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  1. I doubt it. I think by the time he's eligible Bonds and Clemens will have been voted in. If they're in...
  2. Adley adjusting to the Pro's. I hope he plays in some ST games. TTP for our pitchers (no one mentioned this? :)) The young OF'ers & pitchers (projected AAA rotation).
  3. Hopefully Yanda lets them know by FA. Hard difficult to cut Koch, but it is a business.
  4. Great start to the offseason by ED.
  5. I don't think he's coming to Sarasota.
  6. Can't say that I have. 🤨 It just astounds me a player could turn down 300 million.
  7. ChrisP

    Hammerin' Hank is 86

    https://www.mlb.com/news/hank-aaron-s-best-stats-and-accomplishments He is one of five players to post at least eight 40-homer seasons, one of two (along with Alex Rodriguez) to have 15 30-homer seasons and is the only player to go deep 20-plus times in 20 different years. Those years came consecutively from 1955-74. Aaron failed to reach that threshold only as a 20-year-old rookie in 1954, and as a 41- and 42-year-old in 1975-76. In addition to home runs, games and plate appearances, Aaron ranks third all-time in hits (3,771), fourth in runs scored (2,174), first in total bases (6,856), first in extra-base hits (1,477), first in RBIs (2,297), fourth in intentional walks (293) and fifth in WAR for position players (143). He is one of six players to reach the hallowed milestones of 3,000 hits and 500 homers. Think about those 6,856 total bases. That total is 722 more than second-place Stan Musial -- about twice the amount produced by 2019 Major League leader Rafael Devers (359). How much is 6,856? It equates to 1,714 home runs, 2,285 triples or 3,428 doubles. If a player matched Ruth’s single-season record of 457 total bases and kept that up for 15 years, he would still be one base short of Aaron.
  8. How do you turn down those type of contracts? 5/100..ok, 10/300?!?!? and then have the #$% to ask for 12/240. Just wow...
  9. I've tried to watch S2 twice and can't finish it.
  10. I think D-line may be the thinnest it's been in 20 years. I'd go D-Line, MLB/OLB, OL as my top 3. I think a veteran WR will want to come here for the chance at a ring so that shouldn't be a top 3 round priority.
  11. Claiming Pat doesn't appear to make a lot of sense as he's a 27 yr old w/a .214 career average . Last year he hit .190 in the majors, but .320/22/75 .952 OPS in AAA. Maybe he "figured it out", or maybe it's just the PCL.. https://www.baseball-reference.com/register/player.fcgi?id=valaik000pat
  12. I have a pretty good idea who he'd recommend for strictly Oriole prospects.
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