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  1. Any thoughts on why he still has never made it into the team Hall of Fame? I can only conclude it stemmed from issues with ownership, because a 12 year playing career plus several years later of service in the minor leagues would justify induction to me.
  2. Pardon my ignorance not doing the research, but is this collective free agent class seem older on average than previous ones? Not many guys under the age of 30 at any position. I say that and most of these guys are closer to my age. Getting old is a *itch.
  3. 1. No injuries. 2. Seeing how Means finishes up a truly stellar rookie season. 3. Just seeing how the younger guys in general finish up the season: Santander, Hays, Stewart, etc. 4. Seeing how hard the guys play in the final series of the season against a team that's out of it and had a really disappointing year.
  4. So he'll go somewhere else and find success.
  5. So..they'd have a handful more wins, at most? The season would have been more purely fun to watch just from a youth and entertainment standpoint, but it wouldn't have meant much the overall record.
  6. Relief pitching. Pitching in general, but especially out of the pen. The 2012-2016 Orioles pen was filled with guys acquired through very minor deals that ended up making very major contributions. You can get impact out of the pen without spending a ton.
  7. Great to see you've found your new whipping boy, every season it's somebody new you need to tear down at every single turn the second they don't succeed.
  8. I thought that was the 2000 season that sweep happened, because people still hold on to potentially losing out on drafting Mark T.
  9. 2001 World Series. Yanks had the lead in the 9th in game 7, and Rivera couldn't close it out.
  10. Talent wise that's certainly debatable, but in terms of results and output of talent, making the playoffs and getting as far as they did saved the '96 team from being the biggest underachiever in team history. There's no reason a team with the talent they had should've needed till the last day of the season to wrap up the wild card, but they got themselves in a deep rut to dig out of. I say all that and the nostalgia of the team still resonates, but it's very much overshadowed by the '97, '12, and '14 teams.
  11. The one postseason game the greatest closer in history wasn't so great.
  12. Player of the year without a doubt it's Mountcastle. Pitcher of the year I'd agree between those two. The only other major contender I can think of is Michael Baumann, when considering the overall body of work, but he's not on the level as the other two. If there were an award for consistency, however, it has to go to Alex Wells. The man is just so damn consistent each stop in the system.
  13. Fixed. But Davis Hess has a nice ring of failure to it. Like a law firm that hasn't won a case in four years.
  14. I could've done without ever seeing David Hess in an Orioles uniform again.
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