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  1. How do you know what he's looking to make? What's replacement level salary btw?
  2. Gotta think there is more to the story...
  3. I don't really carry cash all that often but taking away ones availability to pay in cash at all is going too far. Some people, a lot of older people, still deal in cash only and in addition when I go out I like to take a set amount of cash so I know what I'm spending. When I'm out of cash I'm done spending. Factor in issues with outages and I think they are going too far. Not a fan.
  4. Duquette would have never passed with First Pick in second round. We are truly in a new era of Orioles baseball lol
  5. Yes he does lol. As an instructor and teacher though, he is second to none.
  6. Lol. If you speak to anyone that has worked with him you would think differently. Amazing coach knows the game and well respected among everyone in MLB.
  7. mskrulz

    New manager

    I've heard that Mike Redmond is a great baseball guy and is great with young players. Would love to see him because in the end the wins and losses won't matter. We need a coach that can get young players to produce.
  8. Ughhhh did you have to bring up the loss in the playoffs?! Lmao
  9. This is absolutely spot on. Roch got his information from Buck. Since Buck is gone and a new regime has come in it will be interesting to see what he has to offer. Certainly didn't offer much on the GM search. Not blaming him but like I said will be interesting.
  10. Not at all looking for an argument but what if we signed Elias and called him President and let him hire a GM? We didn't hire a GM before a President like you said. We hired a GM and we are letting him hire an assistant.
  11. Posted just now Interesting. I like the hire, if it works out. A bit confused that they said the new Exec would hire the GM. Guess he had a great interview. Britt article said that he will be the GM and he will hire an assistant GM. Not sure why we need someone with Title of Team President. Isn't all semantics? Elias is in charge.
  12. Ty Brooks is an obvious fit for this job. He's worked with very good organizations and in positions of rebuild. He has a scouting and player development background and has worked in all facets of the game. He is a local, very hungry, and wants nothing more than to bring a winner back to Baltimore. He is also a close personal childhood friend. Make it happen!
  13. Nah Ubaldo so much worse for me. Gausman is frustrating, yes, but he is still learning, I hope.
  14. Normally I agree, in this scenario I definitley do not.
  15. I disagree. Bregman will be a good player. Maybe an All-Star, but he is not the transformative talent that Manny is at all. Houston is going for it big time and having Manny 2 years could be worth it to them. They also have tons of talent to deal in addition to Bregman... Kyle Tucker Martes Devenski Feliz Tucker is a big prospect that could be the Adam Jones of the deal and Martes is bigtime young power arm. Devenski and Feliz are huge arms that can start and are tucked away in their bullpen right now. I think Houston is a great match.
  16. If Bills sign Maclin you gotta think Sammy Watkins is available via trade after they declined his option for extra year. Rather have Maclin but Watkins is intruging as 25 year old even with complex injury history.
  17. If we are gonna to rush a guy the name that comes to mind is Tanner Scott.
  18. I would hope if they were gonna rain out they would take into consideration the contigent of fans driving from Baltimore. I should have listened to a friends weather prognostigation rather than my own
  19. I watched the inning on MLB.TV. He was getting squeezed a bunch on biting fastball. There was an IF hit that was very close to being an error and a missed DP if it was Schoop and Manny. Two home runs were just grooved fastballs. Not all bad he hung around 91 but got it up to 94.
  20. I feel like we needed to add pitching depth and aside from unproven Ynoa we missed on that. Hard to justify much more than a B.
  21. Pedro's inability to get signed just shows how teams have come to devalue high K, low average, power guys, who can't field. This guy can hit. Crazy he can't get a decent deal.
  22. Exactly the reason we should have signed Alex Wood. You can't expect 5 starters to stay healthy. And, they had to know about this one.
  23. Yeah I don't disagree. I like Gutierrez I just wonder if he can ever stay healthy long enough to contribute.
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