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  1. What a beautiful little kid! You do good work!
  2. Happy birthday, sir. I am very glad you were born. Your life has enriched and blessed mine. Love, Durb
  3. DurbBird

    Yankee Road Uniforms

    Vogue, you little silly.
  4. DurbBird

    Yankee Road Uniforms

    From Nick Swisher's slim Lucite clutch (his good-luck charm on the bench) to Derek Jeter's grimace-inducing too-tighty whities, there's nothing like the road uniforms of the MFYs for navigating cobblestones of Boston or enjoying a romantic evening stroll through the Inner Harbor. The clothes are always the main event--as they should be. From the kicky belts to the tried-and-true veterans of fashion week like A-Rod's Celine handbags and sober grey suiting to the season's new favorites like Dries Van Noten's eye-blinding black hose and athletic-chic baseball caps and jackets, these are our street-style gold medalists.
  5. Cindy's so gnarly that when the neighbor's dog bites her, it has to be treated for shock and given rabies vaccine.
  6. I tried Dramamine, but it makes me loopy, and I want to herd everyone out on the tarmac for the Hawaiian number. I take capsules of powdered ginger, which seems to settle things down.
  7. I am offering my work as a prayer to St. Francis of Assisi for your pup.
  8. The seats don't worry me half as much as where I'm seated: I always ask to sit in the nonsmoking/screaming/serious barfing section. The first thing I reach for in the seat-back pocket is not the information card but the comfort bag.
  9. DurbBird


    He's not having sleepovers with Aroid anymore? Who knew?
  10. I am a crusty old fart who finally got DirecTV and now can watch the games all the time. I have a human face, but I doubt that any camera could capture my inner beauty. Your friend, Peggy
  11. A-rod has freakishly large earlobes.
  12. We got Direct TV last fall, so now I can watch the Birds all the time. I'm waving to all of you. Smack it, Nick!
  13. When I was teaching, one of the kids flunked a quiz and let loose the F bomb. I told him and the class that using that word in the context of a 10-point quiz was like using a sledge hammer to kill flies. Flunking a reading-check quiz called more for "Oh, my goodness" or "Well, rats." The F bomb was entirely appropriate for the flunking the final exam so thoroughly that he couldn't graduate. Appropriateness and respect for context are key. (On the other hand, alone in my car, I will unleash my entire repertoire of swear words, and if I'm really steamed I go back and hyphenate them.)
  14. Cool article and even cooler baby O's. They are alarmingly good looking. You do good work! Squibble their little cheeks for me.
  15. (Wait. There are other sports boards? But why?) Tony, thank you for everything you do. I love the OH, and think it's so cool to be in such a large <strike>community</strike> family of people I've never met.
  16. IRS = the last three letters in theirs.
  17. Could those little dudes be any cuter? I am so happy they are doing well. Go, li'l O's! Go!
  18. I respect kids and can help them achieve more than they or their parents thought possible. I can make people laugh.
  19. Knishes from Brighton Beach.
  20. What a beautiful family! The li'l dudes are so cute. You do good work.
  21. Two faves. On an Audi: INNIE. On a sedan moving cautiously down the highway: O4AMAP.
  22. Michele and I make a very nice pizza rustica with spinach, feta, fresh garlic, capers, and mozzerella. I use a regular homemade bread dough--not the rich stuff with egg and milk but a basic recipe with flour, salt, water, and yeast. You should come over. We'll make one!
  23. If you feel any seismic activity from the great American Southwest, that will be me doing a happy dance in honor of the Bauer family.:2yay-thumb:
  24. I will be 62 in June, you little whippersnapper, and my role model is my maternal grandmother, who died when she was 100. She knew that she could get away with just about anything at her age, so she was whacking people on the streets well into her 90s. What was the victim going to say? "Officer, this 95-year-old woman standing well over 4 feet tall just whapped me with her cane. Arrest her." My grandmother probably would have slugged the cop before he could get the cuffs on her. I want to be like her. The best is yet to come, and I advise you to cheer up, Pedro. Every day spent above ground is a great one. Don't make me come out there, you young scalliwag. Love, Durb the Crusty Old Fart
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