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  1. Ran across this 2020 spring training outing against the Orioles.
  2. Fangraphs thinking they are The Onion who also got their dig in, Orioles Concerned After Multiple Players Arrive At Spring Training In Way Too Good Of Shape For Baseball
  3. Doesn’t Law weigh major league ready prospects more heavily?
  4. All stats aside, let’s not forget Means had a personal tragedy happen in his life during the season which i’m sure had some effect on his performance, these guys aren’t robots.
  5. The original intention is to stock up on international players which he’s also done.
  6. I was thinking of that Rangers game when earlier this season they were crying about Tatis swinging on a 3-0 pitch in a 10-3 game. Made me angry all these years later. 😡
  7. Sounds interesting and worth a try. That walk rate though, oof!
  8. Happy to see them cracking the top 10 finally. Nice job Elias!
  9. Then we trade him to Seattle for our future CF.
  10. Fun watching him get swing and misses on that 87mph fastball.
  11. byrdz

    Nelson Cruz is 40...

    That’s surprising and still clubbing the ball!
  12. You can report a post. Button is in the upper right hand corner of the post.
  13. Happy to hear it! I've been visiting this site for almost 18 years now and in large part because we strictly talk baseball, content is stellar, knowledgeable posters, and moderators are top notch! This is one of my getaways and I'd hate to see it go. Now let's kick some Red Sux butt!
  14. I’m rooting for Santander but oof that OBP.
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