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  1. Easier said than done. What offer could (would) the Orioles make in the next 12-18 months that would be acceptable to both sides? I'm thinking Acuna's 8/100 contract extension from two years ago would be a good comp, but I can't see the Orioles making that offer unless Adley is an MVP candidate when he does eventually come up. Is that likely?
  2. Watch: Yankees will now double down on free agent pitching and sign Trevor Bauer to an eight year $250 million contract.
  3. Any word on José Iglesias‘ injury?
  4. I see only three practical options wrt determining the order of next year's draft: 1) 2020 record (based on winning % if teams don't play the same number of games) 2) 2019 record + 2020 record. 3) Record over the previous 162 games (all of 2020 plus the last 100 or so games in 2019). Any others that I'm just not thinking of? In any case, given the Orioles' next 20 games are deadly we should be at or near the top in all of those scenarios by the end of this season.
  5. I assumed Alberto had hurt himself on the sac bunt leading off the 10th. It was a good bunt that took a terrific play by the Jays' pitcher to nip him at first by a hair. Alberto knew he had a chance to beat it out and was running as hard as I've ever seen him run. Maybe he hit the bag a little awkwardly.
  6. The problem isn’t just missing pitches here and there, as frustrating as that can be for the players and managers. When an ump is having a bad game the batters, pitchers, and catchers have no idea what the strike zone is going to be from inning to inning or even from pitch to pitch. How was Realmuto to know that last pitch was going to be called strike three to end the game when a better pitch to Harper had been called a ball just seconds earlier? One of the main advantages of an electronic strike zone would be the consistency of that zone. What’s a strike now will be a strike next inning and next game and next year. I think that’s where the primary value will be found.
  7. I imagine having AC and a closed roof during day games will make things a lot more comfortable for the players and the fans.
  8. Reds over. I expect them to be the surprise team of the NL. Orioles under. My guess is we win only 18 or 19, especially playing so many games against the Yankees, Rays, Blue Jays, and Nationals.
  9. Watched a couple of the games, and was struck by how many future MLB managers there were between the ‘70 Reds and Orioles. Just off the top of my head and not doing any research, and just from the players in uniform (not any of the coaches) I counted seven guys who’d be managers someday. I suspect that if I dug into the internet and looked up every player there’d be a couple more that made it as well. That feels like a lot of future managers on the active rosters of just two teams.
  10. It’s interesting reading the debate over where Kjerstad should have ranked in this year’s draft. If you count all of 2019 plus a month of 2020 then 7th to 10th sounds about right. If you put more weight on his most recent performance then he ranks a little higher, and if you only look at his recent performance he may be near the top. It all depends. I have a poor memory for such things, but looking back to the very start of the 2019 college and prep seasons where did Adley Rutschman rank? Was he considered The Guy from the get go or did he raise his draft stock by killing it during Oregon’s 2019 season? If that season had ended after only a month would Rutschman have still been the consensus #1 pick? Were there any other guys who were considered mid-range prospects who shot up the 2019 draft boards based primarily on their play last summer? I have to think there were.
  11. When I go to Camden Yards it's about a 200 mile round trip, which means I'm statistically about 50 times more likely to be killed on the road to and from a game than I am to die from Wuhan contracted while I'm at the game. If they play I'll be there whether I'm the only fan in the park or surrounded by 40,000 others. Baseball is life.
  12. Maybe that’s the Boston FO strategy. Get an extra pick next year.
  13. Here’s a question — for all of us disappointed in the Kjerstad pick, who (within reason) would we have to get at #30 and #39 to make the strategy worthwhile?
  14. This is what has me intrigued as we get closer to draft day. A lot of scouts apparently believe Martin is the better all around player, and yet most pundits assume Torkelson is a certainty to be drafted by the a Tigers at #1. What if they choose Martin instead? Do the Orioles then go with Lacy or even Gonzales? Or do we take the Tork and hope he turns into Paul Konerko?
  15. On the one hand I really miss Luke’s prospects analyses leading up to the draft. On the other hand it’s hard to complain since his absence at OH means the Orioles have a better shot at picking the best prospects this week.
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