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  1. At least there is something to look forward to then. Maybe we can try to bubbles while running the complete opposite way of the ball
  2. That is one of the worst plays I've ever seen by a centerfielder. How can you overrun the ball by that much:cussing:
  3. This is going to be the inning for us
  4. It would be nice if we could bang their bullpen up a little tonight
  5. Yup that was us. That was my buddy's wife. She's a native New Yorker. We made her here about it all night. Actually she wanted to leave in the 8th but we told her she had to watch the whole thing. My buddy had his son ask her maybe 25 times what the score was cause he forgot. I was in seat 7, my wife in seat 6.
  6. Went last night and had a great time. We were sitting in row AA seats 3 to 7. Next time I'll try to make sure we can make it to the pregame party.
  7. I'll be going to the game in section 384 rooting on the O's. Actually there will be 5 of us. My friends wife is a Yanks fan and I told her she is going to here it all game. But at least she is a native New Yorker. BTW my wife called multiple times and left a couple of messages for Paul Stefano and never received a return call. We had to get someone else to help us. I know we are sitting in 384 row AA not sure the seat numbers. I have been a member of the Hangout for years but as you can tell seldom post. Looking forward to Saturday for the middle game of a three game sweep
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