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  1. Getting old sucks, 2014 feels like it was just yesterday. Brian Roberts was still playing, the Orioles were good, I wasn't married . Now, Brian Roberts is HOF eligible, the Orioles aren't good, and I'm coming up on a year of marriage.
  2. Major props to Means for getting to this point, because he without question deserved it. Just like making the All Star game, Means was probably one of the last you'd have expected to put up a performance worthy to get in the running. He's not going to win, it'd be shocking if he did, but he deserves the recognition of just being in the conversation. FWIW the Orioles to finish in the ROY voting since 2000: 2017-Mancini (3rd) 2012-Chen (4th) 2010-Matusz (T-5th) 2006-Markakis (6th) 2004-Cabrera (3rd) 2002-R. Lopez & J. Julio (2nd/3rd) Not exactly the most awe inspiring list, both in terms of the number of players and the players actually on the list. As an aside, I'll always hate Eric Hinske because he won the award in 2002 instead of Rodrigo Lopez. Yeah Hinkse was more of a traditional rookie than Lopez was and was younger, and had a higher WAR, but I felt then and now that Lopez was so beyond the realm of expectations that it would've been acceptable for him to win the award, and that his contributions meant more to the Orioles that season than Hinkse's did to the Blue Jays. Take Lopez off the Orioles and they're a 100-110 loss team, take Hinske off the Blue Jays and they're still a 70 something win team.
  3. I can only speak from experience listening to my grandfather, but I wouldn't be surprised if there were some fans in the area back then that liked the Yankees. My grandfather sure did, he loved Mickey Mantle and Whitey Ford, plus they were regionally close and successful. You weren't getting success out of the Phillies, Athletics, or Senators at that time.
  4. I'd say there's some degree of accuracy with that map, though in my unscientific opinion I'd chalk up Allegany and Washington County more to Pittsburgh than I would the Nats, especially Allegany County. Not terribly surprised by the south central PA assessment, most of the major towns and cities in that region of PA are distance wise closer to Baltimore than they are to Philadelphia, i.e. York, Harrisburg, Gettysburg, Stewartstown. Plus, the Orioles had a presence in the region from a merchandise and marketing standpoint with the Orioles store in York.
  5. Nobody in baseball, dead money for dead money or not, is going to trade for Chris Davis. Lets not even kid ourselves into thinking that somebody will take on that contract, no matter who the Orioles would take back.
  6. 2012-2017 showed that the region can thrive with two teams in playoff contention, and/or in the postseason itself. 2005-2017 both teams were either bad, or both were good, there was no demonstrable instance where the Nationals were good and the Orioles were bad. Are we in that phase now, yes, but how long that will last remains to be seen because the Orioles are a work in progress and the Nationals are going to have a lot of tough decisions to make on their own guys, Rendon specifically. People need to stop acting like the Nationals success, or mere existence, is a death sentence for the Orioles. The region can survive with two teams in it; I'm honestly just not sure that some Orioles can, or want to.
  7. Had to represent the Hangout.
  8. Any thoughts on why he still has never made it into the team Hall of Fame? I can only conclude it stemmed from issues with ownership, because a 12 year playing career plus several years later of service in the minor leagues would justify induction to me.
  9. Pardon my ignorance not doing the research, but is this collective free agent class seem older on average than previous ones? Not many guys under the age of 30 at any position. I say that and most of these guys are closer to my age. Getting old is a *itch.
  10. 1. No injuries. 2. Seeing how Means finishes up a truly stellar rookie season. 3. Just seeing how the younger guys in general finish up the season: Santander, Hays, Stewart, etc. 4. Seeing how hard the guys play in the final series of the season against a team that's out of it and had a really disappointing year.
  11. So he'll go somewhere else and find success.
  12. So..they'd have a handful more wins, at most? The season would have been more purely fun to watch just from a youth and entertainment standpoint, but it wouldn't have meant much the overall record.
  13. Relief pitching. Pitching in general, but especially out of the pen. The 2012-2016 Orioles pen was filled with guys acquired through very minor deals that ended up making very major contributions. You can get impact out of the pen without spending a ton.
  14. Great to see you've found your new whipping boy, every season it's somebody new you need to tear down at every single turn the second they don't succeed.
  15. I thought that was the 2000 season that sweep happened, because people still hold on to potentially losing out on drafting Mark T.
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