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  1. Did I just really see a bat boy with a handle bar mustache during eighth?
  2. Yeah just kidding. That’s my name with one ‘s’ and my parents weren’t very original since it was the third most popular name in the 70’s. 😞
  3. You’re about five decades off. No one names their kids that anymore.
  4. Soft names make them stronger. Just ask the boy named Sue.
  5. The pitching is already the worst in baseball and giving up tons of home runs. So not sure how much his poor fielding would hurt tbh. If they’re going to try Jones out now seems like as good a time as any.
  6. Discussed in the Fangraphs draft thread. That places the Os 2nd in their farm system rankings. https://www.fangraphs.com/prospects/the-board/2021-in-season-prospect-list/farm-ranking?sort=-1,1&type=100&filter=&pos=&team=
  7. Looks look like they have the Orioles ranked 2nd behind the Rays. Not sure if this includes 2021 draftees. https://www.fangraphs.com/prospects/the-board/2021-in-season-prospect-list/farm-ranking?sort=-1,1&type=100&filter=&pos=&team=
  8. I know this thread is to call out poor strike zones but ran across this Jomboy take on Libka. He apparently should be training the rest of the umps on how to call balls and strikes.
  9. So slightly favoring the Rays even though it seemed like they were doing more of the complaining. I kind of wish the Orioles did a little more of that. Not to get tossed but just show some displeasure with certain calls that go against them. Seems like all the good teams do this at least respectfully.
  10. Too bad he couldn’t put it all together as he seemed like a good kid. I was thinking he might be the tallest pitcher the Orioles ever had but in searching I found Tyler Wells is also 6’-8”.
  11. I’ll trust Elias, Sig, and the Fangraphs rankings for now.
  12. Yeah Hunter Harvey can’t stay healthy. Gotta fill that La Flama Blanca role.
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