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  1. And his OBP is unlikely to be consistently good (or even decent).
  2. To be honest, I didn’t see the 10M owed to Cobb, Trumbo, et al before I posted the poll. That being said, even at under 40M, it’s possible to do that. I have them at around 35M with 6-7 spots left. They could go very cheap and get in under 40 million but that should be 45 or less and would have been if I had seen the 10M Owed to the other guys. Davis gets 17M a year and 6M deferred. Of the 17M for 2022, it got split in half for 2022 and 2023 as part of him retiring.
  3. And somehow the Red Sox won a lot of games and made the playoffs. Impossible!!
  4. Yea..it’s money owed to them and is part of the 2022 payroll. When discussing what the payroll will be, everything is included because the team looks at those things too (as they should). So when projecting out those figures, the 18.5M must be included in the total number.
  5. I don’t think he’s even top 5…he certainly doesn’t deserve serious consideration to win it. And btw, that doesn’t matter. He had a good first full year. Need to figure out a way to get the OBp up.
  6. I don’t know why we wouldn’t look at the whole picture? Ownership will take all money owed into account. That 18.5M is part of the payroll for 2022 and we should treat it as such.
  7. It is funny to think that they could sign Stroman and one of the SS or Bryant and end up with a payroll half of what it was a just 4-5 years ago.
  8. I’m counting total money spent..thought that was clear in that post when I talked about the other 18.5M?
  9. This is who I put down as guarantees to be on the OD roster the other day(again, this assumes health and no trades): 1st- Mountcastle LF- Hays CF- Mullins C- Adley Urias and Mateo..some kind of a role. Means, Grayson, T Wells, Tate, Scott, H Harvey, J Lopez and Sulser. Akin and Zimmermann as the other 2 maybe/likely guys but not guarantees. So, 14-16 guys making less than 15M. Add in the other 18.5 in players who aren’t on the roster and you are are in the 31-34M range. You have to add a back up C, at least one starter, a 4th OFer, Bp a
  10. Ok thanks. I don’t usually like spotrac but that seems accurate to me. So, that brings up to the 23-25M range plus Davis, which should be another 8.5M. So, we are in the low 30s and have 8-10 players left for the roster.
  11. For the 2021 season, according to Cots, the Orioles payroll was 57M. A large chunk of that payroll was Chris Davis. We also paid 10M to the Angels in the Cobb deal. With the Cobb deal off the books and the Davis deal cut in half for 2022, we obviously won’t have those issues to deal with. On top of that, we have no other guaranteed money on the books for 2022 unless there are some deferred payments (Cobb? ODay?) happening in 2022 that Cots isn’t showing. I did an exercise the other day where we have about 14-16 guys guaranteed to be on the team and only a few are in the
  12. I really enjoy the offseason in baseball (and other sports). That’s the team building time. It fascinates me on a lot of levels. I just wish I rooted for a team that cared about team building.
  13. Not many people have seen Baz. Love that they don’t give 2 sh*ts about stuff like that and just go with who they think is better. Power arms in October are huge. I saw a stat today that the White Sox pitchers threw 1500 more pitches at 95+MPh than the next closest team. That is absolutely insane. It’s also a big reason I think they have a great shot to win the WS.
  14. Probably mid season-ish next year. It’s not just performance, it’s health.
  15. As someone who isn’t ready to throw dirt on him, whatever he does in Arizona will mean nothing to me. I just want him to get more at bats.
  16. I think wildcard was ready to put them in the Os HOF at that point!
  17. It’s a SSS. Doing great or doing bad doesn’t change anything.
  18. Why do I participate? Because I want to but thanks for asking. All I can tell you is based off of what I have heard, these things mattered heading into this year. Maybe that was because of the pandemic and nothing more. I will say that I do expect them to spend some money this year but they won’t be after anyone that is actually good or some kind of a difference maker.
  19. Yes I do…it played into all the decisions last year, including the broadcasters, for what I have heard.
  20. I don’t know if we will hear about money in any of these decisions but I am expecting that cheaper options will be brought in.
  21. Turang is a top 100 guy. Keep in mind he was just 21 playing in AA and AAA this year, so he was young for the leagues. Good glove reputation and solid offensive upside.
  22. I would guess KC says no and I would guess the Os say no to Marte. Mondesi has shown well at SS but they keep moving him around. His offense has dropped too but I don’t think that’s an unreasonable deal. I would try to do better though. I think Hays has more value as part of a package vs straight up. Talked about him at the deadline but Brice Turang makes sense to me. Avisail Garcia has a 10M mutual option for 2022. Figure he walks. Cain is declining and a FA after 2022. Hays could make sense there. Mancini also makes sense for them. Those 2 to Milwaukee for Turang+ makes so
  23. There are a lot of potential things that could be happening to Diaz. First and fires most, it’s the injuries. He is constantly hurt. In past years, he would miss time and then take a little time to “get right” and then start to hit and just as he started to build momentum, he would get hurt again. That has been a pretty consistent pattern for him in his career. Because of those injuries, the time missed, etc…it’s very possible that he has just lost some of his skills and let’s face it, if these guys lose just a little bit, that can end them quickly. I think there is potentially so
  24. Yea I don’t know what is so hard to understand. Most of the baseball watching community doesn’t belong to a message board or social media page or whatever for their favorite team. Roch’s value is to the average, casual fan who needs those daily updates. MASN would have him on the air on Fridays. He would provide updates and the announcers would ask him questions like he was THE expert on all of it. That’s how the casual fan sees him. Most fans fall into that category. Most fans don’t want to hear a statistical analysis of stuff. They either don’t care or don’t understand it.
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