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  1. He doesn't walk guys. That's a huge plus. Very good walk/9 IP numbers. And averages a K/inning. Having only watched a little video, I still want Rojas. Especially if we lose Villar....
  2. Too bad... I was looking forward to seeing what he could do....
  3. I think he's already the best rule 5 pick ever...
  4. Yes, great defense. Sadly, no stick at all... I mean he's just an automatic out. And he hasn't shown any improvement at all to even suggest he might hit one day... Then again, you could say the same about Chris Davis...
  5. On the one hand, we are in full rebuild mode- so no one should be considered untouchable. On the other hand, he's only 26, coming off an All-Star, ROY level campaign, is under team control for a while, and has been our best home-grown Starting pitcher... so I'd be most reluctant to part with him. But what if someone made us a "WOW" offer?
  6. In theory, all the teams could have paid Dominguez $5.1 million. But these kids all want to play for Boston, LA, or NY. The big media markets and teams that always win. They don't want to play for anyone else. If the Orioles offered $5.2 million and the Yankees offered their $5.1, would he have signed with the O's? Hell no.... Plus, the Yankees probably were "gifting" this poor kid's family for years to buy his affections. The whole system is just wrong on many levels and favors the big market teams....
  7. DocJJ

    Astros Designate AJ Reed

    I think PCL stats are grossly misleading... ball just travels differently. There have been tons of guys who mashed PCL and never amounted to anything in the majors...
  8. The Yankees have signed a 16 yr old who has exit velocities exceeding 110 MPH and a 6.1 sixty time, widely expected to be a Mike Trout/Bryce Harper HOF level elite talent, and the obvious top international free agent, Jasson Dominguez to $5.4 million deal. This is a shining example of how MLB doesn't give a cr@p about parity, equity, or competitive balance. These international guys should be either a part of the June Amateur draft, available to all teams, or if international labor laws preclude this, then MLB needs to create an international draft for these guys, so that teams with the worst records can obtain the best players, as opposed to Championship teams simply adding more Hall of Fame talent to their rosters... What a total sham....
  9. Not sure we're going to be able to (or should) keep Martin on the roster all year. The guy is an O-fer at the plate... Not sure why Mullins hit ok last year and can't this year... League may have caught up to him?
  10. Who would get your vote? 1. Adley Rutschman 2. Bobby Witt Jr. 3. Hunter Bishop 4. Andrew Vaughn 5. other?? And while I'm at it, With the 1st overall pick in the 2020 draft the Orioles select.....? With the 1st overall pick in the 2021 draft the Orioles select....?
  11. I know it will mean flushing $100 million dollars down a toilet, but can we release Davis and Wright once and for all? I'm sure they are perfectly nice people and I don't wish them any ill will.... I just never, ever, want to see them play baseball in an Oriole uniform ever again. Ever....
  12. I'll go with an even 5. Let's assume we can assemble a good outfield with Yusniel Diaz, Austin Hays, Cedric Mullins. Then we can bolster the lineup with Mountcastle. We'll need to supplement with the top draft picks we'll get for sucking so much, and hopefully we can sign Victor Victor Mesa or other international free agents. We can build a staff out of Ortiz, Tate, Kremer, DL Hall, Greyson Rodriguez, Keegan Akin, Hannifee, Knight and a free agent or two. As an aside, our catching situation looks terrible- Sisco didn't hit at all. He's young and hopefully improves, but we may need to address that. I'm going with an even 5 years...
  13. Ignorant post. I presented a ton of evidence that Duquette's deals have hurt the club. I could argue people are choosing to ignore said evidence and scapegoat the owner.
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