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  1. Altobelli was the sixth of eight siblings in a baseball loving family. His mom watched the Cubs on WGN religiously, and his dad played professionally. http://www.coastreportonline.com/sports/article_73a89d4e-f894-11e6-b736-17e5a357323d.html The only player with the last name Altobelli listed in baseball reference or the baseball cube is the former Orioles manager.
  2. Jordon is currently in the #30-ish range for the 2020 draft. My guess is that he’ll drop down a bit further in favor of college players who have a good year. As things stand right now I can’t imagine the Orioles taking him with the 30th or 39th pick unless he shows improvement to his defense. He strikes me as a guy who’s top potential is Pete Incaviglia.
  3. I see the computerized strike zone as a tool akin to the sideline sticks that measure first down yardage in a football game. Gridiron fans would go #$%&# if every ref had a different definition of how far an offense had to go for the next first down, and would be homicidal if the refs acted as if they were entitled to "adjust" such rules on a whim. The electronic strike zone for MLB can't come soon enough for my taste. 100 years of having the game hijacked by umpire egos is enough.
  4. The debate over whether to take Hancock or Torkelson (assuming there's no shake up at the top of the draft class, and that Martin goes #1 to the Tigers) is interesting. The player with more potential (Hancock) is also the player who is more likely to crash and burn. The guy with the lower ceiling (Torkelson) will probably have a better chance to reach that ceiling. Such a conundrum. Since 1991 the Orioles have drafted 21 pitchers before the second round, and I believe the best of the lot was Kevin Gausman and his 10 WAR in 6 seasons as an Oriole. Most of those 21 never pitched an inning at the major league level. That's a miserable rate of success, and a prime reason the Orioles have been bottom dwellers for most of that time. Somebody stated previously in this thread that the failure of our vaunted "Cavalry" back in the day proved that you can never have enough pitching. IMO it proved the exact opposite: drafting a lot of pitching (especially at the top of the draft) is a fool's game. Too many young pitchers get hurt and/or fail to provide meaningful value at the major league level for a team in the Orioles' present position to gamble on that choice. Just pulling numbers and comparisons out of thin air for the purpose of discussion -- let's say the team calculates that Hancock has a 50% chance of being Beau Hale , a 40% chance of being Dylan Bundy, and a 10% chance of being Gerrit Cole. While Torkelson has a 30% chance of being Billy Rowell, a 40% chance of being Trey Mancini, and a 30% chance of being Paul Konerko. Who do you take? In that scenario I take the position player every time.
  5. Jacoby Ellsbury -- Yankees Greg Bird -- Yankees Matt Duffy -- Rays Nick Martini -- Padres Wei-Yin Chen -- Marlins Nick Goody -- Indians
  6. The Blue Jays have been doing stuff like this for a decade, so no surprise here. MLB should use analytics to look closely at which teams year in year out exceed their expected offensive output in home games, and then dig deeper if the numbers are suspicious. If they prove a team did cheat then they need to come down hard on them. Taking away draft picks should do the trick.
  7. From the article: They don’t look ridiculous — they look like pitches that should be called strikes. What the ball does after it goes through (or past) the strike zone is irrelevant, both as a matter of common sense and by the rule book. Whether the pitch hits the dirt in front of the catcher or how that catcher receives it should have no bearing on if it was a ball or a strike. The system used in the AFL is pretty much ready for prime time, and should be implemented at the major league level ASAP.
  8. Extremely disappointing. Fanfest is a great way for the team and players to interact with regular fans one on one. We've traveled to FF from West Virginia the last eight years, and it's always been a fantastic time, especially for my young son. Sure, the team's performance over the last two years has stripped away the fair weather fans, but those that are left -- especially the kids -- are the future of Oriole fandom. The team should value and take care of those fans, not punish them for their loyalty to the team because the bandwagon fans have lost interest.
  9. Wouldn't it be more accurate to say that he was being platooned with Ruiz? Against RH starters the IF was more often than not: Alberto -- 2B Villar -- SS Ruiz -- 3B Against LH starters we got this a lot: Villar -- 2B Martin -- SS Alberto -- 3B Alberto and Villar were pretty much full time players, with Martin and Ruiz alternating depending on the starting pitching match ups.
  10. My primary memory of Chris Ray is him trying to close out an April 2007 game at Yankee Stadium with the Orioles up 7-6 in the 9th. With two outs and the bases loaded Arod hit a high fly ball off him, and Ray pointed straight up as if it was a pop up to the infield. Unfortunately the ball landed about 450 feet away in the right-center field bleachers for a walk off grand slam. I also remember the first time I saw Chris Ray pitch and remarking to a fellow fan that with that kind of delivery he should book his Tommy John surgery now. I think his short, injury plagued career was a surprise to pretty much nobody.
  11. King Felix has an 0-5 record in road games this year with a 9.19 ERA, and allowed 8 HRs in 31 innings.
  12. Wow. GR coming up small in his first playoff start. Gives up three earned runs in the first inning on three hits and a walk.
  13. Rutschman with two hits today, including his second HR as a Shorebird.
  14. While it appears there's going to be a lot of great pitching available in the next draft I hope the Orioles choose to go with the best position player available. The attrition rate among pitching prospects is just horrific, and in our position we need to hit on every top pick we have. Pack the minor league system with lots of good young position players, and then deal the excess for major league arms that have already made it to the big leagues in healthy condition.
  15. Six innings pitched tonight. No hits, one walk, seven strikeouts. One (unearned) run allowed. 84 pitches, 56 strikes.
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