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  1. Alonso is just filthy. Congrats to Trey regardless.
  2. Love how everyone just assumes Hall and Rodriguez will be quality starters for us.
  3. They're losing a generation of fans they're not getting back.
  4. Bad News Bears level badness so bad it's funny.
  5. "Orioles placed LHP John Means on the 10-day injured list with a left shoulder strain."
  6. Yeah, that was a blatantly awful return at the time it was made. Pretty much all of those deadline deals were quantity over quality. So gross they could've traded Britton the year before to Houston, who was desperate, and gotten Teoscar Hernandez (they gave him away for a rental of Francisco friggin Liriano so no doubt we could've had him), Colin Moran and a pitcher like Framber Valdez as well. We even had a deal in place with them.
  7. Stupid injury but not sure anything will ever top Marty Cordova falling asleep in a tanning bed and burning his face.
  8. Yep, you would've been a fool not to adjust. MLB should just ban the shift and use balls somewhere in between this year's variety and the past couple years.
  9. I mean, they deadened the ball. And a lot of guys changed their swings because of the launch angle revolution and the juiced balls the last couple years made that work but now they're kinda stuck. Offense is down league wide and no hitters are a nightly possibility. And of course our talent level is bottom barrel.
  10. Aaron Wilson just got fired for saying something in a radio interview about the Deshaun Watson situation. Scary times right now. Cannot voice an opinion without risking your career.
  11. Going back before Turgeon, 1 Sweet 16 in 17 years is just pathetic. And that lone Sweet 16 was due to getting Hawaii in the second round. Feel like they would've beaten most teams last night. Just needed to avoid getting Alabama or Gonzaga. Turgeon's just a lousy coach though in terms of feel for the game. We take the early lead, played really well with all the momentum and he decides it's a good idea to sub 3 players at once including Mona. Instant massive point swing and momentum handed to Alabama. Time for us to try to find the next Nate Oats.
  12. BTW we're 32 on kenpom rankings. Only a couple Turgeon teams were ranked clearly higher.
  13. This actually feels like a Gary team. Honestly I could give a crap about seeding and record. Guys either play defense and play smart, or they don't. This is the only Turgeon team other than Trimble's freshman year that actually plays defensive-minded, cohesive, smart basketball. I'll just leave it at that.
  14. Emphasis on the word TEAM. Obviously not the most talented. Although Wiggins is plenty talented. You also have Scott who plays bigger than his height. Give me a group that brings the defense, plays unselfishly and smart, fundamentally sound ball. Ayala simply plays smarter and more under than control than Cowan.
  15. Felt like a 20 point win that the refs kept semi close. Anyway, props for keeping their composure and hitting critical threes and free throws. And, of course, bringing the stellar defense. Feel like this is possibly the best TEAM Turgeon has had in his entire run here. The Trimble/Dez team was the other that gelled to this degree. He's had bigger name teams but this one brings the defense every game and plays unselfish. Also Ayala, like Trimble, plays smart and under control unlike Cowan. Really hope they can hit their threes again against Alabama. Hopefully they're not content.
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