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  1. Well, we weren't beating KC so that's a bit of a consolation. Still hard to believe you got out coached by Pees.
  2. Home road splits this year are truly insane. Doesn't even look like the same team. The Mitchell twins got all the hype but Donta Scott looks legit. Body looks mostly filled out already. Would like to see him bang inside a little more. Ayala is a lousy ball handler.
  3. Series clinching walkoff homer to go to World Series and zero excitement and he's freaking out about having his jersey opened.
  4. This just keeps getting worse and worse. Can find a bunch of youtube vids now like the ones Tony posted above where you clearly hear the booming noise before breaking balls. These guys were over the top egregious about it.
  5. Yeah, I would go overboard trying to add WRs. Draft a legit one and sign Robby Anderson. We just saw what happens when you're relying on scrubs in the post season. Beef up at WR and both lines and we should be in really good shape.
  6. Bubble team that won't do anything in the tourney.
  7. Always found this false narrative that Harbaugh and co. pushed to be be laughable. It was like 90% the same personnel this year as last. "We built the offense around Lamar!" .. well no effing crap you're going to go run heavy/block heavy and play to Lamar's strengths. That's common sense. And then you go away from that when it matters the most. Was Roman trying to show teams he's more than just a run game guy?
  8. Roman got run out of San Fran and Buffalo but magically became a genius this season. Harbaugh was on the verge of being fired last year but he too suddenly became a genius. Nope. It was all Lamar, he made them look good and then they failed him.
  9. Still can't believe Greg Roman got out coached by Dean effing Pees of all people. Mahomes has Kelce, Hill, solid secondary receivers and a head coach not doing insane stuff. Lamar probably watching this wishing he could trade places. And absolutely have to blame Harbaugh and the play call for those failed fourths. Nobody in their right mind doesn't punt and then take points in those situations. It's the damn playoffs. You don't take degenerate risk and possibly beat yourself.
  10. What did they "figure out"? That Harbaugh does stupid stuff to cost us points and our receiving corp isn't good? The Lamar gameplan definitely goes out the window when we fall behind by two scores. I'm still kinda shocked how blatantly Harbaugh mismanaged this game.
  11. Harbaugh honestly hurts you more than he helps you. Best kicker of all time and MVP and he comes out taking insane risks that completely swung the momentum. All you had to do was not dig a hole and Lamar probably plays within himself and we come back against Pees prevent. But nope. That degenerate had to go for it on multiple fourth downs to show how smart he is. Just an egregious waste of a season and horrendous coaching job.
  12. Harbaugh is really effing stupid.
  13. Good time to play your worst game of the season. NEED to draft a stud WR in top 3 rounds, our receiving corp is honestly trash besides the midget rookie who is taken out of games too easily.
  14. Never seen a team miss so many point blank looks in my life. Can't make 3s consistently. Heaves up endless 3s. Makes sense.
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