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  1. LA2

    April 20 at Miami

    That's interesting because they seem to be all within a narrow velo range: the high 70's. That's why I keep worrying that the AL East teams (the ones that see him a lot) will eventually learn to time their swings against him. But I suppose another factor is the slight changes in arm angle and rhythm of delivery he very often makes.
  2. LA2

    April 20 at Miami

    César Stu-Miller Valdez's ERA and WHIP are both under 1.00. W2/L0, 4 saves with 12 Ks/1 BB in 10.33 ininings. Can't complain about that!
  3. LA2

    April 20 at Miami

    I wish you cd slip that fact to Hyde, who has a knack for bringing relievers into very disadvantageous situations.
  4. It's a moot point. Like Reimold, Hays will be getting inconsistent playing time because of injury throughout his career.
  5. Yeah, hard to see how there could be an instinct (in any useful definition of the term) for a heavily rule-regulated game like baseball. I think the "feel," "knack," etc. for a sport arises from early inculcation and many years of repetition, coaching, and emulation. Even "tools," though necessary and closer to what one might consider innate abilities, can't provide that. In fact, I think that there are just as many times that a "hunch" (the closest I can come at the moment to defining instinct) leads to bad results as good ones, e.g. trying to take an extra base or steal one at the wrong time or in the wrong game situation or all sorts of guesses, such as what type of pitch will be thrown or where a ball is going to be hit, when not based in study or prep. Sometimes a manager's role is to rein in what the player's "instinct" is, such as when a pitcher is convinced they can go longer, but actually should be taken out.
  6. Me, too. These days, when "a few innings" means 2 to 2 and 1/3 or 2/3 innings, Lopez was dominant for four and recovered strongly from the two solo homers in the fifth. I was simply amazed by the command of his 95-97 mph fastballs.
  7. Hyde shouldn't escape significant blame for that.
  8. Nothing but change-ups in the high-70s. Worried about the Rangers learning to time Valdez's pitches.
  9. Judge, Gleyber, and Stanton 3-up, 3-down in the 9th. Rays win 8-2 in the Bronx. Yay!
  10. I think you missed that you wrote ERA instead of BA in the original post.
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