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  1. I like Paul, but Justin has said a few times that he’s not getting the full time gig. Working his butt off these last few weeks tho... definitely earned it
  2. True, probably just coincidental timing
  3. Not sure if anyone else was wondering who will replace Keith Mills on WBAL tv and 98rock radio sports news. Paul Mittermeier doing great filling in but the new full time host should start soon? My guess is Sara Perlman who just left MASN. Maybe a return to WBAL is in the works? just curious
  4. I do that exact same movement with my arm on a constant basis people probably think I have a nervous tick. In reality, I loathe the feeling of my shirt sleeves rising up and constantly shake my arm so they fall in place. The worst is when I have an undershirt on under long sleeves, I look ridiculous shaking my arms out every couple minutes.
  5. Britton, the last of Trembley’s Calvary gone. Hate to see him leave but glad to see him go. longest tenured Oriole. It’s a strong trade for a guy who only pitched 50 innings the last two season. He can still cash in over the offseason contract. No reason the Orioles need a 10million a year closer in re-build. havent fact checked, but I think there are closers right now with more wins than the Orioles. Again, solid move for what may be a short stint with the yanks.
  6. <rant> My mother-in-law recently moved into a 55+ condo community down the street from me. She called me today because the garage door opener stopped working (first floor of building has garages). The hard wired button was fine, the opener was fine, only the remotes stopped working. By the time I arrived, she discovered that everyone on her side of the building was having the exact same issue. Opener motor and wall mounted button (hard wired) worked fine, just none of their remotes were working. I'm a tech guy, so I know enough about most things to get by or figure out with some research when needed. At this point, a few neighbors gathered outside and it took some hard convincing and explaining from me that nothing was wrong with their units, there was something jamming their RF signals. In fact, if I held a remote within 6" of the opener motor, they actually worked. First thing they said was try new batters. I explained that it was illogical for everyone on one side of the building to suddenly need new batteries in their remotes at the exact same day/time. My thoughts? Probably NOT a frequency issue like a wifi or wireless phone as most garage door units have openers that roll their frequencies and try different ones (at least 2 or 3). Its unlikely that 3 frequencies are jammed all day everyday (suddenly). It made more sense that this was an electromagnetic field issue that was blocking the RF. Unfortunately, thats going to be hard to locate in a condo. I explained to them it could be a fridge in a garage with a dying motor, maybe a computer power supply, power tools charging with bad power adapters. The nosey neighbors were literally listing Christmas gifts they knew that others suddenly plugged in (one person got a big screen for example). My EMF knowledge is limited so it was difficult for me to play the "this not that" game. I tried mentioning the Electric Pulse from Ocean's 11, but I got a few blank stares. Though, the last thing I mentioned was that it could be a large speaker/amp too. Ding Ding! Neighbor then mentions that on NYE, one of the rooms right above the garage doors had a big party and had loud, loud music with huge speakers and subwoofers that were shaking the building. I laughed and said "in a 55+ community?" Apparently they were all angry about this as one of the neighbors had a nephew/grandson in from out of town and threw the party. They were not amused. Sure enough, we're outside a few more minutes and another neighbor rolls up and out of the car comes 4 younger aged people with out of town plates. I can hear them saying "well let me try changing the remote battery or get the other remote." I wonder over to spread the news that everyone was having the issue and gave a brief science lesson on EMF and finished with the RF speaker/amp example. At this point, I was just spitting out electronics, not sure realistically what could cause this. Next thing I know, one of the passengers hurriedly walks off into the building. Within 5 minutes, everyone's remotes started working again. Suddenly, the issue dissipated and all remotes were in working order again. One neighbor mentioned that the 4 younger passengers were the ones who threw the party on NYE and had the heavy music equipment. After my brief convo with them, did they go inside and power something off? Not sure if it was dumb luck or if they really were the culprits, but all of the 55+ owners now think I'm a hero. </rant>
  7. Sorry for resurrecting this from the dead, I'm assuming you solved this by now or since its off season, you haven't noticed it recently. Here is something that happened to me recently... I have FIOS, live in a new home less than a year old, all my coax is homerun back to the Fiber box on verizon (ONT). I had ONE channel not working, it would lockup, freeze, say unavailable. It happened to be CSNSports channel for the Washington Caps. I know it worked fine last season. This season, not so much. FIOS has a main tv converter known as the "media" server. All the other "whole home" boxes feed off of this, so if its having a problem, they all have the same problem. Verizon came out, replaced my splitter and ofcourse that did nothing as my splitter was fine and new. They blamed it on my coax in my basement, saying that how it was stapled to the wall studs in the unfinished section, running along the boards, they say the staples were too tight and pinching the line. I didn't agree with this as they were snug, but nut suffocating the wires. It was further demonstrated by me running a 100ft cable on my floor straight from the Verizon ONT directly into the TV Box. That Worked! So it led me to thinking he was right about the staples. Wrong! Once he left, I re-ran the exposed cable in the basement, plugged in back into the faceplate, etc. Problem came back! Even with the new direct homerun cable. So now I am thinking the faceplate connector is bad. Nope, ruled that out. Turns out, the coax cable I was using from the wall outlet into the TV box was bad. It looked perfect and was well made, but it was stamped "DirecTV PerfectVision RG6." I have no idea why that coax cable is any different but for whatever reason it caused issues with ONE channel of mine. I had DirecTV years ago, so I must have saved it since it was a nicely made coax. The reason the channel worked last year and didn't to start this season was because I moved the TV from one side of room to another and used a shorter cable that apparently was bad. </rant>
  8. And just like that, got my answer via e-mail.. thanks. Apparently it was just a special thing for the holidays, they do a few times a year.
  9. I called the Verizon suites office and no answer, sent them an e-mail too, so we'll see. I'm doing this for others anyways, I always go to a bar before the game, but some friends saved money and just mooched off of the complimentary items. Great 4 game streak, but the Metro division is stacked right now, the Caps didn't even move up in the standings because everyone in front of them is hot right not too.
  10. I didn't think to ask a PR group.. Last time I asked a question for the suite sales office (monumental sports) and they throw a sales pitch, sign me up for spam messages.. Was trying to avoid conversation with them again.
  11. Good Morning, I have a random question for any Caps fans. Last year, friends of mine rented a suite at the Verizon center from stubhub. When you make the purchase third party, your suite is not provided with complimentary catering. What we did find though, was before the game, in the Lexus hallway for the suites, there was an amazing spread with meats and beer/booze. It really did the trick for us as we were getting ramped up for the game. This game was the last game before Christmas and I wasn't sure if this was a regular thing every game, or was it some sort of fan appreciation for the holidays? Reason I ask is that this year we've booked for Feb 11th game and some have asked about the pre-game spread again. Thanks!
  12. Blue Jays back up on Yanks Sent from my phone.
  13. Rg3 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. 9-12 months, it's more than just his ACL. So anywhere from week 1 to 11 isn't out of question Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Yeah sounds like pup and not back til week 8. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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