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  1. Dude, you don't get it and you probably never will. You win, because we could argue back and forth whether or not you were right or wrong, and it's not worth it - to say the least. The point is that whenever you have an opportunity to show any humility - which is a tremendously good quality - you will NEVER take it, because you are too consumed with your own ego. You ALWAYS have been, and that's why you are a terrible poster and almost certainly always will be. And that ends my part in this discussion.
  2. No, you're trying to bully yourself out of a situation for no reason whatsoever, because this is what you do and have been able to get away with for far too long. And you deserve everyone here to treat you in a "dickish manner".
  3. Are you that incapable of showing the tiniest bit of humility by admitting you were wrong? I mean, I'm probably the only one here who's never been wrong about anything, and that's a burden you're lucky to not have.
  4. There's no upside there. The only thing going for him is he was durable last season, so theoretically he could help save the bullpen. Otherwise, he's the pitching equivalent of Odor. - with the difference being they're actually paying Lyles. There's no way to sugar-coat it; this signing is bad and disappointing, and he will give up a ton of homers in Baltimore. .
  5. No truth to the rumor that the O's got Tripper Johnson mixed up with Chipper Jones when they picked Tripper in the first round to play third base.
  6. Exactly. Losing attendance and revenues year after year isn't something I would look for if I'm looking to buy... anything - unless I'm looking in the clearance section to pay cents on the dollar.
  7. I can't read their minds, but why would you assume committing such a small amount to Odor precludes them from doing something more?
  8. If he's just getting the minimum, why not think of this as a contingency move in case other better alternatives - that they will still effort - fall through?
  9. So, Gutierrez is the standard? K-F got his GG for 3rd base in the short-season - playing only 46 games at 3B. And he's proven he can't hit like an MLB 3rd baseman needs to. I mean, it's not the worst idea, but it's hardly something we should rush in to.
  10. Marlins can't keep up with the Mets' spending, so trading prospects for Mullins is one alternative for them. At their respective ages and contracts, Mullins is more attractive than Marte. Of course, they're also in the same division as the WS Champs and the Phillies. Nats won't be competitive for at least a few more years. Hopefully, the Marlins will continue to try.
  11. That's Scherzer can opt out after the 2nd year.
  12. Not even close to enough, and in our case with Means, considering we need pitching, it'd be lunacy, imo.
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