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  1. I have loved baseball for as long as I can remember. Reverence for the numbers. Amazed by the stats of the games legends. Dreams as a child of what it would have been like attending a game at bygone parks like Ebbett's Field or The Polo Grounds. Through scandals and work stoppages, ever increasing salaries and ticket prices, I have followed MLB and my beloved O's. I understand the entertainment value of a ballgame blah, blah, blah... In a nutshell, I have been emotionally invested in the game. It would have been nice to watch some baseball as a diversion from Cov
  2. A few players standout in my mind for various reasons. Minnie Minoso Jim Spencer Freddie Patek Willie Aikens Willie Wilson Ed Figueroa Chris Sabo Dave Skaggs Duane Kuiper Terry Forrester Roy White Ed Freehan Cookie Rojas Rico Petrocelli Ron Cey Dave Parker Garth Iorg John Valentin Nomar Garciaparra Bill Lee Bernie Carbo Don Gullet Willie Randolph Dave Concepcion Vada Pinson Gene Tenace
  3. http://aviewfrommyseat.com/venue/Oriole+Park+at+Camden+Yards/seating-chart/
  4. I was extremely pleased with the results of Gausman's outing. What is concerning to me is after every single pitch, Gausman is pushing his glasses back up in front of his eyes. I'm surprised Buck hasn't noticed and had Kevin outfitted with some style of glasses that won't slip off the bridge of his nose after every pitch.
  5. I appreciate watching Andrew McCutchen, Clayton Kershaw, Yasiel Puig, Torii Hunter, Miguel Cabrera and Buster Posey to name a few.
  6. Anything in the policy about electronic cigarettes?
  7. It is Brooks because minus the inaugural season , he was here every year from 1955-1977. The greatest O's teams of all time IMO. How many times during the recent generation of losing teams have we heard the phrase "once proud franchise" or "we need to get back to the "Oriole Way" ? I could care less if someone thinks Mike Schmidt ,Aurelio Rodriguez or Joe Blow was a better 3rd baseman. Cal's comments are offensive to me but do not drive my opinion in any way. Cal was a great Oriole for sure . Brooks was the greatest Oriole since he was a big part of it all when the Orioles were becoming a le
  8. For me it's Brooks , period end of story. Cal ,regardless of how his comments are perceived,will always hold a close second because of his contribution to the Orioles legacy. Brooks was placed on a pedestal in my earliest baseball memories through stories handed down from family and from watching him play. Granted,I can only remember the tail end of his great tenure as an Oriole due to my age. He has never done or said anything to knock him off of that pedestal. Childhood impressions of our idols remain with us throughout our lives unless something occurs that gives us pause.
  9. For me it is , without question , losing the '79 Series to the Pirates . I went to game 2 with my grandfather . Had we won game 2 , the Birds sweep . To this very day , when Sister Sledge " We Are Family " comes on the radio , I can identify the song and turn the station in disgust in less than 5 notes .
  10. 50 games first offense ,100 games suspension 2nd offense . See Ramirez, M.
  11. This is a quirk of Duquette's that I've picked up from the start . May be just me being picky but,he never refers to the organization as "WE".
  12. As Commish , I both acknowledge and apologize to the fans and former and current players that PED usage was a formerly a covertly accepted culture within the sport. I acknowledge that history judges each era in baseball so no records will be struck nor asterisks applied . I also announce that an agreement has been reached with the MLPA concerning future failed PED test penalties including * 6 month ban for first offense * Lifetime for second offense *each team contributes $1 million dollars to a national PED awareness TV campaign Thats just the quick and dirty version . Im sure I left
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