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  1. Exactly. Same basic thought process for the picks themselves.
  2. How long did the meeting last where they determined they should draft pitchers with good secondary pitches and those who K more than they BB? Did they crunch numbers for a while with that one or what?
  3. I’m old enough to remember people telling me I should be fine with this draft and we will get overslot guys.
  4. I would hope you draft pitchers that strikeout more guys than walk them.
  5. What does spending less money this year have to do with next year? It’s not like you can carry it over.
  6. C- for what they drafted. If I took it further and did philosophy, trying to lose, etc…it would be an F. But I do think they landed 2 guys who could start soon and Trimble has some upside.
  7. No, they aren’t related. Teams take high upside talent and spend on J2 and they don’t have the draft pool we do. And to be clear, my annoyance is more about the idea of not winning, losing on purpose and the only advantage to that being the draft…if you are doing it for that one reason, you need to hammer the draft imo. The Orioles could have picked 12th this year and very possibly had the exact same draft or some very similar variation to it. That shouldn’t be able to be said if your intent is to lose games on purpose.
  8. Yes..generally speaking, college bats are the safest thing you can draft. Of course, they are also older, have a shorter life span in terms of peak and don’t have as high a ceiling, generally speaking. They also usually have a higher floor.
  9. I don’t care if he is limited to second base but it also obviously limits his upside and his ceiling. But he should move fast and help soon.
  10. I do like college players. But what I like the most are elite, high upside guys. I feel the Os have some safe guys right now. It’s time to turn up the talent faucet. I am relatively risk adverse early on. In other words, I feel if you have a top 5 pick, you need to hit on it. That being said, you do also need elite talent to win and the Os should be looking for that. To me, there are some drafts where you go the safe route and others you take the elite guys. Lawlar was there for them. At 41, a lot of high level HS talent was sitting there. It’s not that I
  11. Yes, he should move fast. He’s fine. But could they have gone higher ceiling? Could you have added a guy that has more of a chance to be a real impact guy? The write ups on Norby tell me he can be a valuable piece..a 2-3 WAR second baseman (unless the defense is elite). Norby/Cowser 1-2 in the lineup is a possibility. But could they have gone higher risk/higher reward? If so, should they have or should they just be content in safe?
  12. Well, the media hates the Os, so obviously Trey isn’t going to be covered!
  13. Well, I think they are leaving talent on the board. They aren’t taking BPA imo. Now, you probably can’t every draft because of the slotting system but I feel they could do a little more of it…or blow your wad on 2 or 3 picks and scrap the rest. But I’m a big proponent of elite talent and I feel we are lacking that after you get past a few guys.
  14. Of course he’s going to say that. But the reality is when you draft college bats early, you expect them to move fast. If they don’t, they aren’t good. Now, if Cowser is really a CFer, it doesn’t effect Kjerstad. Of course that means they intend to trade Mullins and/or they don’t feel they have a LFer. I would agree there are other things at play here but the bottom line is you have taken 2 college OFers the last 2 years. When you take a college player, your expectation should be that they are in the majors within 2 years. We can only play 3 players out there, so
  15. I have a lot of doubt that Cowser is drafted if Kjerstad is healthy. I think that could be an indictment on Kjerstad’s future but we will see. I hope not. Maybe all it means is Kjerstad will be a first baseman or something.
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