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  1. This wasn't because of an arm injury, was it?
  2. Your question makes no sense. You're the one that mentioned that Means has more value than a pick that might turn into a #3-#5 starter, BUDDY. So what position were you talking about for the #1 pick?
  3. In the first place, I didn't say anything about drafting a pitcher at #1, so your argument seems a little stupid. I also didn't say anything about replacing Means with a pitcher drafted #1 next year(if that's the route the O's go). Also, if the O's would take a pitcher, how do you know that he won't develop into a #1 or #2 starter? The OP asked where the O's would be without Means. My response was based on taking away the 10 wins he has. It seems doubtful that any combination of the lousy free agent pitchers acquired this season could combine for those 10 wins. That means the O's would be in a better position to get the first pick in every round of next year's draft.
  4. Without Means the O's would have a much better chance at the top draft pick next year. With a team that appears to need a couple of years to be good enough for a .500 record, I'd rather have the higher draft picks.
  5. If he's in LF, where does Mountcastle play?
  6. I guess there was a good reason for Means to have been a 5 inning pitcher for most of the year.
  7. panick

    Keegan Akin 2019

    It was a priority for the O's 2 or 3 years ago. He was sent to FLA after the season for fitness training. Maybe he has the kind of body that Stewart has - the kind that will always look like it's out of shape. Or maybe Akin just doesn't want to get in shape and stay in shape. I've always felt sorry for people who have to work at being in shape.
  8. panick

    Keegan Akin 2019

    Why hasn't he done this before?
  9. Does this mean the same thing as dumpster diving? I'm glad the O's have Elias rather than Duquette(who I never liked), but Duquette was often criticized for these types of signings. Yet Elias is not. Does he really think he going to find good pitchers by taking other teams throwaways? How do these signings fit into the rebuild? Don't the O's already have enough lousy pitchers? Why can't the pitchers already on the team keep pitching in the games? It's not like winning is a priority this season.
  10. How about as a starter for the Orioles?
  11. I would have thought that after last year that would have been changed to the Davis line.
  12. Manfred Mann doesn't want to change. If you paid attention to the changes he talked about in spring training, you'd know he wants to take good pitching out of the games so there will be slow-pitch softball scores every night. I think it's a toss-up between this guy and Goodell as to which is the worst commissioner.
  13. I don't understand what you are saying. Are you talking about some election?
  14. On Wall Street that's called a "dead cat bounce". I don't understand why how bad the O's are has been a continuing topic on this board. I thought that after trading away some players last year and knowing how bad the farm system is, that people were aware that the O's were going to be bad for at least two seasons. Does it really matter if they are historically bad rather than just bad? There aren't many players on the 25 man roster that are actually major league players, and it's going to take time the find and develop those players. Constantly complaining about how bad the O's are is not going to speed up that process.
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