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  1. Don't we already have this? 😂
  2. "We looked at all possible candidates. You have an immaculate record. Some people don't trust a man with an immaculate record. I do... I have an immaculate record."
  3. They must see someone they really like hitting the FE market!
  4. Yeah I guess it doesn’t matter that he’s nearly 30.
  5. Shouldn't they factor in this juiced ball season? That's another argument in Means favor.
  6. Just another reason why a 2D box is misleading. Unless they show the path of the ball all the way through the zone. I know some broadcasts show a plan view though not sure if Fox is doing that. Also, if I'm not mistaken the box doesn't change height based on the hitter that's at bat. Just some nitpicking I know.
  7. Kind of a side note. But I feel like they should stop showing the strike zone box on the broadcast. It's not what the ump is seeing or using to make calls so why do it? Seems like all it does is mislead the viewer into thinking that's what's happening.
  8. Not a surprise that a former NASA engineer would be bringing in sensible technology I guess. Pretty neat!
  9. Agreeing from the front porch rocking chair.
  10. The Schoop trade may be a gift that keeps on giving assuming Elias can works some trade magic with Villar.
  11. You're thinking of the Wonderlic test. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wonderlic_test#Average_score_in_the_NFL_by_position
  12. They should really just factor in the juiced balls this season and give it to Means. 😀
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