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  1. If you ain't first, you're last.
  2. Had fun myself when I saw the A's and the weather helps. But check out those large golf course sized spaces between the baseline and the field box seats.
  3. How in the world does Miami still have a major league baseball team?
  4. byrdz

    Jose Iglesias

    Seems like a pretty exciting player in the field.
  5. Always like Schoop so good for him. Hope he has a contract year.
  6. I really shouldn't watch these kind of highlights. I'm getting depressed now. Edit: Well there's a couple of the current guys in there at least.
  7. Jones cracks $100mil for his career on this deal. Not too shabby!
  8. byrdz

    Injuries happen

    I wonder if teams that primarily add from free agency (ex. Yankees) will always be older and thus be more injured. Should be interesting to see what happens this coming season with the big spenders.
  9. Don't we already have this? 😂
  10. "We looked at all possible candidates. You have an immaculate record. Some people don't trust a man with an immaculate record. I do... I have an immaculate record."
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