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  1. Awesome List! Maybe see Tyler Wells continue to develop in either starter's role or closer's role.... Same with Sulser.
  2. 1. A young talented player would "emerge" as a bona fide solid everyday player. CHECK. I was thinking this would be Santander or Hays. Turned out Mullins was the guy. 2. Rodriguez and Rutschman would have great years. CHECK. 3. Heston Kjerstad would tear the cover off the ball. MISS. 4. We would stumble into a great starting pitcher besides Means. MISS. 5. Mountcastle would have a good year. CHECK. 6. We would get the #1 draft pick. CHECK. (I didn't want us to have the worst record in baseball, but I figured we were a lock for last in the AL East so might as
  3. DocJJ

    Connor Norby 2021

    Still, this is an alarming development. He was known to have way more walks than K's during his college career. He has 26 K's in 85 at-bats!!!!😱
  4. Maybe once-in-a-generation tools. That combination of speed and power doesn't come along often... That Sound was ridiculous!!
  5. I'll say he is a once in a generation talent in terms of power/speed/arm combination and tools. The swing and miss bothers me a lot. All that power and speed is useless if contact is an issue. I saw him in person recently and he struck out twice, including the final out of the game. If we develops plate discipline and fixes his contact issues, I'm all in, but right now I'd take Jung, Johnson, or Lesko in that order....
  6. Or Elias will see that the starting pitching cupboard is completely bare after Greyson Rodriguez and choose Dylan Lesko.
  7. Look like quality starters: DL Hall Greyson Rodriguez Might be decent: Kevin Smith Michael Baumann Worth Watching: Kyle Bradish Kyle Brnovich Blaine Knight This hardly seems like enough!!!!!
  8. Maybe that's the strategy? I hope we take Elijah Greene or Jace Jung in round 1, then nothing but pitchers the entire rest of the draft! ONE of them would have to become something useful.... no?
  9. If we get any of Greene, Johnson, or Jace Jung I’ll be extremely happy!!! We just need to finish in the bottom 3!
  10. Good news. We can get any of the 1st three picks and be in good shape. Elijah Greene, Termarr Johnson, Jace Jung. I'm good with any of them.
  11. If the team ever gets good again, they'll come back.... but at the current rate, that will be years and years.... After tonight, I won't watch anymore. It's one thing to lose 7-5, but most nights it's 10-2, 8-1, too lopsided to derive any kind of enjoyment...
  12. Machado trade at the time seemed so-so.... With Diaz never able to stay healthy, and Kremer's struggles, it's starting to look pretty bad. (Although the Dodgers only had Machado as a half season rental and didn't make it to the World Series with him...) This team is MANY YEARS away from any type of contention. And they do NOT have anywhere near enough big time talent in the minors to compete in the AL East anytime soon. They have to trade ANYONE with value for prospects. They need to finish last and get the number 1 or 2 pick in the draft. They need to stay the course.
  13. The Kjerstad pick wasn't really intended to save money and cut costs. It was to allow them to sign guys overslot later in the draft and give yourself a shot at multiple guys with high upside. They still spent the same total overall amount of money. They weren't 'being cheap'. It was a strategy that paid huge for Elias when he was with the Astros and came away with Lance McCullers and Carlos Correa from the 2012 draft. (That was the same draft where the O's took Kevin Gausman, who decided to stink horribly for the Orioles so that he could move to San Francisco and become a star.) Th
  14. Cedric the Entertainer! The LONE bright spot (well, maybe Mancini) of the 2021 O's!
  15. I'm not happy about the state of our rebuild. We've had some terrible luck that will set us back. The trade return for Manny Machado has not been nearly has helpful as I'd hoped. Yusniel Diaz simply can not stay healthy, period. He hasn't exactly set the world on fire when he has been able to play (which is almost never). I'm not ready to give up on Kremer, but his results at the MLB level leave a lot to be desired. Bannon is hurt and struggling at AAA. Pop ended up being claimed in rule 5 draft. #2 overall pick in the draft last year Heston Kjerstad is suffering from
  16. After watching a lot of video, I now lean strongly to Henry Davis. Extremely polished top college bat. His bat might be close to MLB ready. I don't care if we already have Rutschman in the system. You don't draft for need in MLB (other than Pitcher vs Hitter). We could have great catcher depth in the system, or easily convert Rutschman or Davis to another position as they are both fairly athletic. My reasoning is many of the other top guys have a few question marks. It would substantially hurt our rebuild if we miss on this pick, and Davis is extremely 'Safe
  17. THE FUTURE IS GREEN! https://www.prospectslive.com/mlb-draft/2020/8/25/elijah-green-is-the-future
  18. https://www.prospectslive.com/mlb-draft/2020/8/25/elijah-green-is-the-future The future is Green!
  19. CF Mullins RF Santander SS Ripken 1B Murray DH Mancini LF Lynn C Kennedy 2B Galvis 3B Franco Rotation Means Ballard ? ? ?
  20. I think if you took the “best” from both of those teams, you’d still have a last place team....
  21. I’m going to go with the 2021 team over the 1988 team. 1988 did not have a single starting pitcher, at least we have Means. Offense and bullpen seem equally crappy...
  22. can we declare the Matt Harvey reclamation project over???
  23. I'm a fan of tanking for #1. The draft is a crapshoot, and many super hyped guys don't pan out. But there is way more hype for Greene than you see in most years.... There's talk the Twins might actually tank to try to land him with the #1 pick. Of course, you wouldn't know it by how they just played us..... https://bringmethenews.com/minnesota-sports/tank-for-elijah-twins-could-have-shot-at-draft-phenom
  24. We did tank for Rocker! He might be there when we pick! Greene is definitely a unique talent and there has been talk from the Twins and Tigers that he might be good enough to intentionally lose for...
  25. We need the #1 pick. Tank for Greene!!! Greene is a once in a generation talent.
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