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  1. Maybe he didn't repay his loan shark, who then had Rocky break his thumb!
  2. Hasn't he already had a change of scenery? How did that work out?
  3. There is no age shown for de los Santos. Is he outperforming the other guys because he is older than they are?
  4. And yet, in the thread you started about next year's rosters, you have McKenna starting for the Orioles.+
  5. Is there some reason Palmer doesn't look at either guy he is working with on the broadcast during the pregame broadcast? Brown seemingly cannot take his eyes off of Palmer when Palmer is talking, but Palmer never looks at whoever is his broadcast partner. By the way, the bobblehead had Palmer in an all-orange uniform. When did the O's wear all-orange uniforms?
  6. This is what Houston did when Elias was there. I'd say that getting Verlander and Cole worked out OK for the Astros. Between what you have to give up in players and then pay established front-line starters in trades, this is much more costly than drafting pitchers and hopefully developing them into very good pitchers. However, it does relieve you of using top draft picks and higher bonuses for pitchers that may need TJ surgery before they become established starters(like Taillon in Pittsburgh and maybe Baumler). And the list of pitchers taken in the first round by the O's is too depressin
  7. The question now is can they sign them. One of them(Chandler) committed to Clemson as a quarterback, and White committed to Penn State as a wide receiver. It probably depends on how far over slot the Pirates are willing to go. And the fans around here have complained for years that the Pirates are too cheap to spend money on players. However, the Pirates did offer Josh Bell enough to make him change his mind about going to college. And that was after he had sent all the major league teams a letter telling them not to draft him because he was definitely going to play ball at the University
  8. Why is that? All most of guys have done is criticize. Some of you have said that Elias thinks he's the smartest guy in the room. Judging from the whining most of you are doing about the picks, you all must think you're the smartest guys. Right?
  9. But what about his defense at 3B? There is a reason it's called the 'hot corner', and you have to be able to catch the grounders there before you can show off your arm on throws to 1B. I know that Torre and Bench both moved to 3B, but I don't know how good defensively they were. They may have just been put there to extend their careers and get their bats in the lineups. And if you put Davis at third, where is Henderson going to play?
  10. Cavalry refers to troops. Calvary is where Jesus was crucified. With the crackdown on the use of substances used for gripping the balls, velocities should come down. Maybe that means some of the O's lefties could become crafty left-handers!
  11. I know Baumler is hurt, but doesn't he have to be put on a roster?
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