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  1. He needs to learn how to pitch. You can't keep throwing the same stuff in the same place. He did go inside to Harper a few times, but everything to Realmuto was average stuff towards the outside of the plate. That's not gonna work against major leaguers.
  2. Cuz nailed that. What was the hang time?
  3. Man, out of all the O's hitters, I think Severino's the most focused - and that's not something I expected to see this season. It's like every pitch, he's trying to prove something.
  4. First time I watched Fry and actually had confidence in him. I guess that means he's got confidence.
  5. Why don't they use Akin out of the pen to eat some innings and save the pen? I know it's high pressure for a rookie, but I'm afraid they're over-working the pen.
  6. I wish. Cuz has a nice future ahead of him.
  7. I think we're going to be asking all season - How healthy is Iglesias. We can see how much he means to the team.
  8. Yeah, he struck out on a helluva breaking ball, but that was one bad-arse at bat by Severino. I loved it.
  9. It was a good call by Ruiz to try for 3rd. It was just a great throw. The CFer had to turn his body toward 3rd while running full speed, and he's known for having a mediocre arm. But he somehow threw a strike with enough mustard on it. Philly's d has made multiple outstanding plays tonight.
  10. And I am happy to take that one for the team.
  11. As they say, that's the way you do it after your teammates get the lead - show your appreciation by getting the Phills out 1-2-3.
  12. Right - he hit them sharply, and if I recall correctly, Santander hasn't had a bad at bat in a long time.
  13. Ok, we didn't get the 5 run inning. I guess we'll get one later.
  14. I'm still shocked about the pitch-around. How much does that say about the respect for Alberto when Arietta (a righty) pitches around him with 2 runners on - and a blazing hot lefty hitting Santander coming up? That's amazing to me. Hanser's really gotten respect that I hadn't expected.
  15. Who would have believed Eshelman would get out-pitched tonight. I'm shocked.
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