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  1. It certainly wasn't for a lack of breakout success for Days Of the New. They where an all acoustic rock band, which is quite rare to see these days. What really hindered DOTN is the fact that once the band got big, Travis Meeks (lead singer/guitar) apparently never got along with the rest of the band, and the other guys Todd Whitener, Matt Taul, and Jesse Vest, where actually forced out of the band. However those other three guys stuck around and with a new lead singer formed Tantric, all though they haven't had much mainstream success overall are IMO one of the best bands out there today. Anyway, if it wasn't for the fact that the origional DOTN bandmembers didn't get along, I imagine that the origional DOTN could probably still be successful today.
  2. STRIKE THREE!!! And your Baltimore Orioles win it 12-8.
  3. It's time for BJ to close the door on this one.
  4. That's all right Julio, just get Angel Berroa out.
  5. Another strike out, Julio is locked in so far.
  6. Ok, a ball hit to Mora for a double play just the same.
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