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  1. Good. Back to the discussion. So are there any of the guys available in this draft that you would drop one of our guys for? If so, who would you drop?
  2. I'm not sure Stewart should be on the OD roster yet. Nothing wrong with starting him at AAA.
  3. It's not how much would Nunez play right now. He doesn't have to play now. As he stated, what if Mancini needs more rehab time? What if Mountcastle breaks his leg in spring training? What if Santander tears a tendon? Keep him for insurance. Maybe he has a monster spring and has trade value. If you make it through with your roster still full then trade or cut him then. Austin Wynns would not have a spot on my 40 man roster over Nunez.
  4. Future potential like Wynns and Susler?
  5. If we didn't have Davis on the roster, I might not have so much of a problem with it. Davis brings far less to the table than Nunez. So what if we had three 1B/DH? Injuries happen. Keep him till Opening Day. Maybe one of them becomes valuable in a trade for a contender that needs a bat or has an injury. I also don't think I would keep Wynns over him and maybe a couple of the middle relief pitchers.
  6. So...is there anyone available in the draft from other teams that would be worthy of cutting one of our players (other then Davis, because obviously he is a god around here or has naked pics of the Angelos boys)
  7. And Davis is still on the roster
  8. You mean both this off-season? You think both will be gone?
  9. Wait. Did I miss something? Alberto and Nunez are gone?
  10. Come on guys. You can still blow it in the 9th
  11. Okay. I think people use these terms differently. TOR means top of the rotation. I then always used it as the best pitcher in your rotation
  12. TOR is just the best pitcher in your rotation correct? Wasn't he the TOR last year? Not sure who that was this year? Means or Cobb?
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