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  1. If Michigan State plays like that ......Also, Stix got knocked around pretty badly. Get to the leg press young man.
  2. I think Penn State gets a first rouind bye. We get the winner of Rutgers v. Nebraska. Penn State gets Minnesota on Thursday.
  3. And their D was for real. I think they win Thursday. Not so sure about Friday
  4. I liked him putting Bruno up top around the fouline for parts of their half court offense. If they hit their 3's they'll be okay.
  5. They'll have played the night before too.
  6. Stix found his motor last night!!!!
  7. Hopefully they can secure the first round bye.
  8. It's hard to trust him for sure. I can't figure it out. They haven't had this level of talent in their top 8 for a long time though. It could be really fun or it the old ice pick in the eye thing again.
  9. Turgeon teams have pretty much been high high turnover teams and most of them appear in their half court offense. Don't know of a cure except maybe slow it down a little and get the ball in Ayala's hands more. At least they are going not one on five too much. I tell you what though the guy did a mastererful jod recruiting with this class. I thought last night was a trap game. Saturday may be one for Michigan with Sparty coming up..
  10. Hey All, How far does everyone think the Terps can go in March. Depending on matchups I can see the second weekend with a slight chance of reaching the Elite 8.
  11. That was some tremendous BBall in the second half, They keep getting better they can play into the second weekend in March. Ayala can play decent at the next level so that makes 3 ...at least on this squad now. Fun team to watch. I don't remember a Terp team that was filled with kids that can consistently hit 3's.
  12. Hello my friend, I wore your CD out.
  13. Back in, it's been a while but I can't get enough of the plus content. Thanks!!!
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