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  1. I just read the scouting report about Vavra. It says his weak arm is a problem when it comes to turning double plays as a second baseman. It seems like having him play shortstop will be as big of a waste of time as it was for Mountcastle.
  2. The great increases in homers and strikeouts have occurred in the last few years. I think it may be because the players are practicing putting backspin on the balls when they hit them. The backspin will make the balls travel farther, but it's also harder to put backspin on a baseball by hitting it. If you watch Sports Center when they are showing highlights of homeruns, they usually show in slow motion some of the batters' swings. If you see this from the camera angle that is near the dugout facing the batter, you can see that the batters are swinging using a downward angle. The downward angle will put backspin on the ball(if it is hit just right). It's also harder to hit the ball when your swing has that angle. So if the batters hit the pitches just right, the balls will have backspin and if those balls are in the air they will have more of a chance of going over the fence. But it is also harder to make contact with the pitch, which makes an increase in strikeouts inevitable. Analytics have made the old idea of the level swing just something in the memories of us old-timers.
  3. The draft order article on the CBS sports site shows the once mighty O's picking fifth. It also says that Manfred Mann can change the way the order is done since the teams did not play 81 games. Keep in mind that this is the same butthead that wants to move the mound back two feet because the supposed best baseball players in the world can't handle the velocity the pitchers throwing with.
  4. Tell that to the Dodgers. After he did not run hard after he hit a ball he thought was a home run, he admitted he would never be "Charley Hustle". And if you are hitting balls off of the outfield walls, you don't really have to hustle much to get to second base.
  5. So was his hip issue the reason he would swing at two pitches that were not strikes, and then stand there and watch strike three go right down the middle of the plate?
  6. How much international money do the O's still have?
  7. This wasn't because of an arm injury, was it?
  8. Your question makes no sense. You're the one that mentioned that Means has more value than a pick that might turn into a #3-#5 starter, BUDDY. So what position were you talking about for the #1 pick?
  9. In the first place, I didn't say anything about drafting a pitcher at #1, so your argument seems a little stupid. I also didn't say anything about replacing Means with a pitcher drafted #1 next year(if that's the route the O's go). Also, if the O's would take a pitcher, how do you know that he won't develop into a #1 or #2 starter? The OP asked where the O's would be without Means. My response was based on taking away the 10 wins he has. It seems doubtful that any combination of the lousy free agent pitchers acquired this season could combine for those 10 wins. That means the O's would be in a better position to get the first pick in every round of next year's draft.
  10. Without Means the O's would have a much better chance at the top draft pick next year. With a team that appears to need a couple of years to be good enough for a .500 record, I'd rather have the higher draft picks.
  11. If he's in LF, where does Mountcastle play?
  12. I guess there was a good reason for Means to have been a 5 inning pitcher for most of the year.
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