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  1. It is a great run..Yankees are ending on a high note and long winning streak as well. The most impressive team is Atlanta imo. Yea their division sucks but all the injuries they had and they were able to overcome it and get the title (magic number is 1 but they will get it).
  2. It’s a SSS but it’s nice to see that Stowers has shown well in AAA. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.camdenchat.com/platform/amp/2021/4/6/22366653/orioles-2021-prospect-preview-kyle-stowers Logenhagen really liked him coming out of the draft. I want to see more of him and see if he can replicate things but he has definitely become intriguing. I still have my doubts about him but I must say, some of those doubts are waning.
  3. Actually yes. The Giants are largely luck this year and they don’t have the long term foundation the Os do. On top of that, I also know OPACY gives me a better chance to pad stats for a potential HOF run. The issue with the Os is ownership. That is one thing that would stop me from signing in Baltimore if I were a player. Just so many unknowns there. Of course, the unknowns we have may not exist, we just don’t know as fans about certain things.
  4. Well first of all, I think any of those guys would come here if our offer was the best on the table. And whatever contract you sign For Adley or Grayson, the “real money” won’t be made until at least their arb 2 season and even at that point, it depends on how you define “real money”. If they are making 10M but performing at a high level, that is chump change relatively speaking.
  5. No reason he shouldn’t hit the ground running in his rookie year. The top guys are normally good from the beginning.
  6. He should catch around 75-85% of the games he is here for. Over a full 162 game season, 130 games is 80%.
  7. No, we are expecting a lot from a guy who is supposedly one of the best prospects over the last decade. If he is as good as advertised, we should all be expecting a lot. We should be expecting an MVP level player and a guy who can be the ROY. Wander Franco has come right up And played well. And yes, I know Adley is a C but I think that narrative is overrated. And btw, I bet our expectations are less than his.
  8. If you pay 30-35M for one player and most of the rest of your team, especially your core, are making pre arb2 money, you will have plenty of payroll flexibility to do things. Where the contract starts to hurt you is in year 5 or so of the deal and by that point, you hope that you are generating a lot more revenue and the sting of the contract still isn’t that big. One bad contract doesn’t hurt you much at all.
  9. I always think of this Mike and Mike parody song from that 2011 game/season. https://youtu.be/_8aszSXZe64
  10. 3 straight seasons Santander ends the year on the IL I believe.
  11. Btw, I think people thinking he’s not going to catch a lot are wrong. There is no reason not to catch him a lot. The best catchers catch a lot and do it from the time they enter the league. Adley shouldn’t be any different.
  12. Probably but it also depends on when he comes up, since WAR is largely a counting stat. Thats the hidden part of this conversation. When do the Os bring him up? Is it all season? Is it as soon as the extra year kicks in? Is it into May? Is it after super 2 (usually late May/early June)?
  13. Well, we don’t know if ownership is committed to winning. I don’t think they are, so I do think all of this conversation is a moot point but hey, we need something to talk about, so why not.
  14. I would sign Gray or Gausman…but they wouldn’t even consider the offers I would pay, so it wouldn’t be worth the phone call.
  15. He will sign a pillow contract and no pitcher is signing that in Baltimore unless they have no options. I would love to sign him though.
  16. I have very little desire to acquire any of those starters outside of Stroman. And yes, if I had to choose, I’m paying Stroman. I think he’s #1 on my FA list. He just makes a ton of sense for this team in so many ways.
  17. I hate it too…but I think Stroman could be an exception to the rule because of how he pitches. I worry less about him wearing down vs a power arm. But we aren’t going to sign the perfect player. FA doesn’t allow for that. At some point, risks have to be taken. It’s just a matter of mitigating the risks as much as possible.
  18. https://www.google.com/amp/s/syndication.bleacherreport.com/amp/2948617-fresh-predictions-for-top-2021-22-mlb-free-agents-with-offseason-approaching.amp.html Btw, if this article is right, GTFO all of these guys except Stroman..I would beat that offer and not think twice about it.
  19. From 2017-2019, he didn’t appear in more than 110 games. Bryant and Correa debuted in MLB the same year and Bryant is worth 7 more WAR. Bryant isnt some butcher at third. You are greatly overreacting to his defense as of right now. We agree that it will be an issue in a few years and he likely won’t stay at third long term but he can still play there now. Baez is about to turn 29. He’s an intriguing option but I think he’s wAnts glitz and glamour. He seems to be a guy like that, so I dont think he’s a likely signing for us. To be honest with you, I think all of th
  20. I just feel that his presence, leadership and on field play will make him tremendously valuable to this team immediately. Like he may only be worth 3-4 WAR but the team Could be 10-15 games better with just him on the team.
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