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  1. Wow, what a precipitous drop. Everyone knew the last years of the contract would be problematic, but the fact that his first year with the Angels was significantly worse than his worst year with St Louis, and that he pretty much got worse every year thereafter, made it especially bad. Perfectly understandable if he’s actually 4 or 5 years older than he claims.
  2. Wow. We’re only like 30 pitches into the game and the home plate ump has already missed four pitches. Two pitches outside the zone called strikes against Hays, and then two fat pitches inside the zone called balls when the Mariners were batting. If this continues I can see some ejections in our immediate future.
  3. Dodgers just lost Dustin May to TJS. Can they fill that hole from their minor leagues, or might they be ripe to trade for Means? They don’t have near the prospect depth of the Padres, but could they put together a package we’d be interested in?
  4. When I was a kid the Angels’ motto was “ Tanana and Ryan and two days of cryin’ “. Back then having two good starters and nothing behind them meant your team might be competitive half the time. We’re not even that good.
  5. Who had Aaron Boone in the 2021 managerial Deadpool?
  6. Why should this be political? Given that the per capita infection rate in Texas is currently about half that of Maryland I'd have thought MASN would WANT their announcers working from the Rangers' stadium rather than Camden Yards. They'd not only do a better job of calling the games, they'd be less likely to get the virus.
  7. I think both of those mistakes (and a couple of others last night) were caused primarily by Garceau calling a game in Texas while watching it on a monitor at Camden Yards. Given that Texas has opened up completely w/no Covid restrictions at the Rangers’ new stadium it is idiotic for MASN to still be having their guys working remotely. I suspect there’s some minute cost savings by doing so and the network is using the pandemic as an excuse, but with this clown show who can tell. Anyway, so long as the guys are calling games from five hundred miles away you’re going to get those kinds of screw ups.
  8. It’s actually worse than it looks. Home plate ump Ron Kulpa called the pitch strike three, and then signaled HBP and sent Comforto to first base. This has nothing to do with umpire judgment— by rule, if the pitch is a strike then it can’t also be a HBP. After the game Kulpa admitted to a pool reporter that he misapplied the HBP rule, and that Comforto should have been out on strikes. If the Marlins protest the game by all rights it should be upheld and the game resumed with two outs in the 9th.
  9. My memory isn’t what it used to be, but how often did Ruiz play the lefty shift as a deep 2nd baseman? If that happened 5-10 times a week then he should have a good feel for the timing and arm action of throwing runners out at first. He probably wasn’t involved with a whole lot of catch and pivot plays at the 2nd base bag, but they can drill him on that an hour a day until he can do it in his sleep. I think in a couple months we won’t even remember he was a third baseman.
  10. And John Lowenstein.....😎
  11. In all fairness he had Devers struck out on the 2-2 pitch. If Joe West does his job we’re talking about Scott having a really good inning.
  12. Maybe they’re considering a move of Ruiz or Franco to 2B.
  13. Easier said than done. What offer could (would) the Orioles make in the next 12-18 months that would be acceptable to both sides? I'm thinking Acuna's 8/100 contract extension from two years ago would be a good comp, but I can't see the Orioles making that offer unless Adley is an MVP candidate when he does eventually come up. Is that likely?
  14. Watch: Yankees will now double down on free agent pitching and sign Trevor Bauer to an eight year $250 million contract.
  15. Any word on José Iglesias‘ injury?
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