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  1. LA2

    Núñez vs. Ruiz

    I think you missed Foxfield's little joke: that "Brady" and "Anderson" (see the post he was reacting to) probably did play more than a handful of games together--in any and every season you may want to bring up. 😊
  2. Especially since the 2019 team's leading triples hitter now plays for Miami. (Not a complaint--just wanted to bring attention to the fact that JV hit five last year and it was exciting.)
  3. I agree--they should just move to calling audibles. It makes the crowd more of a factor.
  4. You need a fourth linebacker to pull that off successfully.
  5. I was at that game and I still can't believe JJ made it in safely. That must have been the fastest he had run in years!
  6. I would be astonished if any team attempts the same methods of cheating, but some form of cheating has always been part of the game. Nonetheless, the Orioles being young and less tasked with winning will cheat less or less successfully. Like you said, we can enjoy following the fortunes of individual prospects and journeymen regardless. As in 2019, there are sure to be enough surprises--you really don't need that many or much, e.g., last season's Alberto, Villar, Hays, Mancini, Santander, Nunez, Cashner, and Means, even a hot streak or two from Severino, Ruiz. and Smith, Jr., to stay interested.
  7. Excuse me, but I've always wondered why is this thread here and not on the MLB forum?
  8. LA2

    Chris Davis, 2020

    In his final 2019 game, Davis went 1 for 3 with two walks, grounding out and K-looking in the last two at-bats. So breaking his own major-league record for consecutive hitless at-bats (54) will be a much bigger challenge this year. Adding to the difficulty is the likelihood that his starts will be further apart this year. Maybe he can adjust by setting himself more attainable goals, such as number of consecutive K's-looking
  9. LA2

    John Means 2020

    Means' season didn't split into two halves, but three one-thirds: he made the adjustments you demanded, although, of course, there'll be others in the future.
  10. He produces the loudest, most solid sound of bat hitting ball on the whole team. It's such a pleasure to hear and then to see the ball land deep in the stands. I think he had good clutch stats last year too.
  11. Fortunately, it was only for two years of big money (for that team and that time) to Benson. We clearly gave up too early on Maine (sounds familiar). Returning to the OP, he was almost a horse for the Mets in 2007: 15-10, 191 innings in 32 starts, 3.91 ERA.
  12. It's interesting that MLB.com has given the rule changes such little coverage. They're the 15th story down in "News" under such hot items as the Trenton Thunders' bat dog and diaper duty at spring training. Must have considered it too cerebral for the normal site visitor.
  13. One of the strongest horses of that period debuted much earlier, in 1984: Clemens (138.7).
  14. But they compensated with a killer bullpen that could pitch back-to-back games.
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