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  1. I feel that he started too much to be called a utility player.
  2. This is part of my sense of what a utility player is as well--not an outfielder, catcher, DH or 1st baseman. Two of my favorites were: Chris Gomez, who always hit for a high average (.279, .341, .302) and played all four infield positions in each of his three seasons with the O's (2005-07); Bob Johnson, who played all over the diamond for the 1963-66 O's, but mainly back-up SS and 2B and could hit once in a while.
  3. I had no preconception of Traber, but after seeing that video, I surmise the other Japanese teams must have thought he was a pig.
  4. Thank god for Moe Drabowsky! 5-2, 6-0, 1-0, 1-0. Vs. Drysdale, Koufax, Osteen, and Drysdale. Three whole seasons before 1969-71.
  5. Actually, one of Trumbo's strengths was that there was almost zero need to platoon him. He had career OPSs of .754 vs. RHP / .779 vs. LHP and I believe he had a reverse-split season or two.
  6. LA2

    2019 Washington Nationals

    Yes, you really have to wonder why he left Kelly in for so long.
  7. LA2

    2019 Washington Nationals

    Cards over Braves, Nats over Dodgers: This is the aspect of baseball's playoffs I really dislike. We're about to see two teams that totaled 203 wins eliminated by two teams that won 184 games. But I understand why MLB does it.
  8. LA2

    2019 Washington Nationals

    "Why?" because you thought Kersh was going to shut the Nats down? He does have that poor post-season record and the loss in his start earlier in the series.
  9. LA2

    2019 Washington Nationals

    Kershaw comes in and one out later gives up back-to-back solo homers! Nats / Dodgers tied at 3-3 in the top of the 8th. Maeda in to pitch.
  10. Without Trumbo in 2016 we would have neither made it into the Wild Card game vs. Toronto nor scored enough to go into extra innings. He also provided some personality balance to the dugout and media presence of the team. Thanks for the memories!
  11. See at 2:30 what he calls his "Tony Batistia drill"--fun to finally understand what that extremely open stance was about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=152&v=9w16nhYMIm8
  12. LA2

    vs. RED SOX, 9/29

    We were lucky to still be in the game after several other miscues and being outhit-and-walked 15-8. It will be remembered for Wilkerson's catch. Red Sox fans were genuinely awed and will never be able to erase the image. It was also nice to prevent E-Rod's W: No taunts in the future about the O's giving up a 20-game winner. The bullpen was going to blow it at some point anyway--Armstrong and Givens almost did and Tate was on-track to. That said, the incredible catch must have overexcited or frozen Wilkerson's brain--he may have still been recovering. Glad he now has the whole offseason to thaw.
  13. And conversely, over the last decade or so several of the O's TOR pitchers regularly had horrible spring training stats and still be Opening Day starter.
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