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  1. Doesn't have to be the Os. Just an underdog, an unexpected team.
  2. What makes this shortened season more interesting is there is a greater chance of a "hot streak" by one team having a greater impact. A team, like the O's, could surprise everyone and have a greater chance at the playoffs
  3. We need a "Boy was I wrong thread" where we drag up past posts
  4. I know you probably really didn't want to get an answer to this...but anyway...a piece of silver was a denarius. One was considered a day's pay for common labourer. If we say $15 per hour for a minimum wage times 8 hours a day, that's $120 times 30 is about $3600 in today's money. And I agree with an earlier post, if you don't feel safe, stay home. If you want to play, come.
  5. Here's an unrealistic way to stop tanking. The last place team every year gets bumped down to playing AAA next season. The AAA champion moves up to MLB and takes their place.
  6. If I could watch 81 O's games for THIS season on my TV, I would pay close to $200
  7. Even in fantasy world, we can't win a few more games?
  8. I mean, they have Houston sweeping us, but the team is interesting
  9. https://www.masnsports.com/steve-melewski/2020/04/how-would-an-all-time-orioles-team-fare-in-simulation.html Surprised that I didn't see any thread on this yet. It looks kinda cool. Sorry if there is one and I missed it.
  10. Sounds like we are having a decent season. What's our record now?
  11. I know they won't fall into this, but as a teenager I thought Chito Martinez and Leo Gomez were going to be great
  12. Yeah but hitting better is better than not hitting better
  13. If Davis hits and we can get average starting pitching, where does that put this team? I'm just getting a 2012 vibe/feel from them
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