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  1. Shorter answer, who doesn't have something to prove?
  2. When has our starting pitching staff not had questions?
  3. This talk of six man rotations makes me long for five starters
  4. I honestly don't know if there has been much better television that has stood the test of time like The Three Stooges. Laurel and Hardy are up there too.
  5. Off topic a bit, but when we get ready to contend (2022/2023) and Davis has very little left on his contract, do you think ownership (if we are not sold) will expand the payroll to supplement the home grown talent?
  6. We are loading up the pitching staff. He's never been to the big huh?
  7. Elias doesn't rush the arms. If he thinks the young kids aren't ready, he will send them to the minors and he needs innings eaters at the MLB level
  8. I just think Leblanc is a meh move. If he is needed to pitch much, we aren't going anywhere. Management doesn't believe in rushing the arms, so if they aren't ready, they will stay in the minors and Leblanc will pitch some innings, he will look bad, we will lose some games, but we aren't contending anyway, so...
  9. To get rid of Cobb, only have to pay half his salary AND get a player seems like a win to me.
  10. I think the possibility is if the league plays less games due to COVID and he is on the roster, he gets paid a prorated salary. If they release him, he gets the full salary, no matter the amount of games played
  11. The most important thing in that article to me is Elias stating that they plan to play Mancini primarily at 1b. Is that meaning very little Davis?
  12. He's only asking for 2.4 or so? Just give it to him.
  13. My question in the OP is not when we will actually compete nor when we think we will compete. The question is when do we think Elias and co. are targeting to contend for the division title.
  14. When do you think Elias and co. are targeting for when we can contend for at least the division and beyond?
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