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  1. Yeah but hitting better is better than not hitting better
  2. If Davis hits and we can get average starting pitching, where does that put this team? I'm just getting a 2012 vibe/feel from them
  3. Could you imagine how insufferable it would be to be an O's fan without the Duquette/Showalter era? How many years of losing would it have been? I am extremely grateful for them.
  4. When Davis is no longer starting, I like this lineup. It would be fun to watch, especially having three young guys in the OF. I like a Stewart, Hays, Santandar OF with Mancini at 1B and Nunez at DH until Mountcastle is ready. Alberto could repeat last season at 2B. Iglesias is a good SS and Ruiz at 3B will be given every opportunity to have the job. I could find the catcher position an issue, but we have one in the minors making his way up, hopefully, very quickly. I think our optimal lineup is middle of the pack in the AL. Maybe I'm drinking the orange koolaid too.
  5. I know it's early, so feel free to avoid commenting if you like, but the off season has been long. So why not try to pick the starting lineup 30 days before Spring Training begins.
  6. I just want the games to be exciting, win or lose. I want the starting pitching to develop. I want to see hope for the future with long term pieces getting playing time and making the most out of it.
  7. As we get close to year end, a little reflection is good. Here's the first one. Which topics in 2019 did we discuss OVER and OVER and OVER again here on O's Hangout?
  8. So what are your opinions of this year's draft for the O's?
  9. I will always remember Flaherty turning a great double play on the first game of the 2014 playoff series with Texas. He was at third replacing injured Manny. It was the only game that I attended at Camden Yards.
  10. Without knowing their rosters real well, I might venture Means, Mancini and Villar?
  11. Crash Davis, Carlos Perez
  12. Who you actively looking to trade on the current team? Would you non-tender anyone?
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