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  1. Ok, looking at the stats, it was just the 2016 season that he murdered the O"s. The rest was just legend.
  2. Mookie Betts. Just pitch around him - even if the bases are loaded. I've never seen anything like it - how he killed the O's. So glad he's out of the AL. But as much as I hated him, I would have killed to have him on the O's. Such a great player.
  3. And that kind of mentality that the organization can't afford to lose a Dwight Smith Jr really needs to go. You can always get a DSJ, but why would you want to? If someone else had taken him, do they think he'll turn out like Yaz? The Yaz thing is a once in a generation (maybe several generations) thing that could never have been predicted. They can't let that affect anything they do in the future.
  4. Speak of the devil. Obviously, the Yankees interest in Gausman is based on keeping the O's from getting him.
  5. And Bradford hurt his knuckles a few times hitting the dirt in his throwing motion. Therefore... eh, I got nothing.
  6. Good to see O'Day's having a nice start in the Braves pen this season. Kevin Gausman remains kind of meh - though he's got great SO and walk rates this season.
  7. Cobb for Touki makes sense to me. The Braves are really tired of Touki's inconsistent command and need an innings eater. Then again, why would Touki's command improve with the O's? I guess that's the question. The O's would have to think they can get him straightened out. If they can, he's a legit talent. I don't think Incarte has to be included. Just have the O's pay a big chunk of Cobb's contract.
  8. Of course he won't make a trade unless he gets what he wants. You've said that a few times - as if it's something people don't already know.
  9. Yup, It would make more sense for the O's to try to acquire a player like Santander than to trade him.
  10. Never say never, but I think it would very surprising if they traded Santander.
  11. Making outs on the bases has more to do with poor base-running than speed. Speed has a big impact in both offense and defense. It played a major role in KC getting to the 2014 and 2015 WS's.
  12. If I'm a buying GM, all things being equal, I'm going to pay the most for Givens. I think he's a stud. Regardless of who closes, he's the O's dominant reliever, and he's got 1 more of team control. A team trying to trade for him knows we don't have to trade him, so they have to make a strong offer to get him.
  13. Based on their listed sizes, but Ryan's a big guy and might have caught up to Trey.
  14. Amazing - I wonder what the fields were like then. Too bad we can't look at the videos. Maybe some day we'll find them from a lost satellite some fan made use of in a distant galaxy. Or not.
  15. You're right - actually I'm shocked to see MLB.com had him at 21. From what I've seen, Garcia looks like a much better prospect for the Nats - and only 20 years old in the majors - sheesh.
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