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  1. A sweep would go a long way for resting and setting up the rotation for the WS.
  2. No news..JMO that I hope BS gets the Padres (or Phillies) job and wins a WS.
  3. He's on the radio daily (PM) here in OKC and the folks love him. They'll also have Kelly Gregg on sometimes.
  4. I picked Trout, but I like Soto for #2.
  5. Unfortunately, I think the Ravens lose another one. Steelers need a win as bad as the Browns last week and they're at home.
  6. Just because you shot Jesse James don't make you Jesse James.
  7. I 100% disagree. Give the team/fans something to follow next year.
  8. Mike Elias? It's a tough call as a strong case can be made for all 3. If you factor in salary, Means and Mancini are at 1/9th of Villar. Means also batted 1.000 this season...
  9. .131 since the ASB, but only 12 AB's in Sept. I'll be shocked if he's back.
  10. Well that's depressing to think about. He did have quintuplets in the middle of that run...oh nevermind.
  11. What do y'all predict for Guice this year? Will he be the RB1?
  12. Any projected how many LHP's we'll face this month?
  13. Is there a OH login for The Athletic?
  14. "flawless swing" is nice to hear.
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