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  1. Ooh ooh and what if your opponent is a homer happy squad, the starter is prone to gopher balls and the reliever extremely is not?
  2. Also I don't want to see us throw another deep out.
  3. First half was trash but we can tie the game on the first possession of the second half. Definitely still a winnable game. Need receivers to make catches and Lamar to stop tripping himself.
  4. Right, they don't get paid for it so you can't force them to go. If a player has already "made it" as a player and got a big pay day it's a tough sell.
  5. TGO

    Travis Shaw?

    Is there any indication he was messing with his launch angle? He hit plenty of HRs the two years prior, though, so I don't know why he'd try that.
  6. No respect for Richie Martin's play in Seattle. Jones to Hardy to Wieters in Boston deserves a mention. A perfect team play.
  7. That doesn't sound right to me (nor does $1.50 at Camden Yards).
  8. This isn't really an "easy job for any contractor." You can't just lop off a couple rows of seating from a concrete slab and leave it at that. There are some things you could do to raise the height of the walls but that changes the look of the park pretty considerably. There's a reason why the one time they tried making the outfield bigger they moved home plate and effectively the entire infield in (and it caused a bunch of problems with batters not seeing the ball because they had shifted relative to the "batters' eye" - the large green wall in CF).
  9. They go to arb unless they agree with him on a contract like we did with Bleier.
  10. The year Switch Hitting Jesus was #1 you had a poll where all 4 or 5 of the choices were Wieters, with various misspellings.
  11. But we've yet to see a poll with Matt Fwieters as an option. #throwback
  12. Would honestly be surprised to see him in Bowie for more than 2-3 starts this year. He would need to completely blow away high A hitters to the point where it is hurting his development to keep him there. Of course, maybe that will happen, he has the talent. As Frobby said, the jump to AA mid year for a pitcher who isn't repeating high A has been pretty rare for the Orioles, and I don't get the sense Elias is aggressive with promotions (actually quite the opposite).
  13. This is what I suggested. Not sure how wildcard read into my response that he should stay in Frederick all year.
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