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  1. That would create all kinds of matchup problems for the opposition.
  2. If these are your 2 cents, we're living in highly deflationary times. Your observations and input are always high-value.My feeling about the Moore thing is analogous to the idea that there's value to drilling for oil even if it turns out to be a dry hole, if only for the informational value. If he's healthy and has something close to a full year as the Norfolk SS, we should get a pretty good handle on what value he might offer with both the bat and the glove. I think we already know with Davis (which is unfortunate, because I had high hopes for him a couple of years ago -- but he just hasn't p
  3. Ironically, probably second in snakebittenness to the guy who was traded for Andino, whom you want Moore to supplant. Anyway, I agree. He needs an injury-free year; and the club needs to find out what, if anything, he can offer them going forward.
  4. Well, in that case, I'm pleased they're doing perfectly logical things.
  5. I'm among the biggest Moore boosters here -- one of the few issues on which I have some inclination in your direction. Having said that, today is a time for celebration, not complaint. Moore will now have a very full opportunity to develop his skills and demonstrate his capabilities at a level that's appropriate for him. If he's as good as you think he is, and as good as I hope he is, that will become clear by the end of the year. No need to get on the ledge over this one, Trea.
  6. It goes beyond better players, IMO. The current regime, to it credit, seems more willing to go against the grain than the prior one. The Moore to SS move is only the latest example.
  7. Whatever one might think of any individual personnel decision (and it seems that the Moore to SS move is pretty popular here, and I like it too), you have to concede that inertia is no longer the problem that it seemed to be – dating back, in my mind, to the era preceding the day that Jay Gibbons was released to make room on the roster for, who else, Scott Moore! Here are some of the surprising things that have changed since the beginning of ST: - Tillman loses his spot in the rotation. - Mickolio loses out in the bullpen chase not only to Albers, but also to Berken. - Tatum displaces Moel
  8. I was afraid this was another of those Somalia stories.
  9. DH and Berken automatically to Norfolk, or possibly still in the mix for relief (especially if Koji is DLed)?
  10. Ah, that clarifies the picture quite a bit. Of course, I'm one of those hoping that a Wiggy trade, with the associated salary relief, clears space for Aubrey. But that decision obviously wouldn't be made based on a fear of Norfolk over-crowding, even if Aubrey could be retained in our minor league system.
  11. The guy I wonder about, actually, is Josh Bell. Just for those who want to jump on me, this is neither something I’m advocating nor predicting, but just thinking about out loud (or what passes for that in the message board world). What’s the optimal thing to do with a guy who’s nearly MLB-ready as a LH hitter, but not necessarily AAA-ready from the other side? Could it benefit him to return to Bowie until he gets things figured out on his weak side? The argument that you often hear (he has nothing more to learn by going back to ….) doesn’t really apply here. Bell is a guy who does indeed have
  12. If Wiggy stays as the corner IF backup and they’re able to slide Aubrey through waivers, how do things shake out at Norfolk with Snyder, Bell, Aubrey, Moore, and Hughes? The talk about putting Hughes in LF made a ton of sense, if only to relieve a piece of this logjam (although I’m rather confused over DT’s recently expressed reluctance to make that move early in Spring training). But anyway you look at it, that’s a lot of AAA and AAAA talent for two spots. Who gets moved to other positions? Who gets sent to Bowie for playing time? Who gets benched?
  13. It's one moronic statement after another. Will you ever stop?How about this? If this was the NFL, I'd bet MacPhail would trade down to get better value in the anticipated personnel package.
  14. I've always assumed it stands for Ziggy Stardust -- but someone correct me if I'm off base on this.
  15. If you had your druthers, Markakis would not be under contract. Or would your prefer not to be reminded of this sage advice you provided to us as the move the Orioles should make in the event that we failed to lure the Tex-man?
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