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  1. Jones ranked #19 by MLB Pipeline.
  2. It was probably a college senior with no leverage. All teams do this so they can spend more money on other picks. After the 10th round you cannot go overslot, so you have to save money in the first 10 rounds if you want to go overslot with anyone you picked.
  3. I think that Elias is looking for particular traits in his pitchers (ie high spin rate). Just because publications have a pitcher rated high, they might not even be on the Orioles board. I was upset with the lack of pitching as well, but I think the names they liked just went before we picked. And they werent into the ones that fell like Kelley. Maybe they didnt like Lacy or Hancock?
  4. What if the Tigers took Lacy? Then who would you take?
  5. #4 - Elias has a budget, and he would rather spend the $10M elsewhere.
  6. I dont post much, but have been enjoying your site for a very long time, back to big bird, sports guy, etc. Appreciate all your efforts and understand it may take a toll. If you do decide to continue I would be willing to start paying. This is a great community and I love the insights you and Luke give along with some very knowledgable posters. If you decide not to continue, hold your head high because you brought alot of joy to alot of people to have a place to discuss their favorite team in a respectful manner. THANKS TONY!
  7. Thank you for this. I have no idea if either of these guys has any potential, but I am still trusting Elias until he gives me a reason not to. I have to believe he saw some value in these guys and it wasnt just dumping Cashner for no reason. Not sure if either will amount to anything, but rather a high risk/high reward young guy then a low ceiling older prospect. Initial impression is that I like the trade. I am putting my trust in Elias/Sig/Kolby until they give me reason to feel otherwise.
  8. According to John Heyman he was released so they would just have to give the prorated league minimum. According to Jon Heyman of MLB Network, "no less than 11 clubs have inquired" about free agent reliever Cody Allen. Allen was designated for assignment by the Angels on Saturday and then subsequently released this week after posting a 6.26 ERA, 1.91 WHIP, and 29/20 K/BB ratio across 23 innings of work for Anaheim. His struggles date back to last year with the Indians, but the former star closer can now be had for the MLB minimum salary and is sure to find a new home soo
  9. This makes me very nervous. I really hope Elias doesnt out smart himself. ☹️
  10. I believe they are changing it back to 15 days only for pichers next year. Also applies to minor league options. Batters will remain at 10 days for both.
  11. His first home run today was off of Eduardo Rodriguez.
  12. No blank check. I need to hear his plan and see him follow it immediately. I know it will be a few years to see results at the major league level, but i need to see the plan in motion...
  13. Not sure I understand the love for Cherrington. He did an absolutely horrible job in Boston. I want no part of him.
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