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  1. Let’s also not forget that while 2019 was a great offensive year for Trey, this isn’t a guy who, prior to 2019 was lighting up the world with his bat. I think he is an 800ish OPS guy for the next few years. For 6.5-7M, he has value. Beyond that, he’s not worth it. So yea, I think he’s better than what 2021 ended up with but I don’t think he sniffs 2019. At best, he gets back to 2017 levels.
  2. What starting pitcher can we get for Santander? People keep saying this but what disappointing starter making similar money is available to an OF needy team?
  3. The Marlins are once again looking for OFers and we know they talked with the Os last year. Brian Anderson, like Santander, is coming off a down year but, like Santander, has a higher upside to be more than that. Both players are arb eligible for the first time in 2022. Both can play good defense at their positions and both can hit for an 800+ OPS. Seems like a fair deal for each team to address a position of need. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2021/10/marlins-notes-outfielders-anderson-revenue.html
  4. He also had the oblique issue at the end of the year.
  5. There is depth..but there isn’t a lot scary. A lot of guys with holes in their swings. A lot of power and some who will take a walk but not much in between. I do agree that ultimately the pitching let them down but that’s kind of my point. They need a lot of everything to be really great to win because of the lack of elite guys. Look at Houston..they have and have had elite guys all over the place. They have been to 5 straight ALCS, multiple WS and they have the one title. Tampa has actually probably been more balanced top to bottom but the elite guys on Houston gives
  6. I’m aware…I still stand by what I said. Zunino is a good example. He hits a lot of homers but is a relatively easy out.
  7. There is definitely a lot of randomness and luck. Tony mentioned Oakland but Oakland always seemed to have key injuries, particularly to their pitching, in the postseason. But I definitely do think a margin for error goes with some of these teams. When you look at the Tampa, that lineup isn’t that imposing after a few guys and if those guys aren’t hitting, not much is going to happen.
  8. Lol…the worst part of this post is that it’s correct. Heavens forbid they actually give us a good product and then losing Mancini matters less. I always found it hilarious that a team that has basically sucked for most of the last 2+ decades is so worried about the PR about losing a certain player.
  9. Well, at least they have gotten to the WS and been in the ALCS. The problem with Tampa in the playoffs is that elite guys give you a margin for error and the Rays tend to get rid of their elite guys quickly because of cost and thus, they end up with a team that is very good and not great and very good is more vulnerable in a short series.
  10. So make it a 3 team trade and send all the cash to the team he ends up on. There are always ways around stuff like this. Royals may take him back.
  11. Well that’s how you look at it. If he was a FA right now, would you pay him 60M? I think I would feel better about things if we could get Clevinger as well. Clevinger, Abrams and Hosmer for Mancini+ (the plus not being a whole lot)
  12. The real bad one was when they were saying Villar was getting 10M. That was never reality.
  13. I don’t think Mancini gets that much although I’m not sure of how little of a raise he got in 2021 makes a difference. I think MLbTR is wildly overrated on how “accurate” They are with these numbers.
  14. Sure..the roster issue is the problem (as I pointed out) but I think there are ways around that, at least to carry a minimum of one extra guy for a platoon. But as I said, I don’t think this has been looked at enough in the sport and I think it could down the road. The idea of an opener would have been laughed out 5-10 years ago.
  15. Yep..because their teams aren’t smart. Teams are finally starting to understand that allowing most pitchers to go through a lineup 3-4 times isn’t smart. I think the idea of platoons and things like that will be next(I know they do it now but not likely to the extend that they should), although the idea of roster flexibility certainly hurts that but the 26th player is helpful.
  16. They will move Abrams to CF I think. The Pads will need some cheap players to offset the rising cost of their stars. I think the only way Abrams can be had is if we take back Hosmer.
  17. They may not..but I would try. Saves them 10M and opens up a roster spot to get a SS. Like I said, I read that they plan on being the market for one of the big name FA SS. Didi isn’t coming off a good year so to get someone to eat his salary, they will have to do sweeten the pot. Perhaps they just dump him and keep the prospect. Definitely possible but they do want to add an OFer and Santander can be solid if he can stay healthy (big if of course) and he has a few years of team control.
  18. I bet the Astros let Correa walk and end up with a far lesser expensive Semien or Baez. For the Os, I saw where the Phils want to go big at SS and they also need an OFer. Santander for Didi and Bryson Stott is a deal I would look at. We eat the Gregorious salary except the 1M they are deferring from his 2022 contract. We get Stott, their #2 prospect and #1 pick in 2019 and a player that is hitting well at higher levels and is supposed to be able to play a good SS as compensation for the difference in salary.
  19. His reporting is exactly what it should be.
  20. FFS, he was joking around. He did actually answer the question.
  21. Because it’s just a stupid decision to drop him for Nothing at this point in time.
  22. Wait a minute..isn’t an F grade offensive now? Is this allowed?
  23. Yea, not a lot of “analysis” needed here.
  24. https://www.milb.com/player/max-meyer-676974
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