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  1. Given his current OBP I’d move Urias up to the second spot in the order, and drop Hays to 6th or 7th.
  2. Westburg with a 3 run HR tonight.
  3. Looks like the Phillies are getting Gibson and Kennedy from TX.
  4. Twins apparently having conversations with multiple teams concerning their injured CF Buxton. You’d think we’d be talking to the same teams about Mullins.
  5. Madrigal going back to the Cubs for Kimbrel. Wow.
  6. Kyle Schwarber to the Red Sox for Boston’s #19 prospect Aldo Ramirez. The Nationals are unloading everybody but Soto and Teddy Roosevelt tonight, and Teddy’s available for anybody’s top 30 minor leaguer.
  7. Ya, saw that as soon as I posted. Too many trades going down right now.
  8. They haven't traded any prospect so far who'd be in our top 20.
  9. My guess is they're banging out the details of how much $$ the Nats are sending with Scherzer to SD. If memory serves, he's still owed a hundred million bucks deferred starting next year.
  10. With the Cubs paying his remaining $$ for the year. Sheesh. Also, this keeps Rizzo away from the Red Sox, so its a two-fer for the Yankees.
  11. ...and two years of Gerrit Cole.
  12. Danny Duffy + money to the Dodgers for a PTBNL.
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