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  1. You could play this game with other team's cast-offs too, but somehow I think the all Ex- O's team would be the best...!
  2. Rotation could have included Eduardo Rodriguez, but I see he's out for the year with Covid related Myocarditis.... Yikes!!!!😱
  3. Who would win? Lineup: 1B Christian Walker .296 3 HR 13 RBI .840 OPS 2B Jonathan Schoop .286 7 HR 16 RBI .833 OPS 3B Justin Turner .294 2 HR 19 RBI .817 OPS SS Manny Machado .280 8 HR 22 RBI .943 OPS CF Mike Yastrzemski .293 7 HR 23 RBI 1.022 OPS RF Nick Markakis .353 1 HR 6 RBI 1.039 OPS LF Jonathan Villar .270 2 HR 9 RBI .691 OPS DH Nelson Cruz .327 11 HR 27 RBI 1.088 OPS C Matt Wieters .000 0 HR 0 RBI. .000 OPS (someone has to catch, couldn't find anyone else) Pitchers: Josh Hader 0-0 0.00 7 Saves (nifty .548 WHIP!) Zack Britton 0-2 2.00 ERA 8 Saves Kevin Gausman 1-1 4.65 ERA Dylan Bundy 3-2 2.58 (0.877 WHIP!) Nestor Cortes 0-1 15.28 ERA (running out of starting pitching ideas....) I'm not being critical of the O's management- all teams have guys they couldn't afford the money to re-sign or guys they gave up on a bit prematurely.... I'm sure the Indians would love to have Santander back!
  4. My only concern are the strikeout tendencies of those drafted. To me, this indicates they have tendencies that a Major League pitcher can readily exploit. I'd love it if one of those statistics-wizards could look at strikeout rates in college and correlation with MLB success/failure...
  5. Fubar for Kumar!!! (Just like the Tigers had the "Tank for Tork" movement- lose enough games to get the consensus 1:1 guy).
  6. After describing a failed first round pick on lefty pitcher Chris Smith, the article went on to say: " The Orioles have their own list that they’re trying to live down. First-round selections who crashed and burned. Outfielder Dallas Williams in 1976, outfielder Drungo Hazewood in 1977, pitcher Joe Kucharski in 1982, pitcher Chris Myers in 1987, outfielder Mark Smith in 1991, pitcher Alvie Shepherd in 1995, outfielder Rick Elder in 1998, pitcher Beau Hale in 2000, pitcher Adam Loewen in 2002, catcher/infielder Brandon Snyder in 2005, infielder Billy Rowell in 2006 and pitcher Matt Hobgood in 2009. I’m just naming a few. It didn’t work out in Baltimore for catcher-turned-outfielder Jayson Werth and outfielder Darnell McDonald. They were chosen in the first round in 1997. More was expected of left-hander Brian Matusz, taken with the fourth overall pick in 2008. A starter out of the University of San Diego who had brief success as a lefty specialist. Special recognition goes to the 1999 group of Mike Paradis, Richard Stahl, Larry Bigbie, Keith Reed, Josh Cenate and Scott Rice. The draft that could have changed the course of the franchise instead of setting it back for many, many years. The Orioles failed to sign pitchers Brad DuVall in 1987 and Wade Townsend in 2004. They thought they were dealt aces with Dylan Bundy in 2011 and Kevin Gausman in 2012, but it wasn’t in the cards.
  7. The reality is I've never seen any of these guys live and I'm not a baseball scout. Who knows how things may play out a few years from now? Some unknown guys will be studs, and some studs will busts... But there is disappointment that Elias and Co. didn't go with the consensus top player with the 2nd pick nor an overslot guy at #30. So I've been compiling people's lines I thought were the best so far: 1. "See...? This is why I drink..." 2. "For now on, DeCosta should make all the picks". 3. "This Kjerstad guy might be another Chris Davis- tremendous lefty power with a lot of strikeouts... Maybe he can pitch an inning and play a crappy third base..." 4. (My wife's) "I thought the idea was to make the Orioles better, not the Blue Jays...." 5. "Why draft an elite on-base machine when you can take guys that strike out a lot..." Feel free to keep them coming!
  8. "Scouts think he'll be more of a fringe-average type hitter"..... Really? THAT was the best we could do with this pick????
  9. Here's hoping he's better than Cadyn Grenier!!!! I think I might be better than Cadyn Grenier.... So much for the picking Kjerstad so we could use some underslot savings on a high upside High Schooler theory.... I hope these guys make me eat crow in a few years, but if you told me we'd have Kjerstad and Westburg for our top 2 picks, I'd have thrown my computer at you....
  10. They figured Cadyn Grenier will never hit, so they thought they'd try college SS again.... I wanted high upside pitcher myself.... Kelley or Montgomery, or Fulton, or even taking a shot at JT Ginn...
  11. A lot of swing and miss in him... my guess is this is some kind of underslot pre-draft deal to try to free up money for picks 30 and 39.... Would MUCH rather have had Martin or Lacy. Let's see who's right in 4-5 years.....
  12. #2 Austin Martin #30 Bryce Jarvis #39 Carson Montgomery
  13. After getting horribly burned by Aiken and Appel? Yes, I don't think he'd be so inclined....
  14. Yippee!!! That would make me so happy!!! Looking at our list of prospects, I don't see a lot of impact position players. There's Rutschman who's a grade A. Then I see some grade B guys like Mountcastle and Yusniel Diaz. Then I don't see a whole lot beyond that....
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