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  1. Wouldn't it be more accurate to say that he was being platooned with Ruiz? Against RH starters the IF was more often than not: Alberto -- 2B Villar -- SS Ruiz -- 3B Against LH starters we got this a lot: Villar -- 2B Martin -- SS Alberto -- 3B Alberto and Villar were pretty much full time players, with Martin and Ruiz alternating depending on the starting pitching match ups.
  2. My primary memory of Chris Ray is him trying to close out an April 2007 game at Yankee Stadium with the Orioles up 7-6 in the 9th. With two outs and the bases loaded Arod hit a high fly ball off him, and Ray pointed straight up as if it was a pop up to the infield. Unfortunately the ball landed about 450 feet away in the right-center field bleachers for a walk off grand slam. I also remember the first time I saw Chris Ray pitch and remarking to a fellow fan that with that kind of delivery he should book his Tommy John surgery now. I think his short, injury plagued career was a surprise to pretty much nobody.
  3. King Felix has an 0-5 record in road games this year with a 9.19 ERA, and allowed 8 HRs in 31 innings.
  4. Wow. GR coming up small in his first playoff start. Gives up three earned runs in the first inning on three hits and a walk.
  5. Rutschman with two hits today, including his second HR as a Shorebird.
  6. While it appears there's going to be a lot of great pitching available in the next draft I hope the Orioles choose to go with the best position player available. The attrition rate among pitching prospects is just horrific, and in our position we need to hit on every top pick we have. Pack the minor league system with lots of good young position players, and then deal the excess for major league arms that have already made it to the big leagues in healthy condition.
  7. Six innings pitched tonight. No hits, one walk, seven strikeouts. One (unearned) run allowed. 84 pitches, 56 strikes.
  8. ShoelesJoe

    Gray Fenter

    Five innings tonight — no hits, no walks, eleven strikeouts. 66 pitches. 50 strikes.
  9. ShoelesJoe

    Shayne Fontana

    Also a member of Lone Justice and Marc Cohn's band.
  10. Clear and cool. Night full of stars. All the rain had stopped by 3pm.
  11. Had tickets front row row behind home plate last night. Game was called four hours prior to the 7pm start time, and as of game time the skies in Hagerstown were completely clear. I hate that these minor league parks have no drainage capabilities. If this had been a major league park there wouldn’t have even been a delay.
  12. ShoelesJoe

    Toby Welk

    Okay, that's a little too inside baseball for me. What exactly is "the Estrada treatment"?
  13. Picked up another game on Detroit tonight, which makes four games picked up out of the last ten. As bad as the Tigers are I didn’t think that was possible. This whole suck-tastic race could be determined by the four game series in Detroit mid September. They took two out of three at Camden Yards earlier in the season, and if they win three at CoAmerica that may be all she wrote. Anybody know what the tie breaker procedure is if both teams end up with the same record?
  14. GR pitching against Lakewood tonight. After three innings he’s given up no hits, no walks, no runs, and struck out six.
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