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  1. BTW folks, let's keep this thread about Kjerstad. General draft talk can go in the draft thread:
  2. I wouldn't assume that at all. He probably had hats from like 10 different teams at the ready.
  3. I scrolled through Akin's Twitter feed and didn't find him tweet or like anything else even remotely this disturbing. The most upsetting thing I found is that he's a Nickelback fan. So I'm hoping this was an accidental like (which I've done myself a few times). However, I do think this is something the Orioles should look into, and perhaps they will or already have. That said, there's not much use in trying to hash it out on this board.
  4. PaulFolk

    Eric Davis

    Looks like it was July 30, 1998, off Matt Anderson. I can't find a video, but here's a recap of the game: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/davis-leads-orioles-past-tigers/
  5. There's a good Twitter thread from Sean Doolittle about some of the health concerns the players will want to be addressed in MLB's proposal. A few things he mentions: Worried about the long-term effects if someone gets COVID. "On top of respiratory issues, there's been evidence of kidney, intestinal, and liver damage, as well as neurological malfunctions, blood clots & strokes." Also lung scarring and possible fertility complications for men. Sharing indoor spaces increases the infection risk, so will MLB make any modifications to clubhouses or other facilities to mitigate th
  6. This is one of the most bizarre statements I've ever seen. Why even be a fan of sports, if everybody on the team must fit your perfect ideal for a ballplayer or you refuse to root for them? Nobody's saying you have to think they're great players, but you're saying you literally aren't pulling for them to succeed.
  7. I don't know about you, but I root for everyone on the Orioles. Because they're the Orioles.
  8. To get back to baseball...Ken Rosenthal has the latest on MLB's preferred plan for 2020 (though nothing is official yet). The highlights: A season starting in early July of somewhere from 78-82 games. Games in as many home parks as possible (with no fans, obviously). Teams that aren't able to open in their own cities would relocate either to their spring training ballparks or to other cities. A regionalized schedule where each division plays only its division and the same division in the other league (so the O's would play only the AL East and NL East). Possible expan
  9. But it's not your decision. It's up to MLB and the MLBPA. And they've already indicated that they're going to emphasize player/staff safety if and when they start the season, based on the advice of medical and safety personnel. That means frequent testing. You can't simply put a bunch of people in close quarters while a pandemic is going on without making sure they're healthy and not at risk of spreading the virus. I don't think there's any medical expert who would sign off on that. No testing, no season. That's the bottom line. You're entitled to any opinion you want to have, but MLB has
  10. You're kidding, right? Testing is going to be a non-negotiable issue before play can begin. You can't just throw a bunch of people into closed quarters without knowing if they're infected and potentially a risk to others. The MLBPA would never agree to it, and MLB would never ask them to, either. I don't understand your second sentence that players and support staff have very little chance of contracting the virus. Why not? If they're in close proximity to someone who's infected, they could easily be infected, too. You said it yourself that a lot more people are getting infected than what
  11. This would be the best-case scenario for sure, and I hope it happens. Right now, though, it doesn't seem realistic. The big thing it's going to come down to is testing. For baseball to have any hope of returning this year, MLB will need to have access to thousands of tests every day (or thereabouts) to test the players, coaches, support staff, etc. Right now there aren't enough tests available. Will there be enough by June? I certainly hope so, but there's no way to know just yet.
  12. According to multiple sources, MLB is preparing a proposal to resume spring training in mid-June and start the season at the beginning of July. But they still need to clear it with the MLBPA first, and there are a lot of logistical issues, obviously. From Jeff Passan at ESPN: And from Ken Rosenthal in The Athletic:
  13. Remember when I had to lock the last thread because two posters were hurling personal attacks at each other, and then those same two posters came back into this thread and did exactly the same thing, almost word for word? Wow, good times. If you can't be respectful of each other, put each other on ignore. But take a few days off first. In the meantime, please let's try to steer this thread in a better direction before it too gets locked.
  14. I don't see how the number of games is relevant. If there's still a game every day, you'd have to use a five-man rotation unless you want your pitchers starting on short rest all the time.
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