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  1. I couldn't pick Diaz this high. He's been a .265 hitter for 2+ years in the Bal system and his plate discipline isn't great. I think this is telling year as he turned 24 on 10/7.
  2. With MC proving it clearly at the MLB level, he's my #2 as well. Only 14% (6/43) agree as of now...
  3. No snarkiness intended. Considering his history..I think it's 45% pitching 2 or 3 more injury-riddled seasons, 45% pitching 5 or 6 more seasons with middle-of-the-road health, and 10% pitching 9 or 10 more seasons with those early-career injuries well back in the rear-view mirror.
  4. Richard Bleier. Anyone else remember how sad he was to leave? BTW, He led the team in ERA.
  5. Is this really a question? He was drafted SEVEN years ago and has 15 MLB innings, mostly due to injuries. If HH lasts to become a FA (2026), it will be a success story for all parties.
  6. After paying CD 23 million for years, 5-8 for fan favorite who beat cancer? No brainer.
  7. Before the analytics...23 yrs old, 7 HR in 124 MiL inn, Solid K rate...nice pick up for little cost.
  8. Yeah, but what's his exit velocity, BABIP, and OPS+ for the position he'll play? FYI..that Trout guy only has a .960 OPS. It's the lowest of his career. Buy low? https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/t/troutmi01.shtml
  9. This is what I find odd..Baltimore owns his rights until 2026, 13 years after he was drafted. I know he was injured etc...13 years?! Draft: Drafted by the Baltimore Orioles in the 1st round (22nd) of the 2013 MLB June Amateur Draft from Bandys HS (Catawba, NC). Service Time (01/2020): 0.047 • Arb Eligible: 2023 • Free Agent: 2026
  10. Good for Cedric (and the Birds). I hope he sticks as a 4th OF for a few years. With the horrible extra-inning rule, it certainly helps to have guys who can get the runner to 3rd.
  11. If they stay in contention for the 7/8 spot, you have to bring the AAA guys up soon to help the team (RM). Imagine the excitement/momentum going into next year...Passing around the orange kool-aid.
  12. I wonder if he's got anything left..
  13. What's the old saying...Billionaires (or close to it before the past week) fighting over millions.
  14. Wentz's new backup IF he continues to play.
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