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  1. The Patriots will never let him get to Bal on waivers..
  2. Wait for the SI article.
  3. ChrisP

    Gerritt Cole to NYY

    CC is off the books and i think they've cleared some other payroll as well. With the money MLB and the Yankees are making, it's not terrible for them.
  4. Yeah, I'm calling the upset. (Not that I want it to come true)
  5. I think Buffalo takes this one. They've had a slightly extended break and need this win to stay on NE's heels.
  6. Very nice..... @Tony-OH and @Aglets called the "MVP in the making" part. Hopefully the latter will follow.
  7. I'll be in town for the week and was surprised to see the tickets in the $30-$40 range for the 300's. (Cheapseats, stubhub)
  8. Another intriguing pitcher ranked in the 20's pitcher (Pop).
  9. It seems like he could shoot up the board with a healthy season and the 70/70 FB back.
  10. 54% of drives end in points, highest in 40 years. Currently on pace for the 7th highest scoring team of all time.
  11. I gladly admit that I was wrong when I thought he'd washout in 3 years. Truly Lamarkable (not sure who was the first to use it, but I like it)
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