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  1. When and if MLB completes its investigation and makes a decision on Givens, we can readdress this topic.
  2. And if it takes 18 months to find a vaccine, and nearly that long to find a treatment, then what do you do? How can you bring thousands of people in close quarters to attend a baseball game? I appreciate that you're trying to be optimistic, and I certainly hope there's a way baseball can be salvaged this season, but right now it's hard to see how it would work.
  3. Spring stats are here, FYI. But yeah, as Can said, there's no reason the simulation would incorporate spring training statistics.
  4. How did even a Joe Flacco thread become a coronavirus thread?
  5. Yes, absolutely, then bring him in sooner. (I would've brought him in as early as the 8th inning). Just bring him in SOMETIME. It's inexcusable to use SIX relief pitchers (including Ubaldo, who wasn't normally a relief pitcher) and leave your best one -- the one who had a perfect, Cy Young caliber season -- rotting in the bullpen the entire game. What's hard to understand about that?
  6. I don't think he qualifies. Bonilla played another four years and 460 games after he left the Orioles.
  7. It was probably this game on Aug. 2, 1995: https://www.baseball-reference.com/boxes/BAL/BAL199508020.shtml Mussina threw a four-hitter, not a one-hitter, but the rest of the details line up: the opposing starter (Paul Menhart) threw a one-hitter and Harold Baines' HR was the only run in a 1-0 O's victory.
  8. What he said. I don't see the problem here, and I don't understand what "drank the coolaid" is supposed to mean in this context. Is the OP saying that everyone who is canceling events is just brainwashed and delusional?
  9. Now that we have an official announcement from MLB that the season is delayed, let's move the discussion to a new thread: https://forum.orioleshangout.com/forums/index.php?/topic/37695-mlb-suspended-opening-day-delayed-at-least-two-weeks/
  10. Why doesn't it make sense? Presumably it got a negative score because it's a bad movie. You refuse to believe that a bad movie could have a good trailer?
  11. Yes, any player claimed on waivers automatically goes on the 40-man roster.
  12. That's who the O's just claimed. Hector Velazquez.
  13. I wonder if the main problem is that he was providing for the opponents and not the Angels.
  14. FYI, Holaday's name is spelled with two A's and one O, not vice versa.
  15. You are correct. It was 2011, when the O's returned Adrian Rosario to the Brewers a week before Opening Day. Ever since then, the O's have had a Rule 5 player on the active roster or DL every Opening Day: 2012: Ryan Flaherty (active) 2013: T.J. McFarland (active) 2014: Michael Almanzar (on DL; eventually DFA'd June 30) 2015: Jason Garcia (active) 2016: Joey Rickard (active) 2017: Anthony Santander (on DL; activated Aug. 16) 2018: Santander, Nestor Cortes, Pedro Araujo (all active) 2019: Richie Martin (active) The streak finally ends this year.
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