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  1. Well I'm sure the Southern Illinois University alumni association is pretty upset about the list. Sure, SIU's not the Ivy League - but high school?
  2. Right, Sydney is 14 hours ahead of Baltimore. Did I misunderstand your earlier comment? Hank asked "if a game is played in Sydney and televised in Baltimore, what time would it be on" and you said: which would only be true if the game were played in Baltimore and televised in Sydney. If it were played in Sydney (at 7 PM Monday) and televised in Baltimore, the broadcast would be at 5 AM Monday. Just to confuse things, the name of the time zone in Sydney is Eastern Standard Time...
  3. Nope, you're counting in the wrong direction. That 7 PM Monday evening game in Sydney would start at 5 o'clock Monday morning in Baltimore.
  4. rlc

    Machado speaks

    First Inning has them (but the Ks are not broken down by swinging and looking).
  5. Why is Jesse Beal (7/12/90) now on Aberdeen's roster? Oh, wait - I forgot: Ask not for whom the Beal toils...
  6. rlc

    Wynn Pelzer

    [b]Just Wynn, Baby Spoone!!![/b]Lev Age K/9 BB/9 HR/9 GO/AO Age K/9 BB/9 HR/9 GO/AOR+ 19 9.9 4.7 1.1 2.62A 22 7.6 2.4 0.7 1.76 20 6.3 5.6 0.3 1.66A+ 23 8.8 3.5 0.4 2.00 21 7.9 4.0 0.5 2.67AA 24 7.9 5.3 0.9 1.25 24 5.9 5.1 0.9 1.70
  7. Okeydokey. Um, the Midwest League is Low A. High A is the California League, the Carolina League and the Florida State League. Er, compared to what? Minor League Splits says that if Lawrie had played at Delmarva, his OPS would have been 10 points lower. Uh, it took him 30 attempts! c.f. Hoes's 20 for 25 at Delmarva. Yep, he's a better prospect than Hoes - but if LJ keeps hitting the way he has for the past couple of weeks, I wouldn't be surprised to see him in the 80-100 range.
  8. Bergesen's career GB% in the minors is 52.6%. I think that even you must concede that no one, not even a highly touted Oriole prospect, can have a GB% of over 100%. Britton's career GB% is 63.5%, and that number is actually deceptively low - his 36 innings back at Bluefield pull his career number below what it's been in every season since. He gets significantly more grounders than Bergesen.
  9. This is the first time I've heard anyone say that Michael Ohlman can't hit, catch or throw. The part about hitting seems pretty absurd, given that Ohlman debuted in the Sally League as a 19 year old with a grand total of 4 games of professional experience. By the way, Ohlman hasn't played in a week - anyone know what's up with that?
  10. L.J. had a nice opening weekend in Aberdeen. He's the youngest position player on the Ironbirds, and he's hitting like a guy who belongs two levels higher. Looks like he's on schedule to return to Frederick after the break.
  11. Melewski reports that Hoes is expected to be Aberdeen's opening day secondbaseman. He also reports that Tyler Townsend may not have joined the Witness Protection Program after all.
  12. Mummey hit a home run yesterday in his last college game. That matched the combined total of Angle's and Hudson's NCAA careers. Player Games HRHudson 141 1Angle 170 0Mummey 126 36 Get a grip, guys.
  13. I was sitting behind the scouts with the mentality gun, and Hobgood sat at boxer most of the game, occasionally touching bull terrier. He only muscled up to bulldog once in the game. Matzek sits at bulldog and touches bull mastiff. Also, he's paper trained and has all his shots.
  14. You may be right, which would be a disappointment (it wouldn't be disappointing that you're right, but rather that Nick didn't make a true leap forward) but these numbers: Year O-Swing Z-Swing Zone2006 23.8% 65.9% 52.6%2007 23.4% 64.1% 52.3%2008 18.0% 64.2% 50.1%2009 23.0% 60.9% 48.8% say that pitchers threw Nick fewer pitches in the strike zone last year than they did in '08. You can't blame Kevin Millar for that - well, you can, but it wouldn't make much sense. It looks like pitchers got more careful with Markakis last year, and he reacted by swinging at more bad pitches, which no doubt led to the pitchers throwing even fewer strikes... The puzzling thing about the numbers, though, is why Nick swung at fewer good pitches than ever last year. If that means that he's being more selective within the strike zone and laying off pitches he can't do much with, it would be good news. On the other hand, if it means he's guessing more often and thus being completely fooled by more pitches, there's less reason to celebrate.
  15. I hadn't considered the impact of all those lefties on Markakis's production, and it is certainly significant. However, it is clearly only one of the causes of his down year. For instance when you say: we are forced to draw your attention to his OBP: vs RHP2006 .3562007 .3622008 .4182009 .376 He had a big regression against righties as well. We were all hoping that '08 was a sign that Nick was breaking out to a new level of performance, that he was becoming the kind of star around whom you can build a championship team. His performance in '09 raises the fear that he's just a nice player who had a fluke excellent year. I'll continue to harp on his regression in plate discipline as a major cause of his drop off from '08 to '09, and I fear this is extremely relevant to the lineup question. Yes, it would be stupid for the team to convince its best hitter that he needs to swing at more bad pitches because he needs to be a run producer when he bats third or fourth, yet I have a strong suspicion that's the mind set he's taking up to the plate - I wish FanGraphs had double splits, so I could compare his swing percentages for the different lineup slots. Now, even if he is making different choices about which pitches to swing at based on his spot in the order, it's not necessarily Crowley or Trembley's fault - Nick might have been making the decision based on his own image of what a #3 hitter looks like. Whatever the cause, I hope he goes back to taking the bad pitches from now on...
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