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  1. Rams turn around and trade 2 firsts and a fourth for Ramsey. Hard to really judge defensive players without watching them every week. Peters grades high but gives up big plays.
  2. Good thing Lamar is coach-proof. Also good thing Cincy fired Marvin Lewis, this is a game he would've figured out a way to steal.
  3. Probably minor league deal that kicks up to 1.5/2 mill if he makes a major league squad out of spring training. National league teams can't touch him, and most AL teams have better, younger options, so it'll be a very limited market for him.
  4. So Harbaugh doesn't challenge that but immediately challenges a murky play they won't overturn.
  5. Ravens defense is hilariously bad. Maybe hire actual coordinators with track records. And a head coach who can coach.
  6. Thought we should've done this last offseason. Competent relievers are always in high demand at the deadline. Don't care if we're tanking, rebuilding or whatever you need a few actual reliable relievers and maybe they bring back a semi decent prospect.
  7. Earl Thomas has been insanely disappointing. Looked like we upgraded from flawed Weddle but seems like the opposite. Individually, letting all three of Weddle, Suggs and Mosley go was fine but collectively that left a HUGE leadership and talent void. Also still think it was a mistake we didn't bring back Chuck Pagano for d coordinator when he voiced an interest. Leave it to Harbaugh to pick the wrong coordinators. Ravens are like a sinking ship captained by someone who doesn't know how to captain. And you've got 2 holes letting in water, and right when you think you've plugged them 3 more appear.
  8. So you finally test a DECIMATED secondary and it's a hail mary into double coverage. Okay.
  9. Honestly this is what they deserve for keeping that literal moron Harbaugh around. Just a complete effing idiot who not only doesn't help you win but actively hurts you.
  10. Past couple games have put the film out there on how to defend him. Things could go off the rails here quickly between our horrendous defense and Lamar being contained.
  11. Defense just obviously looks horrific. Maybe try hiring an actual d coordinator with a track record. But Harbaugh - who literally does nothing to help us win - would always just rather go with his friend or someone who isn't a threat.
  12. Kinda works out perfectly: let him feast on crappy Eovaldi and Chacin on Friday and Saturday and sit him against lefty Erod on Sunday.
  13. Truly incredible that a few early season baserunning blunders having created an unshakeable perception amongst some people. Also 21 homers/35 steals with a .343 OBP being brushed off by these folks is hilarious.
  14. There's just no depth with Young and Jimmy Smith out. Mahomes is going to have a field day if we leave receivers wide open again. Kind of shocking how open Larry Fitzgerald was getting. Boy Suggs really made a difference didn't he lol. Offense slowed after the first drive but Lamar can just sustain drives with his running; he picks up first downs seemingly at will. It eats clock and just feels like we have an iron grip on most games. And we finally have a stud WR we've been waiting forever for in Brown. On top of Andrews, who looks like a top 3-4 TE.
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