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  1. https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2021/04/16/chigoziem-okonkwo-myocarditis-maryland-football/ Here’s a story about UMD tight end Chigoziem Okonkwo, who’s been suffering from COVID related myocarditis. It took a while but he’s getting back onto the field. Seems like we’re going to need some patience here.
  2. Perfect Game out with its top college players for the 2020 draft - their top 3 is Austin Martin, Torkelson and Hancock. Only the top10 are viewable, rest behind the paywall: https://www.perfectgame.org/Articles/View.aspx?article=17591
  3. Let’s not forget that Diaz hit 2 home runs in the Futures game - for many scouts or minors watchers that game will leave a far greater impression than his stats since he joined our system.
  4. Good to see Greniers bat showing some life.
  5. I'm sure they already have him doing so but he looks like he needs to hit the weight room hard.
  6. Xavier Edwards signed for $2.6M, $700K over slot. https://twitter.com/jimcallismlb/status/1007027860983439360?s=21
  7. https://mobile.twitter.com/curranisdatdude Seamus Curran signed.
  8. Growing up I played baseball and soccer with Pries' father Jeff when his family lived in Timonium in late 70s. He was an incredible athlete. They moved to CA when his father got another front office job; ended up as a 1st round pick of the Yankees if I'm not mistaken. Look forward to seeing if Jake signs.
  9. Perhaps Jordan is sending Bywater a message that the Orioles have given about all they're willing to give on negotiations and if he wants to get it done it's time to be realistic. This strategy seemed to work with Givens last year.
  10. Thought it would take a lot more - congrats to the Rockies for standing firm. I guess if Os had drafted him there would be no signing of either Cameron Coffey or Ohlman and someone like Hoppy or Webb.
  11. From an article updating the Givens situation posted at 10:03 PM.... http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/orioles/bal-osnotes0812,0,5313094.story
  12. Here's what Callis said Hope he's wrong and the Os can sell him on signing now.
  13. Jim Callis said in a chat today that he did not think Berry would sign since he wanted to go in the top two rounds and the status of his shoulder did not warrant that kind of money. http://www.baseballamerica.com/today/draft/chat/2009/268368.html
  14. Maybe this is the kind of guy we're saving money for. 9th rounders don't get the big bucks and if he thinks that he goes back to school and could be 1st - 2nd rounder next year then maybe we'll need to throw a little extra on the table now.
  15. Callis reported on the MLB broadcast that Townsend can definitely hit it's just a question of what position he'll play.
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