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  1. Their WAR's (bbref) aren't far off (2.7 vs 3.1) as I'd expected. Thought Manny would have walked away even with the lackluster hitting.
  2. Release Davis Release pitching coach Keep building it (they will come) with some trades
  3. It's only missing a team with 67 wins.
  4. I haven't seen a single game this season. Cancelled my MLBTV subscription for the first time since it's inception. I've tried to get local sports bars to play the games but never really seemed to work out. If I had the local station showing games, I'd probably have watched a few, reluctantly. Next season I'll re-assess after I see what they put on the field and may re-up my MLB subscription. So I've gotten a lot done this summer. 😀
  5. Good to hear! We have the broadcasters and the park. Now let's get what matters most!
  6. Great assessment! Probably just lighting a fire under him and Davis with his healthy paycheck should do everything in bold. What kind of manager would Hyde be if he didn't try to get the most out of his players by pushing them beyond their comfort zone?
  7. A little surprise Gausman has been struggling this bad. His strike out rate is still up there though.
  8. Thought he interesting name and apparently he's Brazilian. So that explains it. Any other players from Brazil??
  9. Didn't Santander hit one onto Eutaw? I think it's just the way the balls are flying this season. Go here for more info:
  10. Definitely don’t like to hear things like this.
  11. Goes both ways. Arrieta comes to mind.
  12. I'm surprised the cable is still a thing. Seems like something that would used in conjunction with tubed TV's and VHS recorders.
  13. https://www.brewcrewball.com/2019/7/17/20696219/milwaukee-brewers-trade-target-mychal-givens-baltimore-orioles
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