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  1. I don’t disagree but if you believe in the young talent than you can’t believe in the idea that they don’t care about winning games until 2024. Can’t have it both ways.
  2. I think he is saying that’s what the Os will be doing. Every post like that from Roch has some form of inside info behind it. He is telling you what they are likely to do.
  3. Which isn’t that likely and even if they did, you won’t get much for him at all.
  4. The only way this is true is if you believe the young talent that is largely the reason the system is rated highly isn’t going to be good.
  5. You do realize that once you DFa him, any team can pick him up for free, right?
  6. Jones is obviously not close to being on the chopping block but he certainly has to show he can hit or he won’t be here for long. Watkins clearly goes before him. But the overall premise is correct. The Orioles can get rid of almost half their 40 man roster and it not matter…and that’s pretty pathetic for a team this far into a rebuild. The good news is that it allows for a lot of movement and when they need to add the 5-8 guys they need to protect from the 40 man, it won’t be much of a problem to do it and no one like a Zach Pop should be exposed to the rule 5 draft.
  7. I want them to follow one model and one model only…be intelligent with your decisions. Thats it. Mistakes will be made, guys will get hurt and guys won’t develop. You will also get lucky with guys you didn’t expect (ala Means and Mullins). But just keep being smart.
  8. With all the pitching the Pads have gotten over the last few years, if they sign Stroman, someone should be available. See if you can get Clevinger cheap.
  9. Ok but this could happen next year too. And he may not get better or the Os could be in contention and he doesn’t get dealt and still walks. Are you just going to suggest we keep extending him to not lose him for nothing?
  10. But this doesn’t answer my question. Mancini with either walks after 2022 for nothing or after 2023 for nothing (in your scenario). Why does the one extra year matter?
  11. And we were worried about them being cheap this offseason!
  12. I don’t like the Zobrist comp without knowing how well he can play the OF. Mateo may be more capable of that title imo but long term, our Zobrist may end up being Vavra.
  13. He has always hit, no matter where he was. His defense is good enough. Barring something bigger happening this offseason, he should be the everyday second baseman next year until(if) Vavra pushes him off the position…and we will see if a guy like Westburg moves there as well but for now, Urias is and should be the second baseman.
  14. It’s definitely behind schedule but materials are an issue for everyone in this covid age we are living in, so it’s not surprising when anything is slower than it should be.
  15. Anywhere from 5-14 players amongst the home grown category. And sure, home grown players were traded to get guys but overall, it goes to show you how many teams need and get a lot of their contending teams from outside their organization. People on here saying it’s too early to make moves or you can’t trade guys yet…it’s going to happen at some point, so do it when you can and let things sort themselves out.
  16. But why would you be upset about him walking away for nothing after 2022 but good with it after 2023?
  17. But you are ok with him walking after 2023 for nothing?
  18. Highly unlikely the brothers view this the same way.
  19. The original spotrac link that CoC posted said 6.5M for Cobb. Looking at things, that doesn’t appear to be accurate, which is why I hate spotrac. I think what WC is posting here is likely more accurate. So, instead of the original thought of 18.5M and then just under 16M, we should be around 11 as wildcard is saying here. That should put the payroll in the 24-28M range for the projected payroll based off of my expected roster. Of course, not everyone is going to have the same expected roster. @wildcard, thank you for pointing out the discrepancy for Cobb
  20. Yes and then the very next post, CoC put the link to the 4 guys we owe money to…and then in my second post, I spoke about that money and the money owed to Davis. The number was the same foe the whole time until Frobby just pointed out that it’s 3 years and not 2. I mean, simple math tells you that’s about 2.5M less but if you can’t do that (after I already did), that puts you at less than 16M for the 5 players not on the team.
  21. This is definitely a good point. I’m guessing if/when they do this, it’s a tiered system. Probably tell teams they need to do this by a certain year but that it needs to start going up now.
  22. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.baltimoresun.com/sports/orioles/bs-sp-orioles-chris-davis-retires-20210812-b2ex4xdfcre2hiuz2zimv5rlxu-story.html%3foutputType=amp I missed this. Maybe 2 years were the first reports but it ended up being 3. Thanks for pointing that out @Frobby So, that drops him from 8.5M to about 5.7M. So, overall payroll for the way I see it is in the 29-32M range for the 5 guys off the roster plus the other 18-20 players on it.
  23. No..look, I’m not trying to be an ass here but I have answered all of these questions in various posts in the thread. I’m just not sure where the confusion is? My personal outlook discussed Mancini. I’m not saying I’m right, I’m just saying that Mancini isn’t in my projections as guaranteed guys on the 26 man roster (at some point..don’t know when Adley and Grayson will be there but it will be quickly imo). Santander is the same.
  24. When was it ever decided that it was 3 years? It was always reported 2 years.
  25. I would be surprised if he can keep it in that range on a consistent basis. I’m expecting sub 325 most years. He certainly could have a few seasons in the range you mentioned but I don’t see that being a consistent thing.
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