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  1. Yikes, this did not age well. Funny thread to read through. So Suggs put up his normal strongish start then fade into mostly non factor. Pats definitely will try to block us.
  2. Looks like RG3 is running in slow motion compared to Lamar, but that describes basically all other QBs. How blessed are we to have Lamar? Best player in football. Situated so well for the playoffs. One more game, then bench everyone important and essentially have multiple bye weeks then home field.
  3. Should probably include the important disclaimer that Gary had gone to 6 Sweet 16s in his career at that point versus 2 for Turgeon. And Turgeon's only Sweet 16 with us was barely beating South Dakota State and then beating 13 seed Hawaii. I dunno, maybe if you take away Juan Dixon, Gary never goes beyond the sweet 16? Maybe Turgeon just needs to get lucky on some absolute stone cold killer like Dixon?
  4. So basically you need to be a legit NBA talent to develop under Turgeon. What about the other 95% of his players? Would assert those 3 developed in spite of Turgeon not because of him. vatech, what is your opinion of the fact that Turgeon has never beaten a major conference team in the NCAA tournament in 22 years?
  5. I mean, they pushed the line back. That's gotta hurt teams that shoot threes more, obviously. Will anyone agree though in general is just feels like the opposition has much easier possessions, shooting opportunities? Everything always feels like such a struggle for us.
  6. I mean he's been coaching for 22 years and there's been zero growth in his offense or player development. Outside of like 2 guys who were NBA talents, most of his players just stagnate. Almost every game is the exact same mind numbing offense. Somehow depth always gets whittled down to like 6 guys if that. It's literally deja vu every season.
  7. Turgeon has never beaten a major conference team in the tourney in his 22 year coaching career. He's a good recruiter but he just never maximizes that talent. Main issues with this team are Stix inside and lack of consistent shooting. Don't see either of these changing much.
  8. Rut roh. Ronnie Stanley probably out with concussion. Lamar also banged up with quad issue.
  9. Refs definitely helps Bills stay in the game. Ravens really need another legit receiving option. Hollywood is too easily taken out of games.
  10. Down to 5 now. Illinois big has 4 fouls. Should be a close finish.
  11. Wow. Not sure about this call. Defender kinda lowered his head into Scott's path.
  12. Other than the Notre Dame game they keep getting off to slow starts. That's gonna kill them once they start playing the big boys.
  13. Stix is still too soft inside. They're also an awful three point shooting team that insists on heaving up endless threes.
  14. LOVE Ayala. For some reason he wasn't starting earlier in the season, but they started him last game and tonight and it makes a big difference. Just really strong defense and great driver to the hoop. Also takes smart threes. Agree with you on Wiggins. Hope we get one more year out of him, but can definitely see him bolting depending on how his game is looking at season's end. I will never trust a Turgeon team but this team actually plays defense and is extremely deep.
  15. Dude has the worst touch. Anyway, we should pull away in the second half. Talent differential is pretty obvious.
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