posey and Mauer were and have been able to do is be really good beyond those years. That is what makes them HOF level guys. Is what help make Bench a HOF guy. I am not saying Adley will be at that level long term. Way too much unknown. But I definitely expect it in the prime years of his career.
  18. I didn't insult you at all. You are the one arguing. I do not see Wieters on the same level of Adley. I was vocal about Wieters, on this site, from the moment I saw him. I said he should be a MOO hitter..you disagreed. I cited guys that could do it...you essentially poo poo'ed it. You act like every catcher breaks down and none of them can be great hitters. I agree with you but the history of the game is full of C who have overcome that and been great hitters. My expectation is that Adley will be one of them. You disagree for whatever reason...your reasoning seems to
  19. Thank you for that trip down memory lane about your life but your life experiences as a player who never amounted to anything don't mean anything w/r/t a conversation about Adley. I think he is on a slightly different level than you were. Mauer and Posey are his comps. That's who I expect him to be. If he isn't that good, I think he's a disappointment. If you dont share that opinion great. I really don't care. If he isn't a middle of the order level hitter (because he may bat #2 but that doesn't mean he isn't or couldn't be MOO), he will not have lived up to the hype...just lik
  20. Yes they were....as they are with Adley. The scouts were wrong (and I felt that the moment I saw him) on Wieters but I don't feel they will be with Rutschman.
  21. Sure does but there are guys who overcome that. Adley should be one of those guys. If he's not, he is a disappointment.
  22. Sure it is..show me. Show me scouting reports that say it. You are just making stuff up. Adley is, without question, a much more highly sought after defensive catcher (as a prospect) than Wieters ever was. That’s not actually up for debate. Offensively I agree it’s closer but I don’t think Wieters distinguished himself as far superior. It’s also a different era, so you aren’t taking into account park effects, changes in the sport, etc…so numbers (again overall numbers done in a SSS) only mean so much without the proper historical context.
  23. Wieters didnt peak because he was a catcher. He peaked because the ML pitching was superior to his abilities as an offensive player. Mauer had an OpS+ of 130 or more 7 times. Posey has done it 5 times and was close another.
  24. Who says he has a better arm? Wieters was a far better defensive catcher than anyone thought he would be. As a prospect, defense wasn’t his calling card at all. More power? In 80 less at bats, Adley has the same amount of doubles and 8 less homers and that is with him dealing with mono for some time in 2019 and missing a year of development last year.
  25. Adley may not do that for his career…but I think he should and will do that for 3-5 years. Bench was putting up OpS+ Of 120+ into his 30s. I’m not suggesting Adley will do that, at least not if he is a full time catcher.
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