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  1. I've been an occasional poster/lurker here since basically the beginning. I'd be tremendously sad to see the OH go. I appreciate the usual lack of politics here, and I regret having read some of the awful and/or misinformed takes in this thread. It's amazing that we are still living in a time where saying that Black lives matter and being proudly anti-fascist are somehow considered controversial (to middle-aged white people). I guess that's America. I vote for Drungo to start the new board.
  2. I was hoping someone would mention Andy Van Slyke! He was my favorite player growing up, and when he came to the Orioles, I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming. Didn't quite go the way I wanted to, but I still remember him ripping a double down the right field line. Last year, I finally convinced my wife to order me a custom Andy Van Slyke Orioles jersey. Hoping to trot it out at some point this season!
  3. Before this season, I would have said 2006. I now say 2019. That ‘06 defense was incredibly talented, and McNair helped the offense be just good enough for the team to be great overall. But Lamar has propelled this team beyond anything I’ve seen in the regular season. Hopefully we can have the argument about best Ravens playoffs/Super Bowl team in a few weeks...
  4. Just want to echo everyone’s sentiments. Fantastic job.
  5. What a gut punch it would be if the OH closed up shop. I'd be absolutely devastated. I've read this board almost every day since the Syd Thrift days--it's a part of my everyday life. I've been a plus member in the past and would happily do so again, or contribute via Patreon, if that would help.
  6. This is a fair point, but it is not a large adjustment between 1B and RF for offense, and his defense at 1B would be less of a liability.
  7. Mancini currently has a 1.3 oWAR. Tops on the team. That would be 3rd place on the Yankees, for instance. I think he has at least some value. More than what Atomic thinks, but probably less than what some might imagine.
  8. Why are we talking about batting average in 2019? Some of these opinions in this thread seem like blasts from the past. If Davis is on base over 30% of the time and slugs over .420, he at least won’t be completely worthless. If the guy can be penciled in for a .750 OPS, that’s a win. And the lower his BA, the more interesting the stats become—and the more HRs he’d need to hit to have a decent SLG. He’d probably have to hit over 40 HR.
  9. That’s an extra 2.25 million in each owner’s pocket. I doubt they’re giving it to charity.
  10. Seems like a reasonable compromise. Count me in for this idea.
  11. If that’s “to say the least,” could you say more? I am dubious about your wild pitch theory. I imagine they want to keep it as is because the commercial breaks give them $$$. I think your idea about increases in wild pitches is pretty far-fetched.
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