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  1. Yeah I believe in his talent. Guy you trade cause he's injury prone then gets himself right and mashes for a few years. I do like Brian Anderson as a target though. That career OBP will keep him from being too cheap despite the down year. Still, should definitely kick the tires there.
  2. Jonathan Villar is balling out lately. Would be down for a reunion if the price is cheap enough but he probably played his way out of our price range.
  3. So outside of not staying healthy and sucking, he's a good target.
  4. Paul Fry last five appearances against Tampa Bay: 105 pitches 1.1 innings 8 hits 17 runs 15 earned runs 11 walks 0 strikeouts
  5. Another "can't miss" guy who .. missed. Yet people still have faith the next generation of "can't miss" guys won't miss.
  6. Zero faith in our ability to develop quality major league starting pitchers. Until a guy comes up and is consistently good I'm just assuming they will fail. Young guys will always have good stats in the lower minors and people will hitch their wagons to a few names and pencil their names into the big league rotation but .. it just basically never works out.
  7. This is the next disaster contract waiting to happen. Dude can't stay healthy and put up a .709 OPS with 5 homers last year and .728 in 2018. This is not someone you break the bank on.
  8. Anyone with options isn't coming here. So get ready for another washed up former "name."
  9. Didn't you know? When you "rebuild" you magically get good after 3-4 years.
  10. Yes. Reminds me of Buck and TTP. These guys are completely tunnel visioned and missing the obvious.
  11. Just so pathetic we're picking up dregs like this and wasting major league innings on them. Strong ass "rebuild" when you have absolutely no young pitching on the cusp.
  12. Almost forgot we had Rich Hill for a split second in 2009 and he put up a 7.80 ERA.
  13. Finisher

    Paul Fry

    Need an entirely new bullpen. Really should've moved a guy like Tate for anything.
  14. Seems incredible his OPS is closing in on .800 despite the putrid start.
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