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  1. Pearce earn $30mil over his career. Not too shabby!
  2. Padres occasionally but not heavily rooting. Their record of course wasn't great last season so guess I just like pain. They are local for me and about as far removed from the Orioles as possible. So not many conflicts of interest.
  3. Ouch! Red Sox finally taking some lumps. Won't miss watching the O's face off against that guy.
  4. The hit was a nice one to left-center. Him hitting opposite field is nice to see no matter who he's facing.
  5. This play by Mullins... 😲
  6. So he values guys who have proven themselves in the upper minors, but omits Mountcastle, weird.
  7. JJ Hardy all day but he did have some grandpa legs.
  8. Yeah but how's the ball coming out of his hand?
  9. Oof, this has GOT to be a mistake! It's as if they asked, 'How can we ruin the best two logos that exist on a baseball cap? Stack them on top of each other?'
  10. Padres, Marlins, Astros, Angels, Yankees, Angels, Lions, Jays, Mariners, Pirates, Mariners, Orioles
  11. If you ain't first, you're last.
  12. Had fun myself when I saw the A's and the weather helps. But check out those large golf course sized spaces between the baseline and the field box seats.
  13. How in the world does Miami still have a major league baseball team?
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