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  1. Uncertainty of the 2022 season with the lockout?
  2. If he can go 6 innings allowing 4 runs on average, that's our #2 starter
  3. Sorry, color me confused. Aren't they all in the union?
  4. So...can anything at all happen now? Any transactions, waivers, trades, signings, etc...?
  5. Would have preferred any of those other guts you listed: Bundy, Hill, Wacha or Kluber
  6. I take if, if it's coming from him, it's almost like it's coming from the team
  7. I agree. I don't actually think either will be traded for what Elias wants and I expect both in O's uniforms in spring training, but again, nothing wrong with seeing what the market is
  8. No reason not to listen on EVERYONE, and I mean everyone, even AR
  9. Meanwhile, look at the Ray's https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2021/11/rays-sign-wander-franco-extension-11-years.html
  10. If you were trading Means, what would you accept in return?
  11. The big question is will we be able to afford to "keep our own:
  12. I would consider trading Means simply because I don't trust his health.
  13. I would think that they would care when even less people show up to games, when even less Orioles gear is sold, when less people watch on TV and the ratings are down.
  14. I can see this as a valid strategy to long term success but boy will the fans be unhappy
  15. If we barely win 50 games, who cares about a closer?
  16. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2021/11/brewers-to-sign-pedro-severino.html Signing with the Brewers
  17. I feel like we are adding one veteran catcher plus AR to the 40 man. I feel like we add a middle infielder as well, probably a SS.
  18. I think a pitcher is easier to claim and keep. No need to have him out there everyday. You can more easily stash him in the pen and only come in for non-pressure situations, eating up innings. Lord knows we needed that this year. Many times the game was out of hand. The problem with a lack of starters is the option becomes really important. Let's see what happens.
  19. I agree. Where is Crash Davis or Jake Taylor these days?
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