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  1. At the very least we won't have to worry about going up against Tommy Milone this season. My memory had me convinced he was somewhat of an Orioles killer, and sure enough he is. 7 games, 6 starts, 2.65 ERA, .686 OPS.
  2. When I think of Harvey I think that a middle ground comp for him to end up being is Aaron Crow. Solid middle reliever, bouts of high walk rates that will drive you crazy, but overall dependable, hopefully with a longer career. Best case scenario is Andrew Miller circa 2014-2017, but he'd need to prove he can stay healthy first.
  3. Man I clearly have been out of the loop for a while that they turned Top Hat into a "family friendly" establishment. I haven't been there in over 15 years and never in my life would I have thought they'd try to make that place anything more than a pool hall.
  4. Scott Rolen has jumped from 10% to 35% in three voting cycles, I'm curious how he isn't getting more support. 10th highest WAR all time among 3rd basemen, 8 Gold Gloves, got both the counting states and the advanced stats. I can't remember if the guy was just a nothing or jerk personality, aside from Philly fans being Philly fans because he wasn't the second coming of Mike Schmidt and tiffs with Tony LaRussa because who didn't have a tiff with Tony LaRussa. In some ways he's a contemporary Craig Nettles, coincidentally two spots behind Rolen on the career WAR list if you don't count Edgar Martinez as a 3rd baseman. Similar career numbers, lauded for the glove, but overshadowed by someone else. Nettles played in the era with Brooks and Mike Schmidt, Rolen played in the era of Chipper Jones, Adrian Beltre, and ARod.
  5. When Maddux and Griffey didn't get 100%, that was enough for me to say there needed to be even more of a purge.
  6. I'd be inclined to agree...if there wasn't a good argument to be made that a lot of it was Buck's doing. I know he wasn't the GM, or the owner, but it's hard to argue that a lot of the moves that were made that contributed to the dumpster fire weren't from Buck's influence or preference in players. It's impossible to assign blame to one person, but Buck's fingerprints were all over that team, and I acknowledge I'm still fully butt hurt and bitter about two years ago, but he lost a lot of luster in my eyes because of it. If he gets another job then great, good for him, but if he doesn't I won't be surprised, and can't say I disagree with it.
  7. First round byes haven't exactly been the best for the Ravens. 2006 they had the bye and lost to the Colts 15-6, and 2011 they beat the Texans but it was against a backup QB and the Ravens didn't have the best performance. My heart still says the 2006 loss hurt far worse than this one. That one was flat out demoralizing because the game was in reach pretty much the entire time, and that you had Peyton Manning have a bad game and STILL couldn't win. This one the game never really felt within reach once the second half started.
  8. Having gone to a number of Fan Fests in the last dark ages, they weren't exactly better in instilling faith and optimism. You can put the event in any venue you want, confidence and optimism is grounded in the team and the players on it. If you're not looking forward to that, you're not going to see much to find enjoyable.
  9. Maybe if Skynet goes live and wipes out 3 billion people there'd be a chance.
  10. Between his age, decent appearance and innings accumulation at the end of the season, and less than inspiring results, I honestly didn't think he would be included on the list. Right now he's AAAA material, decent enough to get to the big leagues but questionable about whether he can stick there.
  11. It's become a right of passage to post about some other team's castoffs and whether we could or should be interested, so here's another one: https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/28125662/yankees-release-jacoby-ellsbury-dfa-greg-bird Cortes is still only 25 but consistently inconsistent, Bird is 27 but constantly injured and never come close to matching his gangbusters debut four years ago. Minor league deals, spring invites if anything, maybe?
  12. Getting old sucks, 2014 feels like it was just yesterday. Brian Roberts was still playing, the Orioles were good, I wasn't married . Now, Brian Roberts is HOF eligible, the Orioles aren't good, and I'm coming up on a year of marriage.
  13. Major props to Means for getting to this point, because he without question deserved it. Just like making the All Star game, Means was probably one of the last you'd have expected to put up a performance worthy to get in the running. He's not going to win, it'd be shocking if he did, but he deserves the recognition of just being in the conversation. FWIW the Orioles to finish in the ROY voting since 2000: 2017-Mancini (3rd) 2012-Chen (4th) 2010-Matusz (T-5th) 2006-Markakis (6th) 2004-Cabrera (3rd) 2002-R. Lopez & J. Julio (2nd/3rd) Not exactly the most awe inspiring list, both in terms of the number of players and the players actually on the list. As an aside, I'll always hate Eric Hinske because he won the award in 2002 instead of Rodrigo Lopez. Yeah Hinkse was more of a traditional rookie than Lopez was and was younger, and had a higher WAR, but I felt then and now that Lopez was so beyond the realm of expectations that it would've been acceptable for him to win the award, and that his contributions meant more to the Orioles that season than Hinkse's did to the Blue Jays. Take Lopez off the Orioles and they're a 100-110 loss team, take Hinske off the Blue Jays and they're still a 70 something win team.
  14. I can only speak from experience listening to my grandfather, but I wouldn't be surprised if there were some fans in the area back then that liked the Yankees. My grandfather sure did, he loved Mickey Mantle and Whitey Ford, plus they were regionally close and successful. You weren't getting success out of the Phillies, Athletics, or Senators at that time.
  15. I'd say there's some degree of accuracy with that map, though in my unscientific opinion I'd chalk up Allegany and Washington County more to Pittsburgh than I would the Nats, especially Allegany County. Not terribly surprised by the south central PA assessment, most of the major towns and cities in that region of PA are distance wise closer to Baltimore than they are to Philadelphia, i.e. York, Harrisburg, Gettysburg, Stewartstown. Plus, the Orioles had a presence in the region from a merchandise and marketing standpoint with the Orioles store in York.
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