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  1. Ruzious

    2019 Atlanta Braves

    The Braves and Nats will continue to be among the best rivalries in baseball. Braves signed dominant reliever Will Smith - making their entire bullpen better - they can move Melanson and Green to 7th and 8th inning roles - not to mention several other good arms there. 3/39 - a good deal for both sides. Braves lose their 2nd round pick. Braves really need to get a catcher - they've re-signed Flowers, but he was bad last season.
  2. This is big, because the O's got a guy who was essentially a non-prospect with the Braves, and on the O's watch - he's become a prospect. That gives me hope.
  3. Plech, I dub thee unforgiven.
  4. Fenter will be eligible to collect Social Security soon. Even if he makes it, what are we talking about - a middlin relief specialist? I was wrong with Bannon & McKenna at 15 & 16, so I might as well be wrong with them at 17 &18.
  5. Glad to see people more knowledgeable than me haven't given up on Hanifee - though I would have probably put him a bit lower.
  6. Ruzious

    BA Top 10

    But he looked like a legit 2-way player - arguably the only 1 on the O's MLB roster. Reimold was a legit... DH.
  7. And it's rare that a player doesn't hit their weight - especially when that weight's probably decreased by about 30 pounds from his prime. No red flag there. 🤔
  8. I'll just go with the pair that I would choose - Ryan and Rylan.
  9. For me, it's more spin rate dreams.
  10. For me, I'm skeptical about a professional athlete who has a conditioning problem. So, if their stuff is close, I'll lean against the one with the conditioning problem. Having said that, I don't know how bad Akin's problem is.
  11. Hmm, 2 of the options seem rather similar. I echo this being a tough one. I'm not ready to right off either Hanifee or McKenna. Stowers didn't show enough at Aberdeen to be there, but I'm not sure who else to eliminate. Wells being a lefty who gets the job done so consistently - I'm going to assume he's one of the 2. Maybe Wells and Hanifee or Hanifee and Wells? Neither, I'll go with Chuck's pick - Wells and Rom.
  12. Gotta figure getting in good shape would help with his consistency, but if he hasn't done that so far - there's probably not much reason to expect him to change. Gotta agree with putting him behind Kremer.
  13. Not at all, imo. He's a potential power hitting SS - that alone is exciting, and Weams pointed out his improvement in his batting average at his very young age. I could see him shooting up the prospect lists.
  14. I take it as an especially good sign that both Bauman and Lowther are rated ahead of Harvey. I thought Harvey made some progress, but the O's are no longer in the situation that they're almost dependent on a miracle from him and can even make Harvey their closer of the future. And we still have a guy like Kremer who could pass Harvey. Maybe even Akin and a couple others but probably not.
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