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  1. I don't think Harper was ever going to sign long term with the Nats, and they knew it. He had a serious dispute with them over the contract he signed after being drafted in 2010. There was bad blood there and he was always going to bolt DC the first chance he got.
  2. When the Astros drafted 17 year old Carlos Correa with the top pick in 2012 a lot of the “experts” were left scratching their heads. The conventional wisdom was that he was really good prospect, but there were still 4-5 players that were better. Houston signed Correa at a discount and used the savings to grab Lance McCullers later in the draft, which most people believed was a smart move, but it was still assumed at the time that the team had deliberately not taken the best player at #1. Later on many within the Houston organization stated that Correa was always at the top of their draft chart
  3. I don’t think it’s crazy, I think it’s the smart strategy for a team in the Orioles’ position. I also think Elias decided a long time ago that drafting and developing high value position players rather than pitchers was his short term plan for improving the system. Who cares if your minor leagues are bereft of pitching? All that matters is whether or not the major league team has pitching. Once we have an excess of good minor league position players Elias will start trading the extra pieces for established pitchers that are ready to help the big league club. I assume at that point our draft an
  4. The 2003 Detroit Tigers lost 119 games, and ended up with the #2 pick the next year. The Padres picked #1 and chose the immortal Matt Bush. Poor Detroit had to settle for Justin Verlander.
  5. The impact I was referring to is the ability of losing baseball teams to significantly improve themselves by acquiring a high draft pick. In baseball there's no such thing as a franchise changing player ala Michael Jordan, Alex Ovechkin, or Tom Brady. The Angels have had the best player in the world for a decade, and in that time have made the playoffs exactly once and got swept in that series. This year they had maybe the two best players on the planet and still lost more games than they won. Tanking only helps if you've got enough smart people behind the scenes who are not only good at picki
  6. I don’t think MLB will try a draft lottery any time soon. Tanking in baseball doesn’t have the same impact as it would in hockey or basketball. Drafting kids out of high school and college is much more of a crap shoot in baseball than those other sports. The biggest change I can see might be the trading of draft picks, which I think would be great.
  7. Here's hoping that some kid steps up and becomes the consensus #1 pick ala Harper, Rutschman, or Strasburg, making all this angst worth while. We've already got a top five minor league system, imagine what Elias and Sid can do with additional top picks and more money to sign them.
  8. “What have I told you since the first day you walked into my office? That there are three ways to make a living in this business: be first, be smarter, or cheat. Well, I don’t cheat, and even though I like to think we have got some pretty smart people in this building of the two remaining options, it sure is a hell of a lot easier to just be first.” -- John Tuld Margin Call (2011)
  9. Was Mayo's knee injury common knowledge? If he was playing hurt this year that makes his season that much more impressive.
  10. Yup, being up 7-0 at home after five innings has to have a 95% win rate, especially considering the Rockies are a pretty bad team themselves. That loss probably ices the race for the #1 pick.
  11. O’s lost and D-Backs are up 7-0 in the 5th at home so it looks like we’ll be one game back going into Saturday’s games. The Jays are still alive in the AL Wild Card race so I expect them to take no prisoners this weekend. I think if we lose our last two games in Toronto we get the #1 pick. And I don’t care what Elias says in public — it’s always better to choose first rather than second, especially since there’s more money allotted to the team choosing first.
  12. Is there a list of past winners anywhere? Like to see how they prospered (or not) after being named pitching prospect of the year.
  13. Would have been sweeter if the Jays had done their part and slagged the Yankees.
  14. Why would you give Rutschman days off against LHP if he’s hitting better from the right side? Wouldn’t it be the other way around?
  15. This could prove to be a very important factor going forward. Our list of top position player prospects is heavily tilted towards left-handed hitters. Looking 2-3 years down the road it’s possible (with some luck) we could have an everyday starting lineup with Henderson, Stowers, Cowser, and Kjerstad in it, which would probably mean facing a lot of LH pitching as opposing teams try to nullify our LH offense. Having guys with somewhat even platoon splits could be a huge advantage in those situations.
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