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  1. I don’t think we know what Elias will do. He can be slow and deliberate right now because he can do it under the disguise of the team not trying to win. But what happens when that changes and you need this guys? At that point, he may be more aggressive. Again, we are only talking about a few guys when we talk about this.
  2. I would only protect Grenier if we have the spots to do it. He isn’t someone we should really care about losing.
  3. Only missed 5 bats and threw less than 61% of his pitches for strikes. That can’t keep up if he wants to be successful. OTOh, he got through 6 innings, which starters just don’t do, especially on this team. He kept the baserunners and runs at a low as well.
  4. Just seeing this. Very sad. He was a great guy. I only met him a few times but he was always very nice to me and definitely missed “talking” with him when I wasn’t on here. Thoughts and prayers to Denise and family.
  5. This is such a well thought out and incredibly informative response. This thread is better now that you have done this.
  6. It appears Aberdeen wants to be marauding too.
  7. Not angry at all. And it’s funny that you think you have heat. You are Antarctica. You just b**ch and moan in these threads. There is no analysis from you. It’s just crying. You feel everything is great apparently and that all of these guys are going to be good and got whatever reason, if myself or CoC disagrees with that, out come the tears by you.
  8. Doesn't mean we can't talk/speculate about it. Don't tell me how to discuss things and I won't tell you.
  9. Yes. Exactly. I don’t see anything wrong with wanting to discuss those things and most people who aren’t trolls or have some stupid grudge they are carrying would agree. Especially since this is a message board that is built on the idea of discussion. Otherwise, this site wouldn’t exist. But not everyone, so oh well.
  10. Yea I mean, I have 4 guys on this team in my personal top 10 list.
  11. I think everyone is enjoying it…but people are also capable of enjoying it and looking ahead and having conversations about both. Some aren’t. Oh well.
  12. I tend to agree…but a torn labrum all of a sudden is suspicious to me..but obviously possible.
  13. Well, it depends. When did this injury occur? If teams knew he had a shoulder pre-draft, that helps explain why he dropped lower than where people rated him and it also justifies passing on him. If it occurred after the draft, its just bad luck (Ala Kjerstad) and doesn't justify it. BTW, I am using the word justify only in the sense of using the injury itself as an excuse to choose Cowser over Lawlar.
  14. I felt the Orioles should have drafted Veen last year. That's looking accurate as of now. However, I am glad they took Kjerstad over everyone else. Hopefully he can get over this myocarditis and get going. His offensive upside is big imo.
  15. Yep and remember, perhaps the biggest cog in that lineup, Mayo, wasn't in this year's draft class. When you look at the stats of those drafted this year, guys like Cowser and Norby are doing exactly what you would expect IMO. They were advertised as advanced bats, they are playing in a league that is likely below their talent level and age and they are performing at a high level. Cook's OPS jumped a lot after his game yesterday and Teter has seen his jump a lot over his last few games. A lot of others have very modest stats (stats that won't look good in a tough hitters park in A
  16. Being excited is great. Labeling this as a successful draft class and one that no one should question, when no one is above low A ball, is a bit much. I believe that is what CoC is saying.
  17. Nothing…you make the mistake, eat the money and move on. We aren’t talking franchise crippling deals here.
  18. He’s our third best pitching prospect.
  19. Oh and Pinto struck out 11 in 6 IP. 4 H, 1 BB and 1 ER (2 runs total) Norby was 3-5 with a BB and 2 RBIs. His OpS is at 970. Cowser was 3-6 with a homer, double and 5 RBIs. His OPS is 919. Mayo 2-5 with a homer and a walk. OPS is 985. Trimble back in the lineup but only went 1-5. Played CF. As Ken said, Cook was 4-5 with 3 homers, including 2 GS. 6 players had at least 2 hits and 4 had at least 3 hits.
  20. I don’t think we know that he is “for sure” a SS either.
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