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  1. With the conversation between modern players and players from past generations, we find difficulties. Obviously, as has been mentioned, previous generations did not face competition like today. For this reason many would say that today's players are the greatest ever. I wonder though, if players like Honus Wagner had access to all of the modern training and other "supplements", including being trained from preschool, how they might rank going up against today's players.
  2. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/page/mlbrank100_top10shortstops/ranking-top-10-shortstops-ever Here is an all time listing. I can see Wagner before Ripken and maybe Banks, but Arod, no way. A little bias, but if we are starting a team from scratch, give me Cal every day over Rodriguez
  3. I never saw him play. 😁😉 Sorry, should have been more specific. I meant best O's SS
  4. Does he just mean defensively? Best overall SS has to be Cal, right?
  5. As much as I don't like the Jays, I can't root for the Yankees. They happen to get into the playoffs and get healthy, they could go far. Having them beat up on each other would be good, but of course we need to win.
  6. Right now, I don't care about the playoffs but if we can play a small part in the Yankees not making it, it would be great.
  7. How do Mouncastle and Stewart split playing time. I want to see Ryan every day and if you are going to have Stewart up, he might as well play a lot. Give him a full chance
  8. Why I Started This Thread Early In The Season by Moose Milligan In all seriousness, it's about time for this, one of my favorite posts each year
  9. We should be trading from two areas 1. Players whose contracts will be expired by the time we are playoff competitive. I think that should be 2022, but Elias may think otherwise. No need to keep them if we have an offer for future prospects 2. Positions of strength. I would put catcher and relief pitchers in this group. Who needs them?
  10. Weren't really on track for the 12-9 are we?
  11. Especially when Boston knew it was coming. I wonder if we might have a Mullins/Hays platoon in CF.
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