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  1. To me, a top prospect, early first round pick, that is going to become a regular all-star only needs a year, maybe two at the most to master the minors.
  2. Baseball in general, is losing fans in droves. Today's younger generation will not "come back" so easily. Most people 30 and under have never been fans because we have been so bad.
  3. It looked so positive. Kramer had a decent start. Mountcastle with 3 HRs. It would have been two wins in a row...then the 9th.
  4. I guess so but that can't be worth more than a left handed bat right?
  5. What can Severino do that Sisco can't?
  6. I am not so much disappointed in Sisco going but in who is staying. How does Severino still have a MLB job right now? Cut him; the money is a sunk cost anyway. Give Wynns the starts or whoever is the best defensive catcher for now. Bringing up Eshelman to start is also just a punch in the gut. The O's fans need something now, this season. By the time 2023 comes around, if this is the MLB product you keep putting out there, you will have lost alot of the fan base.
  7. This is exactly the thought process that I was going through. Thanks for finding the numbers. I bet that this is how Elias and Co. look at it as well.
  8. Yeah, is there any good reason to not just put he and Mancini there and leave them?
  9. Mancini has been an RBI machine. I like Mullins and Hays in front of him with a healthy Santander behind him.
  10. When Hays is healthy, what do you guys think of him second and moving everyone down one?
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