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  1. Schoop became a part-time player because Luis Arraez came up and hit .334. He's the reason the Twins wouldn't be interested in Villar.
  2. Gleyber Torres wasn't a highly ranked prospect? He was the Cubs' top prospect, and No. 26 in all of baseball (per MLB.com), when they traded him to the Yankees.
  3. Of course. He wrote and directed it. There's no Breaking Bad sequel without Gilligan.
  4. Playing in San Diego will do that to a hitter. It was the third-worst ballpark in the majors for hits. By OPS+, he had a better offensive season than 2013 and about equal with 2014 and 2017.
  5. PaulFolk

    2019 Milwaukee Brewers

    Any analogy that equates Scherzer to Ubaldo is...flawed.
  6. He probably wouldn't get drafted, but stranger things have happened. Last year the Blue Jays took 19-year-old Elvis Luciano, who hadn't pitched above rookie ball, in the Rule 5 draft. And he even held his own in the majors with a 5.35 ERA in 25 games. I could see a scenario where a rebuilding club takes a chance on drafting Fenter.
  7. When is the time to celebrate? You don't like celebrations during the game and you don't like celebrations after the game (since you mention you hated the post-game pies). So the time to celebrate is...before the game?
  8. I didn't know Brian McCann posted here.
  9. 13, by the Cardinals on July 12, 1931.
  10. Not sure how this thread turned into you dumping on some Little Leaguers, but that's enough, thanks. Let's get back to the topic at hand.
  11. Buck Britton was not happy with McKenna's baserunning last night. https://www.baltimorebaseball.com/2019/09/05/baysox-comeback-stalls-harrisburg-takes-game-2-eastern-league-division-series/
  12. And now McKenna, representing the winning run, gets doubled off second base on a Diaz flyout to end the 11th. Like weams said, his head was not in the game on that one.
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