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  1. I would bet that Cowser signs within 750k of slot. Some savings but not a ton.
  2. I agree. I prefer the format of outs vs time limit. The one thing is that it moves it along faster because some of those derby’s took forever. But still, like you said, you have no idea when a ball is gone and you can’t really appreciate where they go. The announcers aren’t that bad imo but they have way too much to call and they don’t get into as much because they can’t appreciate it as much.
  3. I really hope not. By that I mean, it’s ok to have a philosophy. I personally like the idea of prioritizing position players. But I am really tired of hearing well This happened and that happened in Houston, therefore it will happen here (btw, this is a general point, not saying you are doing this). A lot of things come into play that allow things to work out correctly, including a lot of luck. You could do the same thing in one place and it works and then in another place it doesn’t work and luck could be a big reason for that. Also, we need to stop acting like
  4. Yep. There are bright spots on the ML team this year and there are a lot of good things happening in the minors but overall, the ML team is garbage, has very little foundation and no real evidence that they are going to be knocking on the contention door anytime soon. Its Not the wins and losses that bother me, it’s the total lack of competitiveness and the idea that they have found very few long term answers. We have seen regression throughout the whole pitching staff. Hays and Mountcastle have flashed but can’t stay consistent. Santander looks like a shell of himself (hopef
  5. Let’s hope because this has been a poor draft within the context of you are tanking seasons to gain draft pool money and a high pick. When you are doing that AND you go underslot with the first pick (well maybe you did), you have to walk away with high ceiling talent. It doesn’t appear the Os did that. Now, maybe the scouting reports are wrong and the Os know stuff no one else does. It’s possible but, again within the context of what the organization is doing philosophically right now, this draft doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.
  6. That’s my thought. Maybe Norby was. I don’t believe for a second anyone else was and I really don’t think Norby was but it’s possible.
  7. Definitely worth taking lesser talents in earlier rounds and tanking seasons for!
  8. No, he is picking guys he likes but there isn’t a shortage of 2nd-8th round college OFers with some tools that carry upside. That’s not some rare commodity. The Kyle Stowers of the world are always available. People aren’t knocking down the door for them because they all have them.
  9. Fair enough although he decided to come after me first. Not that it justifies me doing the same. Sorry.
  10. Or those guys that throw the ball from 60’6” from home plate.
  11. If you pay enough money, they will probably sign.
  12. The overslot guys are pouring in now! Maybe this guy can be traded for Trout!
  13. I don’t recall Mancini turning down an extension.
  14. Yes, they did what you are supposed to do if/when your strategy is go underslot early on.
  15. I don’t think we need them. According to interloper, we can just draft 4th and 5th OFers and trade them for the 2023 version of Bedard. What could go wrong?!?
  16. Yes, I am person who has well reasoned thoughts and opinions and am posting them for discussion on a message board that is built for discussion. You are a sheep..a pathetic follower who is to ignorant to have an opinion that differs from them. You be you and have fun with it. And btw, the dumb theory that I am laughing at is YOUR THEORY. Nothing that Elias or Sid have said. So, I am not saying I am smarter than them. I am saying your theory is ridiculous and for you to think that they are just stock piling mediocre OFers because we can trade them later is the height of nonsens
  17. Awesome, lots of stud players are always falling to rounds 6 and later. Can't wait to see how we are justifying losing games and taking lesser talents early to save for later an over slot HS kid in round 7!
  18. LOL...This is absurd. First of all, the overall context of this draft discussion is that the team is losing on purpose and that losing on purpose carries 2 advantages..a high pick and more money to spend, most of which the difference is that high pick. The Orioles could have had this same exact draft if they were drafting 13th and were fielding a more competitive team. As for this ridiculous notion that they are drafting for trades. Sure, the more players you have, the more your chances increase to make trades but again, are those players any good AND did you do anything
  19. This is hilarious. Thank you for that. I honestly can't tell if you really mean this or if this is schtick.
  20. At this point, would it matter if they did? They could just overpay for sh** talent and that spends the money. We should be grading this a lot harsher than "did they spend the money"?
  21. TBH, I didn't pay attention to who was saying it. And we aren't definitely trading it one day because, AGAIN, they have to be good and not only good, they have to better than what other teams have. You can always draft or trade for mediocre/middling OF players. They are a dime a dozen. Not like teams are knocking down the door for the Kyle Stowers of the world. Every organization has guys like that.
  22. Of course you can…if your MiL bats are good.
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