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  1. I came across this: https://throughthefencebaseball.com/2021-mlb-draft-grading-each-team/ No idea if this guy has a clue as to what he is talking about. What I want to point out is that he called this a pitching rich draft. We also know through the first 10 rounds, pitching dominated the draft, which perhaps lends credence to his point about it being a pitching rich draft. What is interesting is the Orioles only took the 1 pitcher in the top 10 rounds. Is it possible that the Os feel starting pitchers are going to largely be a thing of the past? We know w
  2. Probably living a great life
  3. Well Im Hoping that he stays healthy, gets going and gets up here in a month or so.
  4. Certainly something to work with. Maybe all the tech the Os have can help him?
  5. Some of these I want to see happen now and others at some point in the next month or so: Adley and Bradish in the majors. I want to see Diaz get some ML time as well. Jones as well. Kremer, Lowther and Wells back up for good. GRod in AAA..Hall as well, when he gets healthy.
  6. 1). It is structured so you can keep fan favorites. 2) You absolutely don’t not need to tank for 5 years to get competitive. That’s just a lie that teams have made people believe. 3). Players generally get what they deserve, it just doesn’t happen at the time where they actually deserve it.
  7. Almost went Gunnar over Hall for the same reasons and I may go Gunnar in the offseason, need to see how they each finish out.
  8. The thing is, Vavra has still had limited amount of at bats in AA. I don’t disagree with your premise but for right now, I will take the upside of Trimble over the SSS of Vavra in the upper minors.
  9. Sure..first of all Manny could still be there if the Os weren’t cheap when they were negotiating a contract several years back. Secondly, teams have to sign guys early. Whether they can be here 15+ years is also dependent on if you actually want them here that long. Declining skills and higher salaries in FA years make them usually poor players to keep that long. I don’t see a reason we can’t keep our stars 8-12 years though, ala Markakis and Jones, for example.
  10. Well, you don’t draft for need and just because you feel pitching may be more needed, doesn’t mean the pitchers available were ranked higher. I would assume you don’t want to draft someone that they don’t think is that good just because “he’s a pitcher”.
  11. Meyer was the pitcher I would have drafted. I think Lacy had the slightly higher upside but I liked Meyer’s profile better to be an impact starter and stay a starter.
  12. I hope the pitchers drafted can be relievers that move quickly. That definitely could be part of his thinking and I think that’s a smart way to go.
  13. For me, I slot them this way: 1) Adley 2) GRod 3) Hall 4) Gunnar 5) Cowser 6) Westburg 7) Bradish 8. Norby 9) Haskin 10) Trimble I have Trimble at 10 right now because of his upside (and maybe can play the IF) and because Vavra has been hurt, Jones may not have a position and Baumann is still not looking like the guy he did prior to the injury. Any of those guys, especially Baumann, could pass Trimble if they get healthy and rolling. Note: Kjerstad would slot 5th for me if he was playing. For right now, I’m
  14. Sure but they also likely had 1 or 2 guys in mind that really made it worth it to them to implement that strategy. They had fall back plans in case those guys were gone but had you told them Blitsko is definitely gone, I do wonder if they definitely go Kjerstad? Personally I think they do because I think they valued him higher than everyone else.
  15. Btw, for him to have that window starting in 2023, he has to start getting guys to the upper minors and being more aggressive with promotions because these players aren’t going to all come up and be good in the majors right away. He has to let them get at bats and get their feet wet prior to that.
  16. Said the same thing last year..he went college early which told me that he wants these guys all coming up around the same time. He is telling us 2023-2024 is when he wants everyone up and this team pushing towards that goal.
  17. That’s possible..which is why I mentioned the other night that if everyone goes underslot, it hurts the strategy overall. The Orioles reportedly went underslot last year to get Blitsko. He got taken. That’s the problem with the underslot theory. You don’t know if the player(s) you want will be there later on or not. That’s why you take your BPA in R1. You absolutely can still go overslot later in the draft if you take a player you put slot or even overslot for. The Mets went way over slot for Rocker. I would bet they have at least one overslot player that they will pay for in t
  18. Yea I think we all recognize that the Os are way more familiar with each player than we are. Of course, that has always been the case and the Os failed miserably, generally speaking, in the draft for decades. So while we weren’t “experts”, many of us were correct when we slammed drafts. With that said, everyone places way more confidence in Elias and gives him and his staff the benefit of the doubt mainly because they had a good track record in Houston, at least with positional talent. One thing is obvious..they value position players more than pitchers. I think that’s the right p
  19. Hopefully some of the guys drafted today can move quickly as BP arms.
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