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  1. Jerry Reinsdorf and Tony LaRussa, specifically LaRussa serving on the "Today's Game" veterans selection committee.
  2. It's not set that high both in terms of length of time with the team or actual quality and contribution. Markakis and Jones are as close to slam dunk team hall of famers as you will ever see, barring some resentments or estrangement from the organization.
  3. I can't think of anyone in the current game I'd consider an enemy and a favorite. I take no solace in getting torched by anyone on the Yankees, because it's happened too frequently, I can't name most of the guys on the Rays, the Jays hitters are young and likely to be a royal pain for years to come, and the Red Sox see the Yankees prior to this season. While retired, strange as it is I have to go with Mariano Rivera. He always seemed like one of the classy players, had the respect of his peers, was an absolute master at what he did, and infuriating to go against because when you did 90
  4. Particularly when their starting rotation, outside of Bundy, has made the Orioles rotation look like the 90's Atlanta Braves.
  5. He's merely a pretender to the throne unless his program wins back to back to back AAU national championships.
  6. Catching the replay of the Hays game winner last night made me really miss Gary Thorne. Scott Garceau has that great professional voice and is beyond dependable, but you could have had Gary Thorne calling that play from an outpost bathroom in Antarctica and he still would have been losing his every loving mind. Hell even Jim Hunter would have been going ballistic and selling the moment.
  7. Not to mention a better defense.
  8. It's annoying, because I want to win every game 60 season or 600 game season, but nothing in baseball is surprising. This offense is still boom or bust, like it's been for years, and they're prone to extreme cold streaks in an instant. On the plus side the pitching was a nice surprise regardless of the opponent. At the end of the day, my expectations this season were low no matter how many games there are. Still plenty of time to lower or exceed my expectations.
  9. I was just a bit too young to remember the '91 series. Of the ones that I can remember watching the ones that I immediately remember are '97 (was never going to root for Cleveland), '01, '02, '03 was great just because nobody expected the Marlins to win against the NYY. A couple of the ones in the 2010's went to 6 and 7 games but I wasn't really watching as much; I think having an O's team do something worth a damn and coming up short made me less inclined to see how it ended, save for '14 because screw KC.
  10. Well to be fair most series that end in four or five games aren't going to be memorable unless every game was a one run decision or nobody expected it, i.e. the '69 Mets.
  11. You can't be ecstatic about finding diamonds in the rough and finding enjoyment in guys like Melvin Mora, Miguel Gonzalez, Rodrigo Lopez, Jeremy Guthrie, etc., and then never let down that Mike Yastrzemski got away. Baseball is littered throughout history of guys that never did accomplished anything in one place, some times multiple places, without reaping the rewards of someone else's "mistake." The Orioles have been in the right plenty of times with micro transactions, why this is the one that people still complain about I don't get it.
  12. Does this mean that Gary Thorne no longer has to drink Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey whiskey....................responsibly?🥃
  13. My sentiments exactly. It's glorified click bait you see on every single website in the side bar ads. I was done after three of four slides, they could have argued Cal on the list and I'd never care because I'm not sitting through it. Hell I'm expecting it to show up as one of the sides ad on the OH, right below "Alyssa Milano is 108 now and looks totally different."
  14. In all seriousness, Nick's played the game for a long time and is nearing the end of his career, so if he feels it's his in his best interests or his family and teammates best interests not to play, more power to him. If it turns out he doesn't come back next season as a result I also wouldn't be surprised. Nick's personality lends itself to the belief he'd quietly step aware not seeking any bit of recognition or attention, and because sitting out a year for non-injury related purposes and coming back is hard to do even when you try to stay in shape. Of course who knows maybe a year away le
  15. Was the starting lineup rounded out by Alexis Texas, Tori Black, Lisa Ann, and Cory Chase. 😂😂😂
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