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  1. Like SG said, Hays is scheduled to get injured in a couple of days, so that should give Diaz the opportunity to play here every day. However... there's probably a cheap 30 year old AAAA quality veteran they can find instead.
  2. Didn't the O's say back in February that they expect him to report to the alternate site in April - without giving any specific date in April? And it still being April, maybe that's their logic in not saying anything now. I'm not saying it's good logic, but I'm trying to think of a reason for them being so closed-mouthed about it, and that's the best I got. They really owe it to the fans to say something about the situation.
  3. The upside is that he could be a solid DH, but he's so inconsistent and injury-prone that it's hard to have any serious expectations for him. Best not to play him defensively not just because he's a bad OFer - but he's also so stiff that he's a danger to himself out there.
  4. That is the number one possibility.
  5. Hmm, there's a strange Odor at Yankee Stadium.
  6. There's 1 word to describe that Cubs team. Failures! <kidding>
  7. C'mon Hyde, we're 4 games in and still don't have 5 wins yet!
  8. Fine - I don't really care any more - this conversation got really tiresome. Sometimes, let the other person have the last word - like now.
  9. Typo - the decision to not pick Martin.
  10. Again, so what? There's a huge difference between the expectations for Kierstad and Adley. And everybody gets that you hated the Martin trade.
  11. So what? Where did he end up playing? Not to mention where he was the #1 #1.
  12. Ok, then that's probably another part of the reason we were disagreeing.
  13. Normal and Orioles are 2 very different things.
  14. Ok, we have different points of view there. I would uh...hesitate... .... quite a bit.more than you to trade a top talent.
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