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  1. wouldn't miss it - I have been to EVERY Camden Yards home Opener! Anyone else have a streak going? Section 8 / Row 20
  2. Happy 2nd New Year ! This will be my 26th consecutive Opening Day! I have seen it all , rain, snow, sun, grand slams
  3. exactly my point --- when you are at the Stadium , you are at Work and may run into Front Office , but when you are in the private CLUBHOUSE for players --- that is when it crosses the line. Do bosses eat lunch in the lunch room or Principals eat in the faculty lounge ? usually not. players need down time when they don't have to worry if a child or a Exec is in the locker room.
  4. The fact that he as a upper management has a locker in the clubhouse is absurd. I can't imagine that happening in any other locker room in Pro Sports.
  5. in all seriousness , would any of the best managers in baseball not used the best relief pitcher in baseball in an 11 inning do or die wildcard game?
  6. this is simply a stunning statement ---- best manager in baseball ???
  7. Fired = No Worst decision he has ever made = probably Am I pissed off and will be for a month = Yes
  8. wow -- just watched this with tears running down my face Flanny was a true friend of mine. I used to speak to him on the phone all the time and of course in his private box a few times every year when he was GM. He cared sooooooo much about this franchise and what others thought of him. He was most excited about when we opened up the season on Sunday night baseball after we signed Miggy/Raffy/Lopez and the time he called me right after he drafted Wieters and was allowed to go over slot to draft Arrieta ! He also loved to tell Earl Weaver stories. I still can't believe what happened.
  9. why in the world isn't he hitting 6th or lower in the lineup? would anyone disagree with this?
  10. I have attended 2 of the 5 games so far and I didn't see Pedro and his curly hair at either game ???
  11. sounds like a good plan to me. he certainly deserves some playing time and then we have Matt on the bench to pinch hit late in the game if needed.
  12. It was early and unorganized. I bought a blue workers pass from a 16-20 kid for 10 bucks who said this will get you in the gate and then I had to give it back to him once I was inside. It was worth the gamble and darn if it didn't work ! They had a gentlemen standing with a notepad with names on it and telling the workers where to go, I kinda got close to him but then wondered off to the bathroom and then walked around for a long time until I found a seat in the last row of the lower deck underneath the under hang down the right field line every year after that I purchased my tickets to Opening Day So my streak is at 24 years --- look out Cal !
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