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  1. Yes, and with no 1st or 2nd, you would think it would be more important to draft some guys with higher upside .
  2. What kind of strategy is it to overdraft a BUNCH of guys early, just to put most of your hopes in a more expensive guy later. The orioles over the last 5 years or so have little to nothing to show for paying overslot after the 10th round.
  3. His point is well taken, he acknowledged round 4 and 6 were only slight reaches. the other rounds were miles apart from b.a. .. so his question was a valid one, why such a grand disparity?
  4. Nope , just reading that he has little upside and a sub 90 fastball, with a limited ability to throw a curve. By the way, pretty much everything on this thread is speculation.
  5. Correa all the way. I've said for years,(but not recently), that you don't pick a pitcher in the top 10, when an all star bat is sitting there. Injury factor alone says a "tie in talent" goes to the bat. The only exception to this rule is if you have a Strasburg - Beckett type guy sitting there. Before anyone suggest that Gausman/Apple is that type of pitcher, let me point out that "every expert" that i've read the last few months has said that no one was a lock at 1-1 in this draft. In the strasburg draft, everyone knew months in advance that this type of talent was going 1-1. Either wa
  6. Its just that its early in the season, though I've been there a few times this year. Keep it please , as it gets more relevant as the season develops.
  7. EVERY win the last 12 years, in august and september have been meaningless. People keep saying that its better that the team win games and learn how to win, or feel good about themselves,etc. but, where has it gotten us. We need to get the highest possible pick, wind up with great talent. The only Payoff for playing this lousy is to pick at or near the top. Going .500 the rest of the way provides us with nothing that we haven't arlready had the last 12 years. Getting the 1st or 2nd pick gets us one step closer to where we need to be from a talent point of view. Follow tampa bay up the ladder
  8. Your getting way to defensive here Doc. Matt needs to take responsibility for the things he can control. Most people on this board HAVE taken JJ to task for drafting him that high. One thing a guy can take control of is what he puts in his mouth. Again, 16% body fat on a 19y.o. professional athelete says that he did not take it seriously during the past year. You can take a fat kid, put him on Parris Island (marine boot camp), and in 90 days you have a FIT kid. No excuses for this. Get serious about getting in shape and thats one less thing to point to if things don't do well. As a fan,
  9. I've never seen so many excuses for a prospect,although Rowell may come close. Comparing him to Diaz is nonsense. Diaz was not the 5th pick in the country, is not 19, but he is "at this point" minor league filler". Nothing in common except they both need to get serious about being a professional athlete. Matt may be a great kid, but so far he is a big disappointment.
  10. AMEN, BROTHER,, show me a man, or young man with 16% body fat, and I'll show you an "out of shape young man". This is just plain silly, for matt's uncle or our pitching coaches to come to any other conclusion about 16 % body fat. He's had a year to do something about it, and is being paid to be fit , at 19 for crying out loud. All I'm seeeing is excuses, excuses , excuses. Unless he is hurt, There is no excuse for this. And even if he is hurt, you can still lose body FAT.
  11. Actually, I still think we will live to regret taking Matusz instead of Smoak. Said then that he wasn't a # 1 and still believe that. He's a nice kid (as is Hobgood) but he doesn't look like an ACE. Time will Tell. And your overly optimistic view of Hobgood must make you sleep better, but around baseball I'm sure your in the minority. Most (except for one report I read), has his fastball at 88-90, touching 91. Jordan,said he saw him at 96. This is a concern. If you think he showing he will be a slam dunk FOR starter, take off the glasses. And for # 5 overall in the draft, that is what
  12. Actually, the Hobgood pick looks worse now than when it was made, and it looked pretty bad even then. Right now, he's the 5th pick in the nation that is not thriving in Low A. Right now, he's a guy by most accounts that has lost 4 - 5 mph off his fastball. He most certainly has not lived up to his draft status. Not his fault. Joe Jordans fault.
  13. Agree, but hope a Bat or two emerges. Either way, get a "consensus " stud, if there is one, not another "reach".
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