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  1. Such an obvious outcome. There's no way this doesn't happen to another team if they keep going.
  2. Dobbins is a stud playmaker. Rather do that than take some WR who will be a non factor. Also probably not much dropoff in OT for next round. Definitely bad sign for Justice Hill, who did not show well at all.
  3. It’s because they play to the level of their competition. It’s insane how almost all their games are so close.
  4. I love you for doing that. Please do this in the tournament.
  5. Cowan’s 3 in and out, brutal. May be game.
  6. All these fouls on Stix look so cheap.
  7. If the lead was 10 or 12 at the half, would have won this. Still might but hole just a little too big.
  8. He's a dud. Think you'll see him transfer.
  9. Don't see it with 3 fouls on Stix. Shooting should pick up by default but too steep a hill.
  10. Cool getting abused inside every position. Thanks refs.
  11. Stix out of the game for what felt like eternity and refs immediately find a bs reason to foul him.
  12. I feel like you could assemble a team of five random OHers and they could out shoot these bums.
  13. Because we always leave wide open shooters behind the line. Here we go again with the ref bias.
  14. Yeah, agree with your second point, it's not a huge deal. And agree it's probably mainly a style of play issue. But with regard to your first point, back when we were in the ACC it felt like things were way more balanced (other than blatant ref bias in Duke games, and maybe UNC games). There were actually games back in the day where it felt like we'd get favoritism against the bottom feeders. Even our current out of conference games, you might see an extra call or two go our way. Simply doesn't happen in conference games. Guess it's the big ten style of play and the fact Turgeon rarely has had big inside bangers (other than Fernando). I do wonder how much of it is the intangible of how well the coach works the refs.
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