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  1. Brewers were looking for pitcher. Maybe Bundy to them out of no where?
  2. Manny, Gausman and Britton for Sheffield, Andujar, Frazier, and German.
  3. Anyone know a specific place in the Fredericksburg area?
  4. Would be nice for Alvarez to actually hit something.
  5. Bad call on strike 1 to Hardy.
  6. . Hope for your sake it was the 6th inning.
  7. Only 5 more to go til we are back at .500
  8. Anyone know if Alvarez's bat has made it from Pittsburgh yet?
  9. Not our night obviously.
  10. Need some runs here to have a shot. We aren't going to score 3 in the 9th. I hate losing. Especially back to back games. Don't care if we did start 7-0.
  11. Of course it hits the pitchers hand and goes right to Odor. Why wouldn't it? B
  12. Just that kind of night. Ball 4 hits the knob of the bat.
  13. Os are waving the white flag. McFarland warming.
  14. What an upsetting game so far.
  15. Let's get the runs back. Hope Andrus and Odor both make errors this inning to cost them.
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