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  1. Ravens are betting that its drafted receivers will improve during the season and become impact players during the playoffs.
  2. Don't know the answer for MLB owners. Most billionaires inherit the foundaiton of their great wealth. Inheritance taxes are mostly avoided by tax attorneys specializing in estates.
  3. A CPA needs to pore over tax returns to attain a true picture of an owner's MLB business. If a billionaire signs off on a bad contract, then the contract must be honored. It's our free enterprise system. You win some, you lose some. Self-made billionaires win more than they lose.
  4. Billionaires losing money. Boo Hoo. Millionaires losing money. boo hoo. Pick a side. Millionaires are worth 1000 x less than billionaires. Both will survive, One group will feel the pain 1000 x more than the other. I have a hard time ginning up much empathy for either side.
  5. Neither the franchises nor the players are to blame. MLB is not an amateur league. The owners and players are in it for the money. Each side aims to maximize profit.
  6. Baseball was destroyed many years ago when batters were required to wear helmets. It's was a national disgrace when batters lost the freedom to feel the breeze of a high inside fastball.
  7. Please provide a citation for the newspaper that says "it was like a mass shooting." Would like to read that item and need the name of the paper, the date of publication, and the title of the news article. Thanks so much.
  8. Let's say $100. But, there is an unusual caveat. If I am staying at home most days, then I am looking for baseball games in the afternoon. The game should be played anyway in the sun, as the gods intended. For night games in empty stadia, let's say $50. Although the team has major flaws,, the GM is working to create a respectable one. It'll be fun to follow the young players and enjoy their development, sometimes postive and often a step back. Might even be fun to see Chris Davis at bat, if spring training was a harbinger of a miraculous comeback.
  9. Bob Maisel, beat reprote for the Baltimore Sun during the glory years.
  10. Kaline went from Baltimore's Southern High School in 1957 to a HOF career with the Detroit Tigers.
  11. I agree atomic. It's good to have a decent endowment.
  12. Jarman86's analogy with private schools is flawed. Good private schools, like Gilman and Johns Hopkins, are non-profits. The for-profit private schools are an educational joke.
  13. I root for another team, the New York Yankees. I root for them to lose in all games, including simulated ones.
  14. If Iglesias fields like Miranda and hits .220, then I'll be satisfied (at least for this season).
  15. The O's won a ton of games with a great fielding SS, Mark Belanger, who was a poor hitter. Before that, the O's were a respectable team with Willy MIranda. When Ron Hansen, a good fielder and hitter, arrived in the late fifties, he replaced Miranda. Martin should stay at short until a good fielder and hitter is added to the O's nest. A baseball team is unwatchable without excellent fielding up the middle.
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