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  1. I forgot about Davis playing out there towards the latter part of the season. When I think of Davis in right I more so think of 2012 when he inexplicably had a case of the yips and had trouble catching the ball at 1st, only time in his career I can recall that being the case.
  2. Which I was curious about this yesterday and looked up the players in 2015 on BB-Ref because I couldn't remember them all, and I'm still struggling to figure out how that was even possible. Snider, Parra, Snider, Lough, Young, Urrutia, Alvarez, anyone that would have played out there was sub .700 OPS. I thought maybe Paredes skewed the numbers but he didn't play many games there.
  3. I'll maintain that was the case about all of those guys. The whole I like our guys statement wasn't just a PR slogan for the team in 2014, I completely believe it was what Buck truly believed and wanted.
  4. I still don't buy the argument that the Rangers needed a new ballpark when the The Ballpark in Arlington was 25 years old. If you're going to make the lack of a retractable roof argument then spare me because the Rangers played over twenty years in a metal scrapheap that was a glorified minor league park. As for the stadium, by the looks of it the Rangers better hope the baseball is finger licking, lip smacking good.
  5. Manfred is obsessed with time of the game, Buck was obsessed with time to the plate.
  6. We'd heard a lot of different stories about Adair and read the tea leaves about what guys thought about him and how he negatively impacted player development, but that's beyond damning. People are allowed to have their own problems and demons, but how Buck could find that acceptable and keep the guy around as long as he did if there's any truth at all is astounding.
  7. People were convinced there was no way there wouldn't be a World Series in 1994. While I'll gladly eat crow if/when proven wrong, everything is an improbability or impossibility, until it happens.
  8. I call it more of a built-in twitch, that it happened with Arrieta so now we're just worried it'll happen with everyone.
  9. To think there were some people worried Mike Wright would pull a Jake Arrieta and somehow blossom once he was gone simply because #OriolesTragic, that the Orioles had somehow screwed up Mike Wright, or because the universe is just aligned against the Orioles.
  10. I know it's not for everyone, but if this is an example to follow, I'd accept empty stadium games if it meant baseball was back. I know loss of gate revenue, cuts to game day staff, salaries and all that stuff. But, for me if it meant having something to watch and look forward to, from the comforts of my own home, and as long as the players and team personnel were all healthy and not a risk to each other, right now I'd gladly sign up for that.
  11. Even for a strike shortened season, I've said before there's a great argument to be made that the '95 Orioles were the biggest underachiever in team history. '96 would have been if they hadn't made the playoffs and had that deep run because they slept walk the first part of that season. '98 and '99 get a bit of a pass even though they were immediately after the '97 team, because they were both a lot older than the the core group that went wire to wire. As for '95, a team with all of those names, a pitching staff that finished second in the AL in ERA with a starting five of Mussina, Kevin Brown, Jamie Moyer, later Scott Erickson, and Ben McDonald. On paper that's a license to print playoff tickets.
  12. I'm sure someone has done it in Spring Training. 😄
  13. Thought this might be a fun and interesting one. What is a feat or accomplishment you've never seen the Orioles accomplish, be it as a team or an individual player, that you'd want to witness. I'm adding the handicap now, not including winning the pennant or the World Series, I'd hope we all want that! Here's a couple of mine: 1. No-Hitter or Perfect Game. I was too young remember the tandem no-hitter against Oakland in 1990. I was in the stands for Mussina's near perfect game against Cleveland in '97. 2. 100 team win season. They've come close a couple of times in my lifetime. 3. Batting title winner. Frank is still the only one to do it. 4. Pitching Accomplishments: Cy Young, Strikeout Leader, 20-Game Winner, etc. For a long time it was see someone hit for the cycle, because it took a long time to get from Cal to Aubrey Huff.
  14. Brad Bergesen would have to make my list. I know it's kind of unfair considering the circumstances of how his rookie season ended, and then the fluke injury in the offseason, but I have to go off of pure statistics that he never came close to replicating his rookie success. Not to mention that with his paltry strikeout numbers it's certainly debatable he would have actually come close to it anyway. Another would be Rocky Coppinger. Sure he only put up a 1.3 WAR that season, albeit possibly the "greatest" offensive season in MLB history, but he was a producer on a playoff team that never came close to replicating it again.
  15. I know we're all feeling the weight of reality of everything going wrong in the world, because today would have been Opening Day. Doubly so for me because I can see the stadium lights from my office window. But much like the sun shining outside, good days will return eventually, and even though we can't have Opening Day today, I figured that didn't mean we couldn't talk about it. What are some of your favorite Opening Day memories? I've only actually been to Opening Day twice, but the first one I went to is still one of my favorites. https://youtu.be/HqJUVvtuSaY Hope usually springs eternal on Opening Day, but entering 2002, the first season without Cal since 1981, and opening against Clemens and the NYY there wasn't much reason to be optimistic. For one day though, man that was a good day.
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