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  1. ‘79 was more balanced offensively but ‘83 had peak Ripken and Murray, as well as arguably just as good pitching. And jimmy Dwyer. Ill take ‘83
  2. Cal’s arm and footwork was vastly underrated. Not only did it allow him to play deeper than most SS and enhance his range, but also made his double play turn best in baseball. And after his first couple years where high in throwing errors, Cal became extremely consistent and accurate. Manny has an elite arm but is re-learning how it plays at SS. Without the throwing miscues, he would be positive in DRS I would think...
  3. Ease into MLB next year splitting duties with CJ. Put the Castillo money toward some pitching or Machado extension.
  4. At worst. Perhaps can be an effective starter next year if secondaries keep improving.
  5. Say O!

    Austin Hays 2017

    Can you elaborate on why think McLouth is ceiling? Many on board are likely scouting the stat line HRs, watching the video clips and dreaming of something potentially bigger...
  6. This is as much (or more) of a 2018 decision than 2017 alone question. If you move Manny to SS this year, then play him at SS in 2018 too and find viable 3B outside the Organization.
  7. Arrieta also developed a nasty cutter which gave him the movement that he lacked with his four seam fastball. National league umps routinely give him strike calls at or slightly below the knees and it's a virtually unhittable pitch. I think he picked it up immediately from Cubs special instructor now pitching coach Chris Bosio.
  8. Is Texas perhaps saving room for Gallo to be their DH-type?
  9. If we didn't pay Nelson Cruz 3/$50m, why would DD reverse course and do that for Trumbo?
  10. While we all love Manny, we should consider the possibility that his peak is right now. Think of Ripken...aside from '91, his best years were '83-'86. I'd pay $40m/yr for an 8+ WAR guy, but if Manny settles into a 4-5 win player instead...that's a significant overpay.
  11. If true, hope that Buck goes a bit more mix-and-match with alternatives including Machado at SS and Alvarez or Crush at 3B.
  12. Givens' arm slot reminds me of Pedro. Seriously. And although different body type, slinging heaters and sliders from 'pen am reminder how Jeff Nelson carved out a nice long and underrated MLB career as premier RH setup man on winning ballclubs
  13. Who are the bidders on Crush? Maybe NYM. Maybe Boras can go to his money tree Nats. McPhail likely is not dropping that much dough in PHI. But beyond that who is spending >$100m on a 1B/DH? It ain't the Cleveland Indians. With DET, LAA, LAD, NYY, TEX, TOR, BOS more or less restricted here, I just don't see whom will be driving up the price? Could honestly see Boras taking QO and waiting 1yr for more options to fee up (1 yr closer to retirement and/or end of contracts for Tex, ARod, Papi).
  14. Alex Gordon is the other big name. Maybe Zobrist and Ian Desmond given their ability to play middle infield. And Boras would tell you to include Wieters too. At the end of the day, the money will go after pitching (Price, Grienke, Cueto, Zimmerman, etc). Unless teams think Davis can be passable OF, that narrows possibilities because most of the big spenders are set there. NYY -- still have our friend Tex TOR -- EE and probably tapped out financially BOS -- future position for Hanley or Panda LAD -- AGon Cubs -- Rizzo DET -- MCab LAA -- Pujols TEX -- Fielder Who does that realistically leave aside from SEA and NYM (although depending on Cespedes and budget, are they really a player?)? Boras will try to drum up interest from WAS too. I'm relatively optimistic on O's re-signing Davis as long as $$$ does not exceed $100m or $20m AAV.
  15. Long-range optimistic thinking, but perhaps Buck and DD value Lough as designated pinch-runner in the playoffs?
  16. I don't recall Jeff Suppan with 95+ heater. Better comps for Wright (at least to me) - Scott Erickson - Michael Wacha - Carl Pavano (pre-Yankees) Each of these guys were/are taller, bigger workhouse type pitchers who primarily relied on fastball with limited off speed arsenal and lower K-rates than stuff would indicate. With this success, Buck has to keep throwing the kid. Credit to O's development here.
  17. I look as Wieters return as providing sustainability to the catcher positional value. In other words, his return can help O's maintain a 5 win pace out of the catcher position. Long run full season 2015 of CJ + Wieters = 5 WAR. Now if could just get SP and Pearce straightened out.
  18. Will be interesting to see DD's moves wrt the bullpen this offseason. Do you pay for certainty with O'day, Hunter, etc OR go with some of the AAA guys at league minimum? Wright, Johnson, Givens, maybe even Wilson will all be knocking on the door and could likely give 80-90% of production for less than $2m combined. On a contrained budget, could be a better decision to let the FAs walk, and use those $$$ to sign Davis/Wieters/etc.
  19. Tillman probably a safe bet. And there is something to be said about cost certainty, especially when operating on a constrained budget.
  20. Seems like Petey is advocating 40 starts per year for some of these guys. Sure feels like a recipe for burnout by Aug 1st.
  21. Seems like BA putting a higher discount rate on injury recovery for both.
  22. Tony, you are OK with using a QO on Norris? Would like to understand rationale there with already a surplus of starters and Bundy needing to be on 2016 staff.
  23. There are definitely a few spring training moves to be made on the pitching front. Surplus of starters, bullpen with a few rule V guys...I bet DD gets creative and works a trade or two, though likely subtracting a MLB roster guy from the O's and acquiring minor league prospects.
  24. Counteracting the health issue is that (a) cost of college education keeps rising, and (b) poverty not going away IMO, more likely that football goes the way of basketball. Affluent parents will not let kids play football, so instead AAU (basketball)/NCAA (basketball and football) make their money off poor black kids, irrespective of long-term health care issues (which effectively the country will bear). Gov't is massively subsidizing pro football - stadiums and healthcare. Only a matter of time until populace starts recognizing and sea change occurs.
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