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  1. Count me in. People don't hit him. Even with walk rate higher at AA, he had a 1.11 WHIP (career worst). Not to mention he's had more SO's than innings at every level. If he doesn't at least get a shot at the Baltimore rotation, I'll be frustrated.
  2. Seeing what they did last year, I figure they offer Galvis the same deal they gave Iglesias last year - 2021 guaranteed at 2.5 million (at most) and a team option for 2022 at 3.5 million (at most). Then hope they can trade him after the 2021 season for a... you guessed it... 5th round pick and a Dominican lottery ticket.
  3. If I allow him, someone will insist I add Jean Carmona, and all kinds of craziness will ensue. It's a slippery slope. My hands are tied... but that's another story.
  4. Fair enough - he's certainly versatile, though his role would have to be expanded just to reach small sample size level. I do like the case for high OBP more than the others.
  5. It'll be fun to see who turns out better among Servideo, Westburg, and Henderson - not to mention Hall. At least I hope it's fun. If we play them all together, who plays which position? (no Abbott and Costello routine permitted) I still think Rylan Bannon is very underrated, but I bow to the more educated observers.
  6. It can't be just "Why not go with Roberston?" It's gotta be "Why go with Robertson?" What about him makes you think he can do the job? If there's a good reason for it, I'm all ears... figuratively speaking.
  7. Regardless of the Bedard comp and freshly squeezed orange juice, I really want to see Bauman and Lowther get every opportunity to play in Baltimore in 2021. I echo Frobby's first paragraph - well said.
  8. Rojas seems unlikely for us because we just traded a similar version of him, and I don't see Miami paying a significant part of his contract to trade him - since most of the reason they'd trade him would be to save money.
  9. If we're avoiding acquiring a good 27 year old proven 3Bman because he'll be a free agent in 2024, we'll never stop being in rebuild mode. Anderson's a good target if Miami is trying to lower their payroll.
  10. Interesting suggestion. Apparently he's got a great arm (threw 95 MPH as a closer) and might be a better fit as a SS than a 2Bman. Also seems like added strength has improved his hitting.
  11. Guessing I'm the same age - born in '61. Funny - my 2 baseball heroes growing up were... Hank Aaron and Frank Robinson. It was still a thrill seeing him being interviewed this past season on several Braves games - such a humble and likable legend - much like Brooks Robinson. And I've remained a Braves fan all my life - weird how that childhood stuff sticks.
  12. I think it's pretty clear that the main reason he traded Iglesias was because of money. But if he does spend $3 mil plus on a SS, I'll gladly say I was wrong.
  13. Stallings was a 5th round pick last draft. How much could Elias have liked him if he didn't draft him?
  14. He had a 105 OPS+. What hitting are you looking for in a backup catcher?
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