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  1. Agree with Luke. Roch said in his post: Baysox manager Buck Britton is joining the Orioles coaching staff on Tuesday. He’s replacing Triple-A Norfolk manager Gary Kendall, whose stint with the club ends tonight. The Orioles wanted to rotate a few minor league managers onto the staff.
  2. Jim Leyland 2006? Jack McKeon 2003? It's not unheard of. Still a crazy idea to think we could or should bring Buck back, though.
  3. I think Corn was talking about service time games with Mountcastle. Agree with your take on Hays though.
  4. Why not have him go to an arm strength type program like some pitchers do (Means did it last year to notable success)? I suppose reworking his swing and rebuilding his confidence at the plate is more important, but he probably could do both.
  5. The uniform was a one game thing. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/13778435/uni-watch-friday-flashback-baseball-turns-ahead-clock-1999 (most/possibly all of them were hot garbage)
  6. Seriously, weams, that should have had a trigger warning. Visions of Grissom, Fernandez, Mesa, and Armando 🤬 Benitez are in my brain now.
  7. I believe the lowest the O's ownership of MASN will ever go is 67%.
  8. Sounds like the opposite of today's game. Or like the game played by the 8-9 year old league at your local park (other than the lack of walks).
  9. The Dodgers traded something for Kolarek, who is a 30-year old LOOGY, not really a guy we needed. Assuming you're talking about Sadler (a righty), the Dodgers also traded something for him after he was DFAed, so he never hit the waiver wire.
  10. I think he covered more ground on the catch where he made the throw than on the catch where he dove. Not sure why the dive was necessary.
  11. TGO

    Chris Davis, 2019

    I think he gets at least Spring Training to show signs of a pulse/clue at the plate. Otherwise he'd be gone already.
  12. It's not as much fun predicting the particulars now but I'll go with a Tommy Pham 2 run HR off of Wojo in the first inning.
  13. This is the only poster to guess August 22. By the way, there should be fanfare and the entire pitching staff (you too, Stevie) should do a Cal-esque lap around the stadium when we break this thing.
  14. I was wondering what that smoky smell was.
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