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  1. Thanks for the good tip--will take a look.
  2. With only 10 hits, 1 hbp, and one walk. K's trending up: 2, 4, 5.
  3. I would think that Burch's 15.2 K/9 IP is more than slightly above the league average, even if it's 12-something as Drungo mentioned. I wonder what types of pitches he relies on for the Ks.
  4. I bet the analysis lab he worked with during the off-season spotted the problem(s) and guided Harvey back on track (they had predicted with confidence a great comeback season for him). And SEVERINO! He's another one we could have peddled for something had he been hitting like this earlier. Regardless of his sloppy catching, some team would have remembered his early 2019 stats and surmised that it was for real.
  5. Hyde kept him in one batter too long. The hook has to be quick with Tanner.
  6. LA2

    162 Games

    Still SMH over that 2018 team: hard to understand how a roster that talented could play so poorly.
  7. The analysis gym he was at during the off-season confidently predicted a great comeback for him...it just took a few months longer than they expected. There must have been some crucial tweaks during the ASB. Can't be just the rest that Hyde cites because the last two starts have probably been on his regular turn.
  8. Seriously, what happened, from whence did the Dark Knight suddenly reappear? If he'd been pitching like this beginning 6-7 starts ago, imagine what the Mets would have been eager to give up for his return to Queens?!
  9. O's a respectable 8-5 since ASB. Unbelievable Harvey comeback....
  10. Let's do a 3-up, 3-down and avoid Schoop.
  11. Bottom of the 9th. Let's not grab a defeat from the jaws of victory. If they let the Tigers' worse hitter lead off and get on base here, I'm retreating to the kitchen to finish cooking.
  12. O's could have used a run or two there. But Urias, Valaika, and Franco couldn't get it done despite how wild the pitcher was. Not surprising though, and Galvis is gone.
  13. I had almost forgotten that humiliation. Made me realize you need good control to throw an intentional walk successfully.
  14. Or, apparently, this season, too! Anyone else surprised by the number of big acquisitions they made the last few days (Berrios, Soria, Hand) despite being in 4th place?
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