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  1. What's 5he record for most runs in an opener?
  2. If you have an all time pitcher, Standard rules have pitchers mound poison so the pitcher only has to be on the rubber. You know today's kids would have no idea what we are talking about. Honestly other than the way girls dress it would suck to be a kid today, imo.
  3. Not unless it's a double.
  4. I know you were not asking me but I have no problem with it. He didn't blast the guy but he did let everyone know who the alpha is and the blocking the base could lead to consequences.
  5. Kjerstad will strike out more but he is a good bet to hit for a lot more power. I can see both providing similar value. With kjerstad having some real upside. More importantly the predraft writeups of weeks are almost identical to martin. Nick was a better pick than weeks by a bunch.
  6. Maybe we will get lucky and it turns out like 2003. The 7th best player was better than the 2nd rated 2b. I don't think nick with more power is a bad comp. Weeks is also a great comp for Martin. The truth is we won't know for a long time.
  7. Life has really been showing me lately that I am old. I used to post a bunch at one time. Now I usually just read what posters have to say. I am in the process of moving from Florida to Wisconsin complicated by having a heart problem a week ago. When I get settled up there I will renew my long overdue subscription. I will probably never post like I used to as I coach football and in Florida that is basically year round. I do really miss the conversations with bunch of guys on here that I used to participate in. Just haven't felt like I had kept up well enough to contribute much. But this is the best site on the Web and has been for decades.
  8. Pleasant surprise for you, disastrous result for her, jk. Matter of perspective.
  9. I went with 82+ just because. I know I am wrong.
  10. I was impressed he did not strikeout yesterday. Maybe sig found away to stop the Ks. 😆
  11. You are wrong. One of the things that hurts sec teams in bowl games, they really play for NC and there is a let down. The sec has the best inter-conference record. They have the best players. There really are only a few teams that can play at their level.
  12. I came out of a posting hiatus to say this is the hangout I loved. I sure hope the antylitic guys have the name thing built into the program.
  13. Hey this is not Little League and the players in the game have always gotten back when players cross the line. I don't know if he meant it but Panda put his spikes into Schoop's ankle. He got beaned, probably for doing that, it is how the players regulate themselves. Even Panda showed he knew why he got plunked with his gesture to Schoop at the end of the inning.
  14. Was his Hr today out on Eutaw St?
  15. It seems to me that it is lost on some posters that Hader was a great pick. It is also true that the trade was at least a very good trade for the Orioles. We got great value for a 19th round pick and traded a lot of maybe for a much more proven Now asset in Norris. Some good prospects have to be traded to fill needs, especially when your a winning team. I mean the A's just traded Addison Russell a guy who is likely to be a star. But the A's got what they needed and the Russell pick is a settled transaction now, i.e. the Russell pick was successful. Over the long view the A's might lose this trade but they are close enough to make the deal and try to win it all this year. If Bud Norris helps the O's win the AL East this year or next year then That is one hell of a good value for a 19th round pick even with the supplemental pick going also. There comes a time where you are going to have to pay some of the future for today. Thankfully it appears that the O's have positioned themselves to get some talent back with there own FAs over the next couple of years. Anyone that can't see that the current FO is so much better at working to get quality assets than the pre-AM regimes just does not want to see it.
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