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  1. I am deeply saddened to learn of Frank's passing. May his memory be a blessing. Thank you, #20. Ya done good.
  2. Good to see you, scOtt!
  3. Bordick said that Manny has "that arm in his back pocket." Michele said, "That's gotta hurt."
  4. Whenever we watch the Birds on TV, people behind the batter always wave at the camera. How do they know to wave? Do they wave randomly? Can they see the camera? Are they following the broadcast on their phones? Are the images on the Jumbotron? Hoping to hear from you soon, I remain Your friend, A country mouse
  5. One of the cool things about instant communication is that I can go to pieces in real time. All my Baltimore friends, please stay safe. Love from the great American Southwest, Durb
  6. When I played softball, I moved my fingers to the left to free up the index finger slot. Not that it made any difference. Our team was so terrible that we used Michael Jackson as a mascot, because we all wore a glove on one hand for no apparent reason.
  7. A chocolate chile caramel from Kakawa Chocolate House in Santa Fe; six kinds of chile stirred into homemade agave caramel, dipped in 80% dark chocolate, and sprinkled with red chile. It's a piece of heaven on earth.
  8. Please accept my heartfelt condolences, Dipper.
  9. The phone rang shortly after the game ended, and as Michele went to answer it, she said, "It's probably Derek Jeter."
  10. Q. What's a bar stool? A. What Davy Crockett was always stepping in.
  11. DurbBird


    I have my special juice box that I take to the opera. At intermission, Michele, our friend Sarah, and I have a little tot of Jameson's.
  12. Happy birthday, Old Timer! Crusty old farts rule! Love, Durb
  13. My fave is Bordick and his variations of "base on ball," "base on balls," "bases on ball," and "bases on balls." And one of these days I'm going to count how many times he says "in the zone" during a game. That said, I'm sure he's a delightful human being.
  14. I remember when Cracker Jack had really cool prizes, not the little crappy paper things they foist off on us now. Guaranteed to cause death by choking in the unwary or stupid or death by deep hemmorhagic infarcts in the politically correct. Does anyone remember Flav-R Straws, which came in "vanilla" and "chocolate" "flavors"? They were paper drinking straws with a flavor-impregnated piece of felt in the top of the straw. You suck up plain old milk and get a blast of some flavor not found in nature and with a lingering aftertaste. They were ghastly. And chewing the little pad of felt created an out-of-body experience. Oh, wow, man. Have you ever, like, looked at your milk? I mean, like, really looked at your milk? I remember getting a little spring-loaded yellow Nike missile as a cereal prize when I was a kid. Return with us now to the 1950s, those days of slightly warmed pancake batter.
  15. DurbBird

    My Cat Died

    Please accept my heartfelt condolences on your loss. You and your kittie will meet again at the Rainbow Bridge. Love, Durb
  16. When I was in college (early 1970s), we drank Burgermeister because it was 89 cents a six-pack and paired nicely with Ragu spaghetti sauce and pasta (also inexpensive). We took some to a friend, who said a couple days later, "Man, that was terrible beer! I could barely finish the whole six-pack!" When you come to New Mexico, I'll take you to the Second Street Brewery in Santa Fe and treat you to a green chile cheeseburger and the brew of your choice. Love, DurbBeer
  17. Whippersnappers. When I was a kid, I had fun with a piece of string and a stick! My dad was always distressed because I didn't like dolls or other toys for girls. One Christmas when I was five or six, I got an orange steam shovel with genuine rubber treads. I loved that thing.
  18. I would take a year and go to performances in all the major opera houses in the world. And the next year I'd get tickets to every! single! game! at OPACY. In the meantime, maybe I'll just go back to the Grand Canyon. It's close.
  19. I think the name "Washington" is offensive.
  20. I like Coke Zero and diet DP. When I visit my sister in Santa Barbara, I stop in Littlerock, California, for a bottle of Moxie, which is really weird tasting--like root beer with wintergreen flavoring in it. It takes nothing to keep me entertained.
  21. Powerful awareness coming to you and your family, scOtt. Love, Durb
  22. Maiores sordibus. On the day I was born, Uijongbu fell to North Korean forces. The South Korean government, President Syngman Rhee and his cabinet, left Seoul for Taejon. Soon after, the kindly President Rhee joined the staff of Life magazine and then mysteriously disappeared for several months. A reporter charged with finding the president eventually found him in a secluded office in Rwanda, where he was managing the Lucky Strike advertising account for the magazine. The reporter, overcome with joy, cried, "Ah, sweet Mr. Rhee of Life, at last I've found you!"
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