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  1. All of the players you have mentioned have had some level of value to a ML roster. That’s the key point you are missing.
  2. Well we don’t know what the ownership of the Orioles will be going forward in terms of spending money. I would bet on the Pirates system being rated ahead of ours very soon.
  3. We may be able to use guys like that to get David Price or an expensive salary dump like him.
  4. Well the division matters and they have a lot of talent in their system, not to mention a guy like Hayes in the majors.
  5. …with pieces that he can get something back for. Let’s put it another way. The Os are going to be one of the worst teams in the history of the sport this year. They have all these guys you listed that are in the majors or ML ready and yet you don’t think we can keep them on OUR 40 man but yet others are dying to have them on theirs?
  6. Every system has plenty of guys like these guys. They don’t have value and even if you did trade them, you are likely getting nothing for them in terms of prospects. It’s just re-arranging the deck chairs.
  7. Those guys had value.
  8. Why? Most, if not all, of those guys have zero trade value unless you are acquiring salary dumps or are 3rd or 4th pieces in a deal. If you want to do something like that, so be it. Otherwise, nothing is happening with them. Btw, I realize you are just trying to “kick the can down the road” and get guys that don’t need to be on the 40 man. But this is also why you don’t just hold onto everyone. Players suck, get hurt, lose value, etc..you gotta make moves and get rid of guys before that happens.
  9. He’s clearly in it right now but that could rapidly change. But he has shown the ability to eat innings and keep you in games. That is valuable in the pen. Whether or not it continues remains to be seen. I don’t disagree that he could be a dime a dozen arm that you can easily replace. Just saying that as of right now, he’s not on the list of guys you definitely remove and he is showing that he can be part of the pen to start 2022.
  10. Well, the wording I used was closer to 425 than 525 (ie, I’m expecting something 474 or lower). Right now, his slugging is approaching 550. I’m expecting a 100ish point drop from that number, give or take.
  11. Well that would be a drop off, right? I would bet on his slugging being closer to the 425 area than 525.
  12. Guys that are almost definitely gone from the 40 man by the time the offseason gets going: Abad, Barreda, Wade, Watkins, M Harvey, Martin, Knight and Gutierrez. Guys they could easily cut: Greene, Lakins, Severino and/or Wynns Guys you can cut if you have better options and need the space: Stewart, Burdi, Diplan, Mattson, Nevin and Bannon Then you have Hunter Harvey and Diaz. 2 players you really shouldn’t cut but they can’t stay healthy. They would be the last 2 guys I would look to replace. But there are 18 guys ahead of them and unless you make a ton of
  13. Because he’s not good
  14. Give up? No. But I’m not guaranteeing him a spot in the pen for 2022 either.
  15. Yes and no. The Mariners are fighting for a playoff spot with Boston and NY. Those teams get to play us. Now, Seattle gets Texas and teams like Oak and LA are easier to play than Tor and TB but still, I can see why other fans would get annoyed…although it only matters if your team is contending.
  16. But the Dbacks have been good recently. The talk of the Os isn’t because they are garbage for one year. It’s because they have been garbage for a lot of years and a team that had the #1 pick in the 2019 draft isn’t really any better since then. That’s pretty bad and it’s fair to point that out.
  17. Well, it is. Now, not all of those teams were tanking. Minnesota, DC and the Cubs were playoff hopefuls entering the year. But overall, you will have about 1/3 of the league finishing with 70ish wins or less. That’s pretty bad. You will always have bad teams but it seems like the number of bad teams is constantly going up.
  18. Get through the year healthy. He has a shot at getting to 500 at bats this year. That is a success for him. He has to show he can hit righties better next year.
  19. We heard Harvey had a setback and then he pitched in a game in Norfolk and gave up 4 runs in an inning. Obviously he wasn’t right.
  20. Sucks about Lopez but at least he showed some promise out there. He isn’t guaranteed a spot in the pen next year but he is a favorite for one imo.
  21. Thus why he said phase 1. You obviously never stop filling your minor leagues.
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